Technology is the way to make the work more easy as compare to manual work . It is easy to use . It can be used anywhere even in space .


technology can do a work in less time . It can able a legless person to walk and work . It make our work easy . As the time pass the technology becoming more advance .


we use mobile phone to communicate with others but it release radiation which harms many animal. we use AC and fridges which release CFCs chlorofluorocarbon which harms ozone layer and radiation reach us which causes many disease such as skin cancer and many other disease .we use vechiles to travel which release co carbon monoxide which increase global warming.


  • We must not use ac unnecessary .
  • We must pool our car .
  • We must not use car to travel short distance .
  • We must use technology wisely and not in fun.

Stay at home stay safe .

Learning path

Mistakes are done by human , but mistake should not impact on your life . We should learn from mistake and look in your future .


Life without aim is incomplete . Aim is the ladder which has many ladder . So , let’s start first step of our  aim’s ladder .

Our first episode

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Thank you for watching


Never forget two people in your life –

  1. The person who lost everything to make you win . Yes the answer is golden ladder mean father .
  2. The person who was with you in every pain . Yes the answer is your mom .

Father are those who care extra and mother are those who love more than extra . Their are our boon .

A father lost his time to enjoy only to make his child successful. Mother sacrifice everything which she loves to do . So , if they sacrifice then why to forget them .they are the boon not curse . God is not everywhere that’s way god created mom . Mom are known as mamta ki devi . They love thier children . So , who sacrifice thier life only for us . Why can’t we take care of them in thier old age .

They help us to climb mountain . Oh god thank you to give me such great golden gift .


Lemon joke

teacher asked to his student that how will you take the lemon from the lemon tree which is grown in the middle of sea ?
student said that i will convert myself into bird .
Teacher asked to his students that how will you convert yourself into bird? .
student said that first master ji tell me how will you grow the tree in the middle of sea.

शिक्षक ने अपने छात्र से पूछा कि आप समुद्र के बीच में उगने वाले नींबू के पेड़ से नींबू कैसे लेंगे।
छात्र ने कहा कि मैं अपने आप को पक्षी में बदल दूंगा।
शिक्षक ने अपने छात्रों से पूछा कि तुम अपने आप को पक्षी में कैसे बदलोगे।
छात्र ने कहा कि पहले मास्टर जी मुझे बताएं कि आप समुद्र के बीच में पेड़ कैसे उगाएंगे।

staysafe stay home


DR APJ Abdul Kalam sir said ,” we all must have dreams.”


Dr APJ ABDUL KALAM SIR is my inspiration who inspire me to become scientist like him . He do hard work and focused on his dreams . Where he is, only beacuse of his hard work . Dr APJ Abdul Kalam sir was a great man who lives in all Indian’s heart . He inspire many people . He won many awards for his hard work . He is known as ‘missile man of India’ . He gave us lot of things . He gave us the way to live .


by vishal veer lohan

My inspiration give me the energy to focused on my dreams .

My inspiration inspire me to study .

My inspiration inspire me to do hard work .

My Inspiration give me correct soul .

MY inspiration is great .

I am lucky that I have Inspiration .

many people don’t have .

i am lucky that my inspiration is dr APJ Abdul Kalam sir.

He inspires me to study .

He Inspires me to focus on future .

He inspires me to help others .

He inspires me to share beautiful knowledge

He Inspires me to become scientist.

He Inspires me from my childhood .

He Inspires me to see dreams.

He Inspires lot of people to do something great .

He inspires me to become a good man not a rich man .

He Inspires me to do something .

The people who don’t have dreams or Inspiration . They only waste their time .

He Inspires me to live a successful life.

He live his life success fully and joyfully .

He inspires me to do work joyfully not for something.

Wheather the results may be good or bad .

He inspires me to learn something great from that failure .

He Inspires me to change my bad habits

He said ,” you can’t change your future but you can change your habits which can change your future.

So , praying to god that everyone meet thier Inspiration . Which can’t happen with me .

Only the sadness is that I can’t meet him .

Hope everyone have thier Inspiration.

Thanks for reading .

Stay safe , stay at home


A Planet inside me .

On earth , humans and animals live .

Inside me many microbes live.

on earth ,farmer produced food for us .

inside me , bacteria produce energy for me .

On earth , soldiers save us .

Inside me , antibodies save us from bad microbes .

On earth , there are many species .

Inside me , many species live like bacteria , virus .

On earth , some are good and some are bad .

Good people help others and bad people damage others

Inside me , good bacteria help me to live . Bad bacteria make me sick .

On earth, there are post offices which sends message , object, etc.

Inside me , golgi apparatus acts as post-office to send thing in cells .

On earth, we all die .

Inside me , cells die .

On earth , river flows .

Inside me , viens and artery flows with blood

on earth , we have crust ,

Inside me , skin are crust of my bodies .

On earth , we have mantle .

Inside me , muscles are mantle .

On earth we have core .

Inside me , bones are core .

How beautiful our earth and body is made by the immortal hand or eye .

Thanks to immortal eye for creating us whatever we are .

But atleast we are planet , humans .

Never lose your hope , one day , time will come with good results – VISHAL VEER LOHAN

Stay safe stay healthy . Thank to you give me your important time .

Last day on earth

Once upon a time , a men named koki lived in a village . He was careless person . He was not kind . He always hit animals. he lived near the river . He always cut down the tree unnecessary . Many people of village advice him to take of our mother land . But he ignore them . He throws his waste in the river.

One day

When he woke up he found that his surroundings was totally different from his old surroundings . Then he came out of his house . He found river has no water . And all tree has been cutted . All plant were died . Temperature was too high that even he can’t breathe . He cried and moved around the village . He found that no one is alive . All animals were dying . Sun was looking more hot . He cried and thought that I must meet the dr . APJ Abdul Kalam ( scientist ) . He is scientist so , he must be alive . But the problem was that Dr . apj Abdul Kalam lived in delhi and he lives in Pune . So he thought -‘ I must took taxi ‘. But the problem is no one alive . He steal the taxi and drove away towards delhi .


After driving 19 hrs , He reached delhi but he was thristy . He fainted due to dehydration and when he woke up he found that he was at the home of dr Abdul Kalam . He asked that why all this happening . Dr Kalam said that the earth is dieing due to global warming . We all warn you but no one take it seriously . Koki asked that now what to do ? DR . Kalam said that now we can’t do anything . But the solution is I scanned the earth through ISRO space station . I found that very few people are alive , I sent robert to bring them . We will fly to space through my space rocket to ISRO space station . Koki asked that but there is no planet where life is possible . Dr . Kalam said that our space station has the oxygen of 8 months . In This period we will find another planet .


They all fly to space station . No one is happy as they lost thier earth and family . But the real problem is that if they don’t find another planet in 8 months they all will die .

After 8 months in space

They all enjoy in space station . They forget everthing even about real problem . And they all become family of each other . Suddenly the red alarm rings which indicates that the oxygen level is low . After few minutes they all died .


Story by – vishal veer lohan

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