Your Conscience – Right vs Wrong

We all need someone to look forward to when we need support, advice or a shoulder to lean on. They usually are our friends, family or at times counselors too. But do you think they are the only ones who we should rely upon. We usually call up our friends to share some good news or ask for help when in a dilemma. We live in a very modernized, free-minded and socially active world. Hanging out with friends, chilling over beer parties, gossiping about the new guy/girl in college is very normal for everyone. Out of all the advisers, our favorite and preferred advisers are our Best-Friends! We often tag our Best-Friends as our favorites or saviors; but what if these saviors or favorites aren’t available for you?

People have been so dependent on others for solution that they have forgotten the best advisers they have! Its your Conscience. Our conscience is that moral ground which tells us whether we are doing the right or the wrong thing. Our brain is our strongest tool, which we don’t even use to half its capability. Our brain is our true best-friend whom we should look forward to during times of dilemma. Your friends may leave you, parents may disagree to you, but your brain is gonna be with you till eternity. You all may have observed that at many incidents your intuition steps in. Intuition is nothing but the instinctive decision taken without conscious reasoning. People say “believe your gut” cause it tells you what’s right and wrong.
I would never say to let go of your best-friends, but I would always advice to listen to your conscience – cause believe it or not; 

People may lie to please your emotions, but your Conscience is the most blunt sense of your life; It Wont Lie!

Author: authorsohamparekh

Blogger Author Motivator Passionate dancer, anchor and highly ambitious person.

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