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Smart phone is Villain or Hero In children’s life .

In 2020 ,

students are using tab for studying , many institute provide tablet as e book , for example – BYJU’S THE LEANING APP , Fiitjee . so , it means that tablet are use full for study .

many high tech medical centre use tablet , computer , laptop to store patient’s details.

so, they are use full somehow .

In child’s life .

most of the parents use mobiles in front of child . out of which 1/2% are using social media .

what parent teachs ?

child by seeing that their parent are using mobiles for fun , they thought mobiles are good to play , sometimes , they force their parent to give mobiles to themselves . sometimes , parent give mobiles , when children are eating so that he/she can eat freely .

it is correct way ?

no , it is wrong , as if they get addicted to mobile then , his future can be harm .

what parent can do ?

  • instead of using mobiles , they can play , talk , do fun with their children ,
  • they can ask about their children’s friend , school , e.t.c
  • if want to use , try not to use in front of your child ,
  • sometime children think that mobile are most important then mobiles .

How much time should you spend with your child per day?

The one hour a day rule is also supported by the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations for sixty minutes of unstructured, free play. 2 You can help your child get their time being physically active, unstructured, and in nature by getting them outdoor . parent spend 4 hours and 30 minutes per day on those devices, according to productivity software company RescueTime, which estimates average phone usage to be 3 hours and 15 minutes per day).Jan 6, 2020

In child life , if their parent overusing mobiles then mobile is villain .

care for your child nor for mobile , your child can think that he is alone his house , sometimes if he overthink , depression can be caused , so

#stay safe , don’t use mobile , play with your child .

Author: Vishal Veer lohan

Vishal is an author, a book lover, an actor, a blogger, student, CEO, and founder of WFIB’S BLOGGING. He is based in Meerut. Vishal loves to write since He was a child. He loves animals. He started blogging to spread awareness, motivation, and awareness. Wfib’s team works for him. WFIB’S BLOGGING has 100 WFIB'S AUTHOR. . The platform for all talented authors, writers, poets. He took birth at Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. His father was an Air Force personnel. Later on, He joined the Indian bank to serve the citizen of India. He loves to write since his childhood. . He also has an interest in acting. WFIB'S BLOGGING published his first debut book. 'How I fulfill my broken dreams ' He wants to become an engineer. He also wants to spread awareness motivation knowledge. He is an animal lover too.

46 thoughts on “Smart phone is Villain or Hero In children’s life .”

      1. Yes, it is true that parents do set an example in this regard. Having said that, kids also have minds of their own and should be able to think things through and be allowed to come to their own conclusions.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Smart phones can be both a hero and a villain. A hero due to the fact that you can call whoever whenever. The villain aspect is when it becomes the center attention instead of the people in one’s life.


      1. I do not have a problem with phones as a means of communication. Having said that, I prefer face to face communication if given the choice.


      2. Yes , I am technology makes our work easier .
        Actually I want to become scientist .
        And wants to give new type of technology to world . Which can make this world familiar for all of us ! Thanks for asking .
        From @WFIB’S BLOGGING


      1. It’s depend , for example , if have a doubt , visit internet .
        If wants to contact anyone then simply call.
        Thanks for reading and comment ❤️
        From@WFIB’S BLOGGING


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