Book Review of ” The blockbuster health ” Book

Written by Dr. Sharad Kulkarni

Genre – Health and lifestyle

Pages – 133

Ratings – 5/5

Good set of instructions for one’s overall wellbeing.

The volume 1 book written by the author mainly talks about the food and nutrition intake for healthy lifestyle.

This book talks about vivid subjects for one’s overall well being.

Each chapter of this book deals separately with the different functional areas of body.

As we all know that exercises are required with healthy food to get sound health. But it is all about physical health.
This book deeply dive into mental health, as well as social health, sexual health etc to count on.

I am truly impressed by some subjects of this book like digital detoxification a vital point to worry in this new era and many more.

Overall in my point of view it is a good set of guidances.

Book front cover and back cover

Some inspirational pictures are also given which make your mood light while reading this book as it is not covering round about talks but straight forward guidance.

Also each and every topic is discussed in detailed and convincing manner, so it make me reset my lifestyle.

After all ” The world is there for us, if we are there. “

BOOK REVIEW-Rhythm Roger – The Secrets of Electon

TITLERhythm Roger – The Secrets of Electon
Publisher Invincible Publishers (1 June 2020)
Paperback :230 pages


Rhythm Roger is a sci-fi novel. The story is about electromagnetic waves. The protagonist of the story is Rhythm who made the first call in the world and the same night he met a blue light man who said that he was from a different world called Electron, a world made of electromagnetic waves. The same boy in that World (ELECTRON) is called Roger, who was also a son of a queen analogue of world electon

It all started when Heinrich Rudolf Hertz invented electromagnetic waves in the human world. On that day a parallel universe called Electon was created that could not be seen by humans and the analog was the queen. Due to the signal that we are using for analog, current, cell phones etc., an unpleasant sound started entering their world electrons. So the world was in danger and Roger is the one who can save that world. This story is about:

– If Rhythm is from the electon, how does he enter and live in the human world? What is the secret behind this?

– How will he save the world? How can he deal with the problem of that world?

Read the book to know more.

Book story is amazing and very interesting. This is the best read of this curial time I enjoyed reading this story. The author maintains suspense and thrill to the end that leaves the reader hooked. The character description is perfect. It is science fiction but the language is simple. This is not only a story but it is also happening in real form where many beautiful animals are dying due to this electromagnetic waves. It is also a fact that technology has made us addicted to it, without using these technologies we are not able to find an alternative. Everything from birth to death is done with this technique. We are seeing this as a smart and easy one. But it is indeed a very dangerous thing. I recommend this book to everyone.




Himanshu is a Bestselling Author with a passion for storytelling. His previous novels, My Mute Girlfriend & I am always here with you, were highly appreciated and were among Amazon Bestseller charts. My Mute Girlfriend was among 25 best romance titles of 2018, and I am always here with you released in Jan-19, is among Amazon Best read.He loves writing and tries to bring real locations and themes into his stories, enabling the readers to visualize what he writes.His Last Novel, My Mute Girlfriend, Published by Srishti Publishers, was based on his real-life story and already declared as one of the best romance titles of the year 2018.


Heinrich br>Rudolf Hertz invented a br>Unit of frequency and discovered electromagnetic Waves, but virtually, he created a world of electromagnetic Waves. The virtual world, which is always around humans, but cannot be seen or felt is the world of unknown powers, known as electon. “World is not only what we see.” rhythm has entered electronic, now its your turn to take your path to know about the secrets of the election world.


BOOK REVIEW -The Blockbuster Health: Your Gateway to a Balanced Mind and Body!

TITLE The Blockbuster Health: Your Gateway to a Balanced Mind and Body!
AUTHOR  Sharad Kulkarni


As the title states, this book is basically a gateway to a balanced mind and body. This book plays a major role in promoting good habits and eating habits and diet are equally responsible for good health.I liked how the author simplified the content. No technical jargon at all. This easy read will not fail to boost your energy and mood, which enhances the quality of life and the way one considers life.I have often read in biology books about proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates, fats, minerals, spirit and water, but this book will tell you how important it is for one to have the above sources and how much one should consume.Periodic tables and short stories will give you the ‘why’ reasons and convince you to follow the rules and follow the proper dietary protocol.I personally loved the 3-hour rule. I think how the author covered each point beautifully with minute details.I never knew that there were different types of diets until this book came out. (are♀️ that)In addition to convincing readers to go by the guidelines, the author specifically mentioned that one should adapt the rules according to individual needs and preferences. This book is a storage of valuable information and any person can keep diseases away. Wherever you go, you can take this book, so that all the necessary knowledge of natural medicine can be quickly examined


Dr. Sharad Kulkarni, a Chanakya awardee has been an influential Health vlogger with millions of views on digital platforms and is one of the Renowned Ayurveda Doctors of Bangalore with masters in Shalya Tantra (Ayurvedic Surgery). He is currently a Research Scholar in Ayurvedic Surgery

He is the Amazon best selling Author of book titled ‘The Blockbuster Health 1.0’ which revolves around good eating habits. He also has the credit of writing his second book in just 100 days post release of first book. Both the books are available on

Dr. Sharad Kulkarni is one of the youngest Ayurveda Doctors, who was invited to speak on Ayurveda in LONDON, UK


The Blockbuster Health (Volume-1) deals with inculcating good eating habits. Disciplined eating is the root cause for a good mind and body. Fast food, Junk eating, improper diet is responsible for ample number of diseases which need a sequential diet protocol. There is a need for healthy eating literature which comprises of maximum information that can be adopted easily by anyone depending on the needs. This book is a must read for everyone who is desirous of good independent health. The list includes Teachers, Preachers, Doctors, Students, Athletes, Bodybuilders, Ministers etc. This book can be of great help for a healthy person to keep diseases at bay and a diseased to fight against the disease effectively. Essential dietary needs, relation between mind and food, most popular diet varieties, good food preparing and eating practices, discussion on tea and coffee, disease specific diet, fasting and its types, anti-aging foods have been the key components of this volume, which has been explained in the simplest manner. The foreword is written by accomplished Bollywood actress Suman Ranganath.


पहली नजर

हम तुम्हारी महफ़िल से
उठकर गए चुपचाप।
तुम्हारा पीछे मुड मुड कर देखना,
हमें बदनाम कर गया।।

वैसे तो कोई रिश्ता ना था हमारा,
जब से तुम्हें देखा बाते की और समझा,
तब से तुम अपने लगने लगे।।




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Book Review: How I fulfill my broken dreams


ink hearted

” Never lose your hope as hope will never let you lose”..


The book starts with the introduction of characters followed by an interview of Aishish, who is a celebrity. The reporter asks him about his difficult  teenage and his journey to become successful.He starts narrating and the story begins. .

My Review:

This book reminds us the most important lesson of our life that we all have learnt as a child, but in the process of growing up and trying to be the best, forgot the lesson. The lesson, is nothing but the power of hope. Hope, gives us the strength to bear with the toughest time and assures that there is light at the end of the dark tunnel. This book talks about how Aishish beats his loss and the resulting depression and emerges as a successful author, actor and engineer, which was his childhood dream. The language…

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I’ll wait you till the eternity by Rihan khalyani

This book is based on a love story and it sets a beautiful romantic environment of Lucknow.
The story begins with the attraction of Aamir towards Shikha because of an event in college. It is set during the Hindu Muslim riots in Lucknow, India. It is a tale of love, loss and hope.
Being a person who is born and brought up in Lucknow I can totally relate to this story and feel the pain. I know love can be found under any circumstances and that is its beauty. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. This book is in one such situation that invokes fear. But as always love is not easy, love always comes with some hurdles.  In this story it also came due to riots in Lucknow.
Aamir lost his beloved father and his lover as well. But when we are in true love we are totally into it. The ending of this book is satisfying.
You will feel the love in the story also between the separation of these two lovers a new bond of love generated between Aamir & Samaira, but Aamir’s dedication towards his love is so strong.
Most of the story revolves around Aamir. There are not a lot of characters in the story. Lead characters are Amir, Samaira and shikha.
The story line and language is very understandable and easy

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Thinking whether I write for others or myself, I decided to let all of you chose!

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