BOOK REVIEW: RANIKHET EXPRESS A love track BY Piyush Baindara

“Time is the only treatment that can make is forget old memories” ( Quoted from the text) I think this line is applicable for everyone’s heart to understand life and move on. Now let’s get into our book Ranikhet Express.

While reading the prologue I got a different idea about the story but it ended up with something else unexpected. I felt the title is justified as Ranikhet express because the story is also a fast phase emotional journey of love and life. The narration is almost like watching a movie in theatre. Everything which happened in Palash’s and Jigna’s life is almost reletable with every common college student. A story with lots of everyday incidents and consequences of those actions. There are 25 chapters and each title is clearly accountable. There is no run for dictionary and it’s very much preferable for budding readers.

I can see that the author has concentrated more on the story part, but I felt the story could have been even more focused on the description of the surroundings so that readers can also get the aroma of our travelling environment while they read. On the whole it was a good story to read and experience.

Special note to the author:
I always wanted to create curiosity in the minds of the readers while they read my review so I used to give a brief story line and throw questions and hints to the audience but this book gave me a real shock when I was in search of a lovely climax anyways I liked it that way.

Waiting for your upcoming writings dear author Piyush Baindara.

Author: Harini Bharati.S

Harini Bharati lives in Chennai. She is a student of literature and she is pursuing her masters in Anna Adarsh College for women, Chennai. She has a unique style of writing, which is simple and easily connectable. She is working as a co author in many anthologies. Expressive in a way who speaks not only hers, but everyone's heart. She writes blogs and loves to review books. A girl who has eyes full of dreams and heart full of love. She always feels proud to be born in a Cardamom city ‘Theni’. She believes life is rich when you have a pen to write, paper to shed ink and a book to read.

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