The story of unbelievable miracles of life

Do you believe in miracles? Did you ever have any such experience? Tell us in the comments.

Coming to the review, this is a non fiction, memoir. It consists of some personal experiences that are narrated in the form of a story. The book has 13 chapters and around 100 pages. Each chapter focuses on a lesson or moral. But unlike most self help books, here the experience is narrated first and then the lesson is taught. The way in which every story turns out a happy ending from a negative dead end, is sure to bring a smile on the reader’s face. Also, there are many explanations for the Hindu vedic texts and scriptures along with their meanings and advantages. However this book is definitely not religion bias and is enjoyed most, with a secular mindset. If you are looking for a book that can light up your day, or feel that you need a little bit more positivity then this book is highly recommended. You may also try the various activities that are mentioned in the book for your betterment. It will definitely prove to be beneficial.

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