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When the clock ticks seven

It’s our time to have happy heaven

Standing high and hot in cloudless north

We used to wish those glaring rays.

Watering those reedy and weedy grass

We used to have our coffee biscuits

With a loud laugh of happy four

Washing my father’s car

Splashing those waters high

Through the yard of happy roam

Throwing each other’s snowy foam

All those days are passed as gray.

Heads and toes closed in blankets

Thinking of those rushing weekdays

Longing for those sleepy weekends

I just want to run to my happy past!

I just want to run to my happy past!

                                   -Harini Bharati.S

Author: Harini Bharati.S

Harini Bharati lives in Chennai. She is a student of literature and she is pursuing her masters in Anna Adarsh College for women, Chennai. She has a unique style of writing, which is simple and easily connectable. She is working as a co author in many anthologies. Expressive in a way who speaks not only hers, but everyone's heart. She writes blogs and loves to review books. A girl who has eyes full of dreams and heart full of love. She always feels proud to be born in a Cardamom city ‘Theni’. She believes life is rich when you have a pen to write, paper to shed ink and a book to read.

4 thoughts on “ON SUNDAYS”

    1. Thank you so much for your support and opinion. Its great to hear and your words are really motivating.


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