corona virus is not as much as harmfull diseases if we maintain soical distancing. We all know that our country is lockdown by our government for our safety . Government doesn’t have any benefit from these . But , to get out of these huge problem . Government do these for us . So , it our duty to follow these lockdown. It’s our duty to follow it . MANY ADVANCE Country like USA take it lightly now they are affected .so please stay at your home .

We all know that it is very bored to stay at home but you can do the following things At home.

  • Read books
  • play indoor game with your family like ludo chess carrom and UNO .
  • You can also learn how to cook
  • learn new things from internet
  • we all know that students are facing huge loss of thier education . But many educational company announced that they are making their app free till corona virus . Like BYJU’S the learning app. You can study from byjus .
  • you can help your family member s
  • Spend time with your friend by chating with them.


if we follow it seriously . We can get out of covid 19 . But I saw that many people are not following it . All Bollywood actor and actress make their video requesting to stay at home . Even our pm also said that on media .by these social distancing will follow and it is best trick to get out of it .

and many people are facing lose a lot but don’t care think what will happen if you affected by corona virus then what will u do with this money . So , Don’t panic .

Actor Askhay kumar announced that he will give 25 cores to government . To help public . You can also donate to government . Donating one rupee will also help government. Donating will help public .

Government also know that it I difficult to stay at home for 21 days but it’s for our safety .

Some ways to stay safe

  • Best way is social distancing
  • Wash your hand regularly
  • Don’t touch your face.
  • Stay at your home.
  • FOLLOW government policies.
  • Use santizers
  • Don’t spread rumors
  • Use masks

many organisations are working for us . Like bank , police , doctor . We all must be thankful for them . They all are corona warriors . Big salute to them .

#Stayathome #coronavirusprecatuion #staysafe

ViSit for your entertainment-. https://youtu.be/k8xstGSIb5M



“Dreams come true when you see dream and work on it” . It means that everyone should have dreams , goals , aim . And see it but it will only come true when you work on it . For example – if you want to become ias then you have to study well and if you want to become sports person then you have to practice it and become fit .

SOME USEFULL TIPS for students

  • Sleep- make sure that you should have atleast 7 hours sleep for good help.
  • Eat healthy food – you should have healthy food it wil make you physically and mentally healthy .avoid junk food . Try broccoli for vitamin k and pump kin seed for zinc .
  • Excercise regularly – you should play daliy and it will make you mind fresh
  • Imagination- you need to apply what you learn in your classroom to real life .
  • Free time – spend your time with friends and parents etc .
  • Don’t take stress .
  • Study regular – it will help you to complete your syllabus without stress .

World Poetry Day

Poetry is the beautiful thoughts of poet which are kept safe and become in the form of words , beautiful Poetry.

World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21 March, and was declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisations in 1999, “with the aim of supporting linguistic diversity through poetic expression and increasing the opportunity for endangered languages to be heard”.Its purpose is to promote the reading, writing, publishing and teaching of poetrythroughout the world and, as the original UNESCO declaration says, to “give fresh recognition and impetus to national, regional and international poetry movements”.

World Poetry Day
Also calledWPD
Observed byUN Members
ObservancesPromote poetry
Date21 March
Next time21 March 2020

It was generally celebrated in October, but in the latter part of the 20th century the world community celebrated it on the 15th, the birthday of Virgil, the Roman epic poet and poet laureate under Augustus. The tradition to keep an October date for national or international poetry day celebrations still holds in many countries.[2] The United Kingdom generally uses the first Thursday in October,[3] but elsewhere a different October, or even sometimes a November date, is celebrated

It the way to express our feelings and thoughts

We can express our idea in the form of poetry




  • High fever
  • Cough
  • Cold
  • Visited corona affected countries
  • Breathing problems

Be safe we can fight corona virus by the following ways

  • Stay at your home
  • Use sanitizers and mask
  • Wash your hand .
  • Maintain distance from sick person
  • Don’t believe on fake message on whatsapp and face book
  • If your are sick , consult your doctor

We can stop corona from spreading . Follow social distancing . Don’t travel unnecessary.

Ghar pe rukona , bhar na niklona , dusrose kam milona , apna Dhyan rakho na , corona se daro na . Corona se mil kar lado na .


A Habit of good person being on time . Means punctuality . A person who is punctual is a good person. It is very good habit . It matter our life , career and everything .


Nowdays we can see that many person are late .it can even matter your life .

  • A person who is late drive fast to reach somewhere . In these cases two possibilities are posible . In first case – He/she will broke traffic rules . In second case accident can took place .
  • A person must be punctual in his/her school life . Because if he/she is not , it will become habit of that person then he/she will be late most of the time

Not from tomorrow start it today is the best policy to success . Let start with you .

Many great successfull person become successful by punctuality. Many developed countries are developed because they all are punctual . there childern learns how to be punctual .


  • Being punctual sometime you may get better opportunity .
  • In schools students must be punctual because punctuality bring disciplines .
  • If you are punctual , you can drive slow by which accident chance will be less .you will not broke traffic rule .
  • In. Meeting if you are punctual you can prepare before anyone
  • Helps in achieving goals .
  • Improve your accuracy .
  • It the best surest way to success
  • It the key to success


  • May be you lose your job.
  • you can lose good opportunity
  • You can die also
  • May be you lose your promotion
  • If you are not punctual ,that mean you are not disciplined which may lead to unsuccess.


prime minister Mr Narendra Modi ji is very punctual . Every citizen should learn from him . He is inspiration for us.

Many successful person are punctual that’s way they become successful.such as DR A.P.J.Abdul Kalam sir , Askhay KUMAR Sir ,MS dohni etc.

Askhay kumar woke up at 4.00 am . He is very punctual
Our pm is very punctual . He do many good thing for betterment of india .
Ms dohni is cricketer . And he was indian cricket team captain . He is very punctual . He woke up early to practice
Dr apj Abdul Kalam sir also known as middle man . He was from poor family but he was punctual and disciplined by which he become successful . He is in the heart of all indians
He given many beautiful quotes . Which are fact.

thank you , stay at home stay connected


A person who gives treatment to a sick person is known as doctors. Doctors are god because they save the life of others. Most of the doctors are in stress .so we should respect them. When a doctor does the operation , they are in tension and stress that whether the person will become normal or not .many doctors have experience and some have qualifications. But both are like god for those whom patients become normal. In our society doctors have respect. Many parents don’t allow their children to become a doctor as they think that it will take a long time to become a doctor and after that, for fame, it will take more time. But they are forgetting that sometimes if they get sick. Every person who has an interest to become a doctor .they must become. Every person has the right to follow his passion .

they save the life of many people. first, to become doctor, they worked hard to become a doctor then they worked hard to save the life. The doctor’s parents must be proud. I have seen many people around me how they worked hard. ( my sister, my grandfather ) .

i have seen many more people , they worked hard for many years but not get selected . society must motivate them nor demotivate them .

#respect doctor #hardwork

stay connected for the second part.


Each one of us is a student. Student means a person who is learning or studying something.each one of us is learning something in our life . A new born baby learn how to live or walk ect ,from his/her parents. A student is not who go to school or college. A student is a person who really learns or have knowledge of life.

Student are of two type – one who learn from book or study material second type – which learn from experience.

somertimes it may be bad or good . But we must learn or study . A person who is not Student means that he is not a good person as he don’t anything from the precious gift life . Don’t take burden just come fall in love with the learning life .

Many of us think that we can’t do something . But friends if we want we can do anything. for examples – a person who is uneducated can use whatsapp and type message in english . Just because he/she show his/her interest in learning how to use whatsapp . So never give up . Only take up and learn .

The earth

The planet on which we live is known as earth . Our mother land .It has all the requirements of living organisms like air ,water , food etc.. Due to industrialization , our earth is suffering from global warming.

Friends earth give us –

  • Land to live
  • Oxygen to live
  • Food to eat
  • Days and night
  • And many more

But what we give back?

  • Pollution
  • harmfull gases which can die earth.
  • taken water
  • Deforestation
  • We make many habitat that they become inhabitat


Friends earth give us life and instead of taking care we are destroying it .earth is only planet where life is possible in milkey way .

What we happen if we increase global temperature then may be earth die ?


  • Every months planet one tree atleast .
  • Plant as many as you can
  • Don’t do deforestation
  • Pool your car ,we can see that in a car only one man is going .
  • Don’t waste paper
  • Follow 3r principals
  • Clean your environment
  • Don’t throw your waste on road or water
  • We should recycle plastic .
  • Use paper bags
  • Donate your old cloths

It our responsibility to take care of our earth otherwise one day human will be no more . spread awareness . Being a human being it is our responsibility to safe our planet from the evil of global warming.


A girl is a boon not curse . They always think for betterment not for bad.’

A lady perform many tasks in her life . A lady may be mom , grandmother ,aunt or sister . She always care for others . In India , women are known as goddess . In our society some people believe that just new born baby who is girls is not good even many women also have same feeling. All girls are equal to boys . We must respect women . Nowadays lady are now pilot , astronout , minister . Each girls has equal right to study . Even those have girls as daughter have very good destine . For example movie ‘dangal’ is the inspiration for us that girls are equal .

Happy women’s day


A lady perform a many profile . Lady may be mother , daughter , wife etc .

She perform her profile with perfection .

A lady sacrifice a lot .

When lady become a mother . she suffer a lot of pain which is known as labour pain.

When she become mother , she all the time only see her child as a world .

MY MOTHER – poem

Oh God you are not everywhere that’s way you give me a golden gift .

Who care for me .

For my mother . I am her world ,universe ,earth .

When I was kid . You sacrifice your sleep , your hobbies and many things .

For me you are my god .

You teach me to walk , to talk and many more .

Thanks a lot .

That you are here .

if father is the ladder of my success then you are the surface on which ladder is .

What will happen if moms are not here .

Oh god you are great that you give me mother .

She sacrifices a lot for me .

hope that I will provide all happiness of world to her .

My life would be incomplete without golden gift and ladder .

oh god bless me that I will give her all happiness.

You are my earth because you are my ozone layer who protect me from all evils . Give me a happy life .

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