Rules for achieving your goals

aim is thing in which you have your passion , everything . Aim may be job , or something else .


  • make timetable , your timetable must have physical exercise . It should be balanced .
  • Strictly follow it .
  • make sure nothing can hamper your timetable .
  • Make sure that you don’t skip your timetable for entertainment .
  • Eat healthy .
  • Your main priority must be your aim .
  • Never change your mind if anyone said it is bad .
  • It your aim nor others .

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Stay safe stay at home

Normal life

Normal life before arrival of corona virus . We had the Freedom to moved anywhere any time .

Many people loved to –

  • To do adventures trip .
  • To go outside and eat , play , fun .
  • To ride .
  • for shopping .
  • To watch movies .
  • Etc .

we enjoy our old life and love our old happy life .

Arrival of corona virus .

We all know that after arrival of corona virus . Our complete routine has been changed . Our life has been hamper by covid 19 .

Student are not going to school . They are reminding thier old school life .

some employees are working from home and they are safe .But essential employees are going , they are not safe .

My father is also going to bank for work as he can’t work from home . For safety of my family . He is maintaining distancing from us too . He is living separate from us in a same house . He even don’t meet us .He is not taking it as a joke .

I am missing my free time with my father . I am missing my father’s hug.

many family member are maintaining social distancing from thier members too . Many fathers are admitted to hospital . And they are missing thier family .

Many people came out of home when they feel bored at home . But this is wong . You can do many things at home such as watching movie , taking admission in online courses . Many institution change their mode of teaching , like fiitjee became online .

Bollywood to entertain us . They are releasing their new movie online . If they can do this for us , so why you can’t stay at home . .

Missing life .

we all know that we are missing our happy old life . But the condition can be more worst if you don’t follow socail distancing . You think America has good medical facilities to treat person but not in thousand as they also have limited resources . Our india has more population and less medical facilities . So think that our country can be more worst in condition if you don’t stop yourself from going outside .

If you want to live next year also . Hibernate yourself like bear . Don’t step out your legs . If you want that many child meet thier parent so , don’t go outside . Like if you are staying safe , but many child and parent are in hospital , so you can change thier situation by not going outside .

It am humble request by me and our pm that , don’t go outside . And follow socail distancing


The person who don’t have studied about something . and give suggestions on that topic . That suggestions is fake . That person is foolish man . It is humble request to all from WFIB’S BLOGGING . NOT TAKE SUGGESTIONS FROM ONE WHO DON’T HAVE KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THAT AS HE MAY TELL you RUMOUR .

take suggestions from one who have true knowledge .

Don’t spread rumour .

#matkaroforward .

Stay safe and believe on those who have knowledge .

Believe in that news provided by government .

Quizoo time


the women who is with you in your childhood memories .

The women who is with you in your all bad work .

The women you play , fight , eat , study

The women who is with you in your trouble .

Is known as sister .


happy Birthday (tejasvaani ) my lil sister . the happiness belong to you . The sadness belong to no one . The day you born , I think I got a friend to play , eat , study , . I will be with you in your life .



The day you arrive , that day was wonderful for me .

The day I play with you , I think I got a best friend .

The day you speak , I think I got a friend to talk .

The day I took promise for your protection . I got a responsibility .

The day you go to school . I think I got travel pranter for my school to home journey .



The one who gives birth to us . The one who sacrifice her aim or goals only for us .the one who take care of us . The one who takes hard pain to make you alive or to give you life . The one who is with you in all your trouble . The one who is also known as God .the one on who you put your head on her’s leg to fall asleep . Without her your life is incomplete . The who your part of her body 9 months .

Yes , the mother . Happy mother’s day to all mother .


Happy mother’s day to you mom (reena singh ) . You are the best mother on the earth . Without you , I can’t exist in this beautiful universe . Without you , I can’t be strong . If you cry , I also feed bad . May the god god provide the power to give you all the happiness of universe.


The day I born , you think , you get your world .

The day I cry , you cry all the day .

And pray to god God for me .

The day I able to speak , you were happy .

The day I walk , you think you get your childhood .

The day I go to school first time , you think I must be successful one day and good for the other people .

The day I got first rank . You think I succed my first step of my life .

the day on which , I am sad , you feel sad .

I am huge part of your life .

And your are huge part of my adventures life .

Thank you to God .

Let pray to god that all mother must be with their children . And hope all are happy .

LAST DAY ON EARTH -episode-2

SEASON 1 -episode2 . LAST DAY ON EARTH .





At the time the alarm rings . the staff member and special person who knew that I.S have escape module . they use escape modules to save their life . Espace modules have oxygen for 1 month . The E.modules have special artificial intelligence which help in searching nearest planet on where man can live . modules took 2 days to reach . planet name ‘eumenio’ . they mixed all oxygen tank into one tank and have 4 months oxygen . then they have 4 months to make that planet habitable . . Eumenio have methane gas in atmosphere . DR a.p.j invent the machine from the modules parts . it took 2 months to invent . that machine works is to convert methane into oxygen . so that planet can become habitable .they started that machine but they don’t know how much time would it will take to complete his work . they hope for the best .

stay at home stay safe . wait for next episode .our last episode of last day on earth . It will upload on next sunday .


WFIB’S BLOGGING will release ebook soon . To entertain you .to make your time stress free .


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what is it ?

i am special dish which is bring from market on a special day .

sometimes i am prepared at home also .

i am special dish which is liked by everyone .

i am special without me your special day will be worst .

i am special dish which is loved by child to cut .

i am special dish on birthday.
i brings happiness on the faces of everyone .

i am special dish on marriage anniversary

i am eaten by all before any food on this special day.

i have many types .

sometimes i am very big and sometimes i am very small

but the happiness which i spread is large .

i have happiness and sweetness .

i can made with many recipes .

in everyone life i came every year .

tell me who am i ?


BAHUBALI can be anyone in fact everyone have Bahubali .

Bahubali is who protect you , cares for you , keep enemy away from you .

IN my life my dad ‘ VIJAY VEER SINGH ‘ is my Bahubali AS he protect me from evils , cares for me , keep my enemy away . I know that i said father is golden ladder but he can be any character or anything in your life such as Bahubali . In daughter and son’s life dad is Bahubali , In father’ life son is Bahubali . In sister ‘s life brother is Bahubali .

think who is your Bahubali and comment?

Don’t hurt your Bahubali He is not movie character that khatapa kills him but he is alive . but in real life your Bahubali will not come again he will completely die . take care of your Bahubali . he is gift for you by god . know the value of your Bahubali if your Bahubali get lost then you will know the value of your Bahubali .

stay at home stay safe . don’t go outside .

RELEASING new epsiode of last day on earth on next sunday . on youtube and my instagram account

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