BOOK REVIEW :-Story of Unbelievable Miracles of Life

Story of Unbelievable Miracles of Life

“One can create events for himself at any time”(Quoted from the text). Life is full of exploration and experiences but if you have a book which speaks ones life stories and miracles that’s interesting isn’t it? Story of unbelievable miracles of life by Dinesh Sahay acts as a teaching guide which helps to improve our lives, to realize the spiritual paths and understand that miracles do happen. Each life stories of Dinesh Sahay illustrates practical lessons with unbelievable stories.

The book covers various subjects from childhood miracles till escape from death. The book is written in a simple language but the message is profound. This book makes us believe in changes of life which do have the potential to be miraculous. Some stories are really HEART KNOCKING and it motivates us to achieve what we desire in life. How and what should you speak? How to prioritize your work and goal? How to avoid negative thinking? How to be satisfied in your life? To get answers for all these questions give a read to this life changing book which surely gives you a positive mind and heart.

My favorite topic which was useful for me is the power of mind, words and right actions for achieving life’s goals. The subjects were so practical about self thinking, Job, spirituality, divine love and even friendship. The book was really helpful, gave me confidence and made me believe in miracles


The book, “story of unbelievable miracles of life” Is non-fiction and written as memoir. I want to share readers about some unforgettable stories of his life and the lives many people who were with me during the course journey of life. With a lot of research on My life and on the lives of others, I evolved a program, “enlighten the lamp of your fortune” which deals with the manifestation of dreams and goals and its members have done this program under My guidance and have shared their experiences in this book also. They succeeded in achieving their dreams and the same stories are the main content in this book. Since I have mastered the art of creation while analysing minutely each event of life which was due to cause and effect theory by leading life’s ups and downs. I have explained how one can change his life and create what he wants by use of five senses in the right way. Everything is possible at any point of time if you know the art of leading peaceful, healthy and life of your choice. Read and learn how you can see immediate results as per set target by reading stories of members and me.

Author: Harini Bharati.S

Harini Bharati lives in Chennai. She is a student of literature and she is pursuing her masters in Anna Adarsh College for women, Chennai. She has a unique style of writing, which is simple and easily connectable. She is working as a co author in many anthologies. Expressive in a way who speaks not only hers, but everyone's heart. She writes blogs and loves to review books. A girl who has eyes full of dreams and heart full of love. She always feels proud to be born in a Cardamom city ‘Theni’. She believes life is rich when you have a pen to write, paper to shed ink and a book to read.

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