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LockTheBox in Bengaluru: A Book fair more like a Literary Festival

With the dawn of an early winter already upon it, Bengaluru braces itself for festivities that will extend beyond the New Year celebrations. The garden city which has proudly boasted everything for everyone’s taste will be host to a 17-day-long literary festival in LockTheBox–Reloaded, from the 16th of December 2022 to the 1st of January, 2023.

Having attended its earlier iteration in the city, Lock The Box is a carnival for all the bibliophiles out there, like me. With its upcoming edition already promising to be a much bigger and more worthwhile outing for the brand, book lovers in Bengaluru can rest assured that their literary appetite will be more than just satisfied.

Anyone who enjoys reading will find LockTheBox as the perfect opportunity this December.

Genres ranging from adventure, knowledge, classics, love, sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, and crime to autobiographies, young adults, academics, and so much more will be on offer during the festival.

About LockTheBox

By any stretch of the imagination, it was not my first book fair in the city; however, it was one of my best-ever experiences at a literary sale event. I later realized the brand behind LockTheBox has been around for a very long time, and, in fact, it has been a pioneer in the Indian market for buying and selling new as well as used books., with its presence across multiple digital platforms, has contributed much to the changing dynamics of the book market in the country.

Since 2017, when LockTheBox marked its presence in the physical realm, Bookchor has welcomed thousands, if not lakhs, of visitors (who have turned into customers).

The LockTheBox literary festival promises to feature the best literature from around the world, as well as a one-of-a-kind collection and the largest selection of books (which is actually true). As customers, they gave us the choice of selecting a customized box of our choosing and need only consider the size and ensure that it fits in the box and closes flat (that is quite literally the only condition).

LockTheBox is a unique concept where you can buy books, as many as you want to, depending on your budget convenience by having on offer 3 exclusive box categories (No points in guessing that, that’s where the name is coming from… Lock the Box) the ‘Odysseus’ Box, the ‘Perseus’ Box, the ‘Hercules’ box.

For someone like me who will always go for the biggest box, i.e., the “Hercules” Box (which costs INR 2999) that accommodates around 30 books the “Odysseus” Box, which costs INR 1199, can accommodate nearly 10 books, and the “Perseus” Box, costing INR 1799 and which can carry around 17 books, are not a bad deal at all.

… 2022 Edition

We can expect more than just books in this edition of LockTheBox. It literally promises to be a literary carnival with fun, food, fans, and more.

With its previous edition, which had already registered a footfall of over 1 million (I can vouch for it; I was there on multiple days…) One can only imagine how many more people will turn up this time around.

Of course, the lineup of a literary feast is so much more savoring when names like Ravinder Singh (You are all I need fame) and Novoneel Chakraborty (That Kiss in the Rain fame) will be there for an exclusive interactive session on the 17th of December.

The book fair, which kicks off on the 16th of December, is happening at Shubh Convention, Puttenahalli, Phase 7, J. P. Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078, every day from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM. And given the capability of the venue and the Bookchor team, this literary festival will without doubt garner the biggest turn-up of bibliophiles under one roof in the city.

I, along with my friends and family, have already made our plans and are, in fact, eyeing some of our favorite titles.

So, Bengaluru, mark your calendar and pick your time because one of the biggest literary festivals is coming to our city.

Bookchor visit on :
Lockbox visit on :

Book Review

“LITTLE TALES OF BIG INDIA” here titles itself judges short stories so this book consists of three short very interesting stories . which describes about the men and woman and which touch your heart and having a good finishing end and these are true.

and the three stories are mentioned below we all know that India is a place for tradition and culture it is best place for tradition in the world. 🌟🌟🌟” FIRST STORY”🌟🌟🌟 in the first story it describes about the
sexual harassment which happens when the both different genders are not comfortable to eachother but still doing in a wrong manner. And the 🌟🌟🌟”SECOND STORY”🌟🌟🌟 it describes about the unique story and in this story describes about what happens about the people living in the street and the the ending is good it happens real. And the 🌟🌟🌟”THIRD STORY” 🌟🌟🌟 and in this story it describes about the unsuccessful story of a women and she want to make her career in football and she belongs to backward class but she tried excellent to reach her dream and in the middle unfortunately she lost her leg and went into ICU so this story descries more about her. And the three stories are very unique and the ending are very interesting and real.

And the author mentioned the stories in a very interesting way. And the stories are real so which matches with the title of the book ” LITTLE TALES OF BIG INDIA”.


Book one: Entering Kuruvansh.

By Sonali Raje.

Genre: Mythological fiction.

Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India, Ramayana being the other. It is about the struggle for the throne between the two groups of Kuru cousins, the Kauravas (100 sons of Dhritarashtra) and the Pandavas (5 sons of Pandu) in the Kurukshetra war. There have been innumerable adaptations and retellings of various characters of this incredible epic. The Empress of Indraprastha is one such retelling from Draupadi’s perspective but with a different approach. Draupadi is one of the Panchakanyas ( panch =5, kanya=women of Hindu epics) who was a common wife of the Pandavas. She was not only beautiful but also courageous enough to accept the polyandrous marriage especially during the challenging patriarchal times.

‘Entering the Kuruvansh’ is the first book in the five book series of ‘The untold memoirs of an Empress’. It specifically deals with that aspect of her life when she was was by Arjun (one of the Pandavas) in her swayamvar, but eventually married all the five brothers. This unanimous decision though seemingly appalling, was taken not just as an acceptance of a misspoken command by their mother Kunti but after a lot of deliberation.

In this part you will get to see a determined, respectful and highly opinionated daughter- in- law of Hastinapur. There are a few brain- storming sessions with her husbands, talk of wisdom with Lord Krishna and also a glimpse of a strained relationship with Karna. It also emphasizes on the interactions with the unsung womenfolk of the epic who were just as righteous as our protagonist.

Brisk narration and colloquial prose is what makes this book a good pick for those who are not well versed with this piece of literature. A lot of minute details about the supporting characters are incorporated in this short read with a teaser for the sequel in tow.


By William Dalrymple

Rating: 4 ⭐

Genre: Travelogue

William Dalrymple understands the Indian subcontinent better than most of the authors of the recent times and it shows in the way he writes. He understands how the country works, what are the objectives of the diversities. I first read “Kohinoor” that he has co-authored with Anita Anand and since then, he is my ‘auto-buy’ author. This is the third book by him that I have read and I am amazed by the amount of research that has been put into it. A decade long travelling in the 1990s to the remotest corners of the subcontinent has been poured into this book.

The 90s decade saw a serious change in politics, music and entertainment, external affairs as well as in spirituality. The theme of this book is the underbelly of the system, corruption, casteism, sexism, violence, spirituality, that played a major role during that period. The vast spectrum of the topics covered ranges from Bihar, Rajasthan, to Goa, Madhurai, Hyderabad, Cochin. The essays also include Mumbai socialite Shobha De and 90s music sensation Baba Sehgal. From Pakistan in the north, he goes beyond south of India to Srilanka and further down to Réunion Island sharing his travel stories. The only missing I found in all of this was a neglect towards the North Eastern India. Not even West Bengal.
Choosing to ignore this strange exemption, these essays shows the readers the absolute contrast of the cultures in the Indian diversities that dominated the era of 90s. Being a 90s kid myself, I am aware of the different revolutions that made news while growing up.

This vast and thoroughly entertaining travelogue takes us back to the beginning of the extreme dark times. It purely focuses on the sinister governance, falsification, manipulation and deception being the nature of the society during those challenging period. It might be overwhelming but worth reading!

#Qotd : Do you read travelogues? Have you read any? Heard/ read anything by the author?


By Madeline Miller.

Rating: 3 ⭐

Genre: Historical fiction, romance, love story.

The Song of Achilles is a historical fiction novel by Madeline Miller featuring the Trojan war in brief. It is a love and life story of Prince Achilles and an exiled Prince Patroclus. It is a partial retelling of Homer’s Iliad that is narrated from Patroclus’ perspective. Patroclus was not only his companion throughout his life but also played a significant role in the Trojan war against Troy. This book describes Patroclus’ life, his exile to the kingdom of Pthia, his friendship with Prince Achilles, with whom he develops a romantic relationship. Achilles is the son of a mortal king and the sea nymph Thetis who disapproves of their relationship. Patroclus accompanies him to all his endeavours much to Thetis’ dismay. Despite her disapproval, their love and longing for each other only increases which ultimately becomes a turning point in the war.

The love story between Achilles and Patroclus develops leisurely. A decade long Trojan war comes in the later half of the book. The first half is all about their meeting and relationship. The writing is surprisingly easy and effortless. But the character development is weak. Achilles has no personality. I know that he is ‘great’ because I am told that repeatedly throughout the novel. His character is dull and cold. He was a legendary warrior, but sadly I couldn’t see it. Having said that, this book was smooth and all the important related side stories were helpful. It is understandable that this is Patroclus’ story so Achilles is playing a supporting role. But I expected more about the champion. Even if one has little to no knowledge of Greek Mythology, this novel is easy to understand. Overall a engrossing book.


By Jhumpa Lahiri.

Genre: Contemporary fiction.

Two inseparable brothers, Subhash and Udayan choose separate paths when they grow up but eventually their lives converge when Udayan gets killed because of his involvement in the Naxal Movement. Subhash in an attempt to mend his broken family takes a step that further complicates his own life. Even after death, Udayan is still very much a part of their lives.

The story is around the time when the Naxal Movement was at its peak in Eastern India. A large number of youth was drawn towards the movement that resulted in a massive revolt and hunt down by the security forces. Udayan, the younger amongst the two, impulsive, free spirited gets sucked into the movement that eventually gets him into trouble. The rage against the system, their misguidance, justification of the violence and the background of the movement makes this book bold and unforgiving.

Subhash, Gauri ( Udayan’s wife), his parents are pushed into a vacuum with nothing but endless darkness. Subhash still tries to do the best he can with a constant fear of losing the little that is left.

This book stunned me. It is dark, bitter, real and mentally violent. It is about the serious implications on the family because of one person’s action that creates a cascading effect for generations. I regret not reading it sooner and also judging the author too soon. (I did not like ‘Namesake’ as much). But this book is brilliant and courageous. The character built up is accurate. She has gone into the skin and soul of each person to express their manners and thoughts. It is needless to say that her writing is absolutely flawless. One of the best fictions I have read in the recent times.


By Sabra Patni

Genre: Short stories.

Little tales of big India has three stories focusing on the crimes against women that occur on a daily basis in every part of the world. While not every victim is lucky to get even the basic justice, here the end of each story, has a positive outcome. The stories have the same tempo with an incredible twist. These incidents happen in the Metropolitan cities in India.

In the first story a woman taking a daily local to work encounters a classy smartly dressed pervert. This is so common, that mostly the best dressed people in the society have the most deceiving personalities. This story is about how she tries to tackle this uncomfortable situation and gets tangled in a web of lies.

The second story is about an adorable flower seller at the signal, who suddenly goes missing and is feared to have become a victim of the worst. I have seen many children beg and sell flowers, plastic toys at the signal, sleekly maneuvering themselves between the unstoppable deluge of traffic. No one truly neither notices, nor miss these kids even if one of them goes missing. That is why they are the easiest targets. It is a sad and a very harsh reality.

The last story is about an aspiring football player who escapes an attempted sexual assault but seriously injures her legs in the bargain. In such cases, there is usually a volley of advocates for the accused rather than for the victim, who has to not only fight for her life but also prove that she is actually a victim.

Women safety is the biggest concern and crimes against women have been happening since ancient times. The only difference is that now there is awareness and women have found their voice. That’s why it seems like there is a sudden surge in such crimes. I bet there is not a single woman in this world who hasn’t encountered even a single sexual advance in her lifetime. 

The author has chosen three common crimes for the stories. The book is short and can be read in just few hours. Usually such stories have sad and disheartening endings but the climax of each story is different and hence is the highlight of the book. The language is easy and the narration has some Hindi expressions and salutations. Overall, it was a short fast-paced thrilling read. After a heavy book, it managed to get me out of a reading slump.

Pink beagle

It is a non fiction book. Mainly author focuses on globalization and localisation .
Innovation, research , analayis of particular product.
Strategies for planning, trouble facing issues, scenario planning .

This book contains lot of examples and theories about analysis of marketing. How to promote the products, what is the process , how to advertise the product.

The book contains 335 pages and its completely related to global business.
One more thing I have liked in this book is explaining with tables and charts. It will help the reader to understand easily. This shows the author has done a great research reading it.

Here author approach Is totally different . It is based in some case studies .
It is perfect book for those who are looking for insights & information.
As I read this book while traveling, it was amazing experience for me .

I would definitely recommend this self help book to everyone
Cover page is nice, title is opt and intriguing.
Highly recommended
Happy reading


How do you decide when to enter into a global business and whom to seek advice for the correct strategy? What all factors will you consider when you enter any new market outside your home country or whose opinion will you seek in case you are new in the export-import business?
Do you base your decision on the fancy website that has been created by some agency in a remote corner or will you base your decision on the number of likes the adviser is having on Youtube or social media?

Sadly, few people start global trade without proper research and knowledge. If this is the way you will find your navigation route for global business then I am sure it could be a hit-or-miss approach. The reality is that we are living in one of the most dynamic environments that have ever been seen in history. There are so many “influencers” on social media and “advisors cum consultants” in the marketplace that it becomes impossible for any small enterprise or entrepreneur that is starting a business to get genuine and real-time information.

I believe that to enter into a global business, your foundation has to be strong. Not only the product has to stand out in the marketplace but your mind and vision have to be tuned to become a long-term player with grit and determination. One of the common mistakes that I have seen in my professional career is that people assume too many things about foreign markets. The presumption starts with the fact that something that is going well in local markets also has the potential to be exported abroad. However, the reality is that “one size fits all “ does not work in international markets. Something that goes well in Nepal may not work at all in Kuwait. It’s all about understanding your “avatar “ properly and making your strategy accordingly. In my view, to make a real impact in the global markets, we need to encourage and empower the small exporters and entrepreneurs so that they develop enough courage and confidence to create a positive impact in international business. We need to ensure that people engaged in global trade are empowered with the right knowledge and skills so that they can stand for something beyond themselves and guide others to lead and win the global marketplace.

This book is an attempt to uncover the various strategies and best practices that are needed to succeed in international trade. Some companies & brands come from nowhere and become a sensation in the global arena. Some even become a part of the culture and adapt themselves to mix with the local markets. Also, the concept of globalization has completely changed the rules of international business. But is the concept of globalization really universal? Is it real or imaginary ! The truth is that the world of global business is dynamic and changing every moment wherein nothing is permanent. Like a flowing river, things are changing all along. So, the competitive advantage that a firm has today becomes obsolete soon and later becomes its biggest liability in 3 this ever-changing environment. This book will be useful for students, exporters as well as practicing managers as it has several learnings and incredible stories of individuals as well as brands that came along through challenging times. Brands that boomed in World war 1 and 2, the period of the great depression, and of course the modern internet age phase have been widely covered. The book has amazing tales of innovation, determination, and entrepreneurship. Written like a practical guide, the book has a buffet of past research, deft reasoning, and analysis of the events that guided most of the global trade. The learning that you get from this unique book that has several published posts will definitely change your perspective on international trade and will help you evolve your strategies to enter the international business with more knowledge and avoid costly mistakes. After all, each cent counts in global business!

Link to buy

Rangeela re

The main protogonist of the book is Mayank uff Mickey .  As it is seventh book of the author, there are seven chapters in this book . Each and every chapter is named based on rainbow color.
Mayank works in media and for relaxation he went to spa where he met a girl named Aditi.
It is about story about a boy who has full of challenges.
There are lot of charcters and all the characters are connected to each other .
Mickey’s love affairs and his job and the people he met outside of his office they all connected through Mickey.
The book is superb nice. The plot is very interesting. Language is lucid and easy to understand. The story has many twists and turns. Writing style is wonderful. Narration is gripping
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone. Happy reading


The book is continuation of the first book. So in this book sindbad is going on another adventure .
The story starts with sindabad who is in jail , but he and his crew went to save the world.
Sindbad was looking for the tomb of Alexander with his crew.
Will the sindabad save the world ?
What happens next ?
To know more about it just go and grab the book guys . It’s really great.
The book is of full of suspense .
Really it’s an amazing thriller.
Every page is really intriguing
The book is page turner.
Language is simple and easy to understand. Cover page is intriguing . Title is opt for the book.
Narration is gripping.
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.
Happy reading

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