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Book- Nikola Tesla & Five Other Unsung Inventors
Author- Girish V. Magre
Genre- Biographies / Non-fiction / Essay
Format- Kindle
Ratings- 3.5/5

This book talks about 6 inventors:
1. Nikola Tesla
2. Alfred Nobel
3. Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner
4. Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar
5. Viktor Emil Frankl
6. Robert Kerns
Author Girish Magre has written this book with a view of appreciating these heroes who had contributed to many inventions that are helping many of us today.

My Thoughts:
Reading something like this was really a new experience for me. I have read a complete autobiography but combine biographies always held me back. I used to think that this format would never give justice to one’s story.
But to my surprize I actually read it with interest. The information provided was adequate to know why these 6 were called as the unsung heroes.
Really a very interesting read.

Points I liked :
– The idea of putting light on the people who are not always celebrated.

One & a Half Love Story: Book Review

This story revolves around three characters Viraj, Nimisha & Shriya. Viraj had crush on Nimisha since the day he saw her in College. Nimisha & Viraj are in love with each other.

Nimisha travels to Bangalore to celebrate Valentine’s week with Viraj. They had a great time with each other during Valentine’s week in Bangalore. Meanwhile, Viraj met Shriya and gradually Shriya started having feelings for Viraj. One day Viraj was on phone with Nimisha but a beep of waiting call was irritating him but he chose to ignore the call and continue the conversation with Nimisha. Despite of Viraj ignoring Shriya she was calling him continuously and with no option left, Viraj answered Shriya’s call and he accidently put the call on conference.

On the same call Shriya said to Viraj, We had a great time together. I want to spend all my life in your arms.  Who is Shriya? After hearing this, Will Nimisha forgive Viraj? Will Shriya continue to interfere between Viraj & Nimisha? How will Viraj convince Nimisha? How will this One & a Half Story end?

The title is very unique and apt for the book.

The plot is very engaging.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes to read books of fiction genre.

Destined to be Together: Book Review

This story is narrated by Anubhav to Anushree. This story is about Aakash and Manvi.
Firstly Aakash and Manvi meet on Tinder and then they meet on freshers day. They exchanged their contact numbers. Slowly gradually they started talking to each other. But later, their day started with each other and ended with each other.
Aakash was a studious boy but after meeting Manvi he was completely channged. Was it Love or it was Friendship?
Are Aakash and Manvi destined to be together?
Read this book to find out the same.
I reccomend this book to all those who love to read romantic stories

To you, with lobe by Shravya Bhinder

Childhood love are innocent, aren’t it? The sweetest dreams of childhood attraction, I never heard of such love getting fulfilled. What about you?

💫 Today I am talking about my last second read, “to you, with love” by one of my favourite author Shravya Bhinder. Before moving forward, I would like to say something about cover. This is so damn beautiful and mesmerizing. You can see sunflowers on cover right? So the main female character, ayra loves sunflowers, not rose. Well, she was different from other girls.

Moving forward, the plot is so beautiful and the ending of the story made me teary. Ayra and Sahil were classmates, seatmates and best friends. But due to some reason or other, they were separated during school time. But destiny, you know. Destiny let them meet again. Sahil was in love with her. He started meeting her frequently and they both married after some time. Let’s see what happen to their married life? What made the ending emotional? Is it someone’s death or divorce?

Like other books of Shravya, this has also been my favourite. As usual, language is simple and story catches eyes of author and intrigue them till the end.

I will just say, read this book. I am sure, you’re going to love it.

Happy reading

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