Say No To Oldage Homes & Yes To Family Homes

Daily we read and hear so many heart rending cases  children sending their parents to oldage homes, childrens are ill treating and miss behaving with their parents.
What is this happening ?
Is this the fault of their parents ?
Is this their fault that they are getting older now or their fault is that they have wasted their entire life for their children and meeting their needs and expectations, given them everything they every wanted, for sending them schools and making them self independent? Or the fault of them is that they have love them unconditionally? And the reason is that senior citizens are getting out of it. Instead of getting the love of their children and grandchildren. They are getting humiliation, negligence and disrespect. This is really very disappointing. Did parents ever teach their children to forget their moral values, respect and love for their children when they become old? No they have never taught us this. Parents can never expect this from their children. The feeling of being ignored by our loved ones killed from inside.
People who do these things are building up their future also. Children learn from their parents and in future they will surely be facing the same circumstances as what they are doing to their parents. Because whatever you do comes back to you one day.

Senior citizens have been the biggest victims of social advancement and modernization. They are neglected by their own children as they are in their own pursuit of wealth and comfort. As a result many of them are left to  spend their last years in old age homes. Respect your parents and don’t leave them in old age homes. 

7 thoughts on “Say No To Oldage Homes & Yes To Family Homes”

  1. I’m so glad you brought this up. Its unacceptable how the elderly are treated. They are used and left to die as if they are nothing. The word family should mean so much more than it does and a society is judged on how it cares for its vulnerable.

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  2. Thank you so much

    I have became your fan
    By reading your article

    I would like to meet you
    Pls do live stream on YouTube channel.
    Stay blessed

    Your fan

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    1. Thank you so much!!
      I am glad you liked it!!
      You made my day.. 🥰
      I will surely do live stream on YouTube someday..


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