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The main protogonist of the book is Mayank uff Mickey .  As it is seventh book of the author, there are seven chapters in this book . Each and every chapter is named based on rainbow color.
Mayank works in media and for relaxation he went to spa where he met a girl named Aditi.
It is about story about a boy who has full of challenges.
There are lot of charcters and all the characters are connected to each other .
Mickey’s love affairs and his job and the people he met outside of his office they all connected through Mickey.
The book is superb nice. The plot is very interesting. Language is lucid and easy to understand. The story has many twists and turns. Writing style is wonderful. Narration is gripping
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. Happy reading


The book is continuation of the first book. So in this book sindbad is going on another adventure .
The story starts with sindabad who is in jail , but he and his crew went to save the world.
Sindbad was looking for the tomb of Alexander with his crew.
Will the sindabad save the world ?
What happens next ?
To know more about it just go and grab the book guys . It’s really great.
The book is of full of suspense .
Really it’s an amazing thriller.
Every page is really intriguing
The book is page turner.
Language is simple and easy to understand. Cover page is intriguing . Title is opt for the book.
Narration is gripping.
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.
Happy reading


Uniquely & Precisely written with images, illustrations, morals for a child to purchase it at one sight seeing the coloured vision inside & outside look of the book.
Seems strange to see the valuable morals & stories written by a kid. Where we elders are supposed to make a story & tell, young chap has made our job easier by publishing it.
Young author can be an ideal for other kids as an inspiration to his age group which can help them divert their attention from computers, online time-pass stuffs to doing something creatively.
Look forward to more of such books before the author grows in-time & his vision & imagination changes from child to an adult.




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The book is an eye opener for all couples. We have been moving away from the traditional wisdom embedded in our rich Indian legacy and often expecting mothers face much confusion and health issues because of lack of knowledge. The tips in this book would definitely help make the journey of pregnancy beautiful and comfortable. I liked the illustrations in soothing colours and the simple language of the book. It’s evident that proper research has been carried out to curate the best of the resources and charts in this concise guide and I would recommend this to anyone on the precipice of the wonderful journey of motherhood


Bed time

Bed time stories is a collection of 21 stories and 3 ballads/ poems. Each story ends with a moral and brings out the realistic, moral and creative aspect into every story.

The stories are very simple but captured by attention. I liked one magic pencil story. It reminded me of a children’s serial I used to watch on television as a kid. The magic pencil could do anything and everything. Whereas, in this story, there is a moral. The young kid was hardworking and diligent. But when he gets a magic pencil, he lets it takes control and becomes lethargic.

One small mistake or thought from the boy messes his exams in a bad way. The moral of the story says that one should always work hard and there is no short cut to hardwork. A creative way to answer to the dreams of every kid to skip homework or exams.

A good reminder. 😊 These are the kind of books which resonate with the current generation and imbibes moral behavior in them. Need more of such books.



book is a great book filled with lots of inspiration and motivation.

It includes 111 motivational quotes that not only inspires us but also emphasizes  faith and hope in oneself.

The author has done incredible job and this book is totally worth picking.

I learned so many new things which can be foremost used in numerous situations of life.

This book is filled with philosophy of soul and materialism.

I must say that the book is just fabulous and must read. The cover and title is also great and fascinating.


Author: Brit Bennett.

Genre: Contemporary family drama, historical fiction.

Triggerwarnings: racism, domestic violence, colourism.

Rating: 4⭐

Teenage light skinned black identical twins, Desiree and Stella Vigne, elope from a small town called Mallard in Louisiana. But soon after, Stella just vanishes leaving behind nothing but a note for Desiree. Years later, Desiree returns to Mallard with her dark skinned daughter Jude, while Stella continues to live hidden as a white woman with her white husband and their daughter, Kennedy, abandoning her own family. Their lives reach a full circle when their respective daughters come face to face unintentionally threatening to unveil the lie on which Stella has built the foundation of her new life.

This is one of the best recommendations I have received. While the theme of the book is colourism, racism and domestic violence, it also highlights the prejudice of colorism within the community. It was disturbing and empowering at the same time. It shows how the colour of the skin determines a lot of aspects in the lives of the people. It talks about the extent to which black and coloured people are shunned, that they don’t mind losing their own identity in order to be accepted. Characterization by the skin colour is prominent in the story to emphasize on the affects of racism. It hovers on the idea of bigotry, ethnicity, regret and a life based on a compulsive lie.

This book is a non- linear, multi- generational story of the Vigne twins. The characters are dynamic, raw, and show their grey side of survival. I was able to get into the flow of its smooth narration easily. There is an audiobook on YouTube that you can check out.


Author: William Dalrypmple.

Genre: Travelogue.

Rating:  4.5⭐

Xanadu, now Shangdu, is located in Inner Mongolia, northern China. It was the first capital and the summer capital of the Mongol Empire in the 1263. Xanadu was famous for its palaces, gardens and waterways and was Kublai Khan’s favourite summer palace.

Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan and the founder of the Yuan Dynasty in the 13th century China. He was the ruler of the Mongol Empire for 30 yrs. During his reign, Xanadu flourished, making it one of the richest kingdoms. After Kublai Khan’s death, however, Yuan Dynasty started to decline, thus changing the face of the once prosperous city to shambles. Xanadu was believed to be so beautiful, that ‘Xanadu’ term is still used as a metaphor for opulence or an idyllic place.

In 1270s Marco Polo, a Venetian merchant, explorer and a writer travelled along the Silk Route with his father and his uncle and reached Xanadu where he served the court of Kublai Khan for 17 years. Though he was not the first European to reach China, Marco Polo was the first to leave a detailed chronicle of his experience. His travel book inspired Christopher Columbus and many other travellers. Author and his companions are one of the many who decided to retake this path once taken 7 centuries back. They started from Jerusalem to reach a tedious route with multiple ethenic diversities, landscapes and overcame diplomatic complications, struggled for basic comfort to finally reach Xanadu. This travelogue takes us through two timelines, 1270s and 1980s with the glimpse of the history compared to the present . He has collated his observations with that of Marco Polos, adding his own version about the aspects which were either not present or overlooked by the later.

It does take a moment to get into the book if you don’t know the background of the topic. I had to do my own research to understand the scene. Nevertheless, it improved my knowledge and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this hilarious travelogue. It has its ups and downs but never a dull moment.


Author: Temsuienla Jamir.

Genre: Fiction, drama.

Publication: The write order.

Rating: 4 ⭐

The ever so graceful Asteria, a theater actor at Querencia is a daughter and a sister. Rich, poised but with an overbearing attitude of superiority, she manages her daily life as a superstar. Behind her glamorous facade, she tries to hide her estranged relationship with her family. Thus, one stormy day, Asteria finds herself in a queer situation that makes her rethink her past conducts that she conveniently chose to ignore.

Captivating narration, theatrical prose with just right emotions, this contemporary drama will sweep you through the story smoothly. The characters are moulded perfectly to intensify the exact sentiments intended towards them. This is a short book and the protagonist has a powerful character. The builtup of the yesteryears with pigeon posts, horse carriages, the theatre art gives it a classic touch.

Asteria’s character has all shades. At some point I detested her deeply but the next moment she melted my heart. Thei family bond, though estranged, is knotted beautifully. This story comes with a moral applicable to anyone who has ignored their surroundings, blinding themselves in self- loath.

A good one time read that I will definitely recommend to those who like to read light relationship based novels.

Little ones Alleys

This book is a collection of 15 phonic books.
There are 7 levels each level indicates each colour like Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.
I felt very happy while reading the book. As the book is illustrated with pictures , it is quite impressive and everybody will attract by looking those pictures and understand the story well.
Especially for children they do like the book very much.
First level starts with words, and next few words , next some sentences and next some amazing lines and then rhyming words.
Children can easily learn and gain knowledge through this book.
The kid may read on his own ( self reading ) . So that he can gain the knowledge. It’s really small and cute book.
Kids will definitely love and like this book.
Cover page is astonishing. Title is intriguing.
Language is simple and easy to understand.
Highly recommended for kids
Happy reading

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