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My heart whispered ‘My dear love, is this fair to leave me alone? Four months of waiting were like a millennium. I thought it’s just a temporary departure, but you never said this is going to be our permanent goodbye.’ Without my parents my life was already alone but after he left, my life was in complete emotional trauma. When my backstory was flashing suddenly I heard a big boom and I wasn’t able to see anyone. I turned left then right but I didn’t see anything, the air was covered with grey smoke. My body started to feel the chaos, I closed my ears and knelt down in the middle of the boulevard, I saw legs running after the other screaming and shouting by dashing at each other but I didn’t raise my head. I am a Phonophobic person (Sudden loud and unexpected sound cause’s anxiety). No one cared even to raise and help me. All were holding their own lives running for help. Suddenly my hands were held tight by another hand. He looked almost in his 20’s, wearing a white cap and silver band in his hand. He said ‘Take your hands out and come with me’. I was blank and I didn’t hear his voice amidst the crowd. And then he came to my ears and shouted ‘Here is another bomb explosion, we don’t know where so come with me or we will get into inescapable trouble’. I understood the seriousness on looking his eyes and I didn’t know why he was helping me but I nodded ‘yes’ in fear. He dragged me and ran like a wind. After thirty minutes we reached a place outside the city. We stood speechless and unmoved by seeing a huge explosion in the centre city and it was almost like a volcanic eruption. After a huge blow of that explosion the air was not gentle. We felt hot air, empty roads, no trace of human race, birds were flapping their wings to escape this unhealthy surrounding. Red eyes, trembling hands, teeth shivering in fear and my eyes were ready to pour out. I didn’t realize that he was staring at my eyes for so long. We started to walk behind and didn’t even utter a single word. Silence was our only companion and we didn’t know where these roads were destined. ‘Are you hungry?’ he muttered. But he didn’t wait for my reply and said ‘There is a small tea shop in this surrounding, I used to come with my friends for long drives here but I forgot the route’. The area was an agricultural land but it was dry due to lack of groundwater but I saw a chimney in a far away distance and said ‘Here it is’ I showed him towards right and said ‘I am not sure but going in search of something is better than standing’. ‘That’s fine’ he replied and we continued our walk. If you ask a person who is in his death bed or criminals who are asked for their last wish will always think about loved ones. My thoughts were already wandering in search of my parents. Where do they stay? Are they here? Are they safe? Should I go back in search of them? Should I  go to my mother or father? There were lots of questions and my emotions were already rising as tides but the stranger with me is not willing to make my mind calm I guess. He gave a long note ‘You are Seetha, working as an editor in Proud India newspaper. Your favorite sport is badminton, Books are your only companion, age twenty five still single, loved once and never loved again, your life is full of hardships, you think you are alone but you are not’ I was astonished, shocked and stunned by his flow. It was both fear and pleasure for me, fear because a stranger was talking about my life and pleasure because I have someone who knows me completely. ‘How did you know my life? Who are you?’ I asked him curiously and that’s the only simple question that arises in everyone’s mind. He gave ridiculous laughter and said ‘It’s all God’s plan’. One line was really disturbing and I was annoyed. “You think you are alone but you are not” what does that mean? My parents never came in search of me in the past ten years, do you know how painful it is when I see mothers bidding goodbye to their children and responsible fathers discussing their child’s career? I feel like an orphan even though I have my parents. I pay my rent, I choose my career, I have my dark days and the most painful moments are I don’t have anyone even to share my success. I don’t celebrate festivals and birthdays because I didn’t choose solitude, solitude chose me’ Even God disappointed me by taking my only love’ I screamed in anger and the last lines resonated in open lands. He smiled and said ‘How are you now? Do you have any plans of marriage? I am so excited to be a part of it’. I got even more annoyed so I went silent. By the time we reached a tea shop it started to rain heavily. We stood under the shed. ‘Need some cookies chechi?’ he asked in a happy tone. ‘Chechi?’ I stared at him doubtfully. He bought two cookies and a glass of tea. ‘Wait here Chechi I will come in two minutes’ he said and left. Happenings were so vague and I was unhinged. In the far away distance I saw a Blue Wagoner coming towards the tea shop. At first the image was blurred but when they came closer I saw them, yes it was them my parents. Both tears and anger rushed in me. I stood speechless. They both stepped out and there he came holding another two glasses of tea for them. They walked slowly towards me. My eyes didn’t believe it at first but I had no other go. ‘Papa! Sorry for not seeing you all these days, I failed to hold my life’s pride’ my father said patting my head. ‘As a mother I should have not left you and now I am standing with guilt Seetha, please forgive me for leaving you both alone all these days’ my mother summoned both of us and hugged. ‘Chechi, I am your only brother Krish. All these years mother didn’t tell about you even to me and I am also angry with her like how you are’. We all hugged each other and I felt complete for the very first time. ‘If Vijay knows he will be the happiest person’ I said in a melancholic tone. ‘Chechi, Vijay talked with us before six months we thought of meeting you together but unfortunately he left. We immediately came in search of you and it’s my bad luck to welcome you in a troublesome situation’. All of a sudden a thunder struck and we all turned and looked up. It was a beautiful scene of a RAINBOW AND A MOON welcoming us.  


Author: Harini Bharati.S

Harini Bharati lives in Chennai. She is a student of literature and she is pursuing her masters in Anna Adarsh College for women, Chennai. She has a unique style of writing, which is simple and easily connectable. She is working as a co author in many anthologies. Expressive in a way who speaks not only hers, but everyone's heart. She writes blogs and loves to review books. A girl who has eyes full of dreams and heart full of love. She always feels proud to be born in a Cardamom city ‘Theni’. She believes life is rich when you have a pen to write, paper to shed ink and a book to read.

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