One & a Half Love Story: Book Review

This story revolves around three characters Viraj, Nimisha & Shriya. Viraj had crush on Nimisha since the day he saw her in College. Nimisha & Viraj are in love with each other.

Nimisha travels to Bangalore to celebrate Valentine’s week with Viraj. They had a great time with each other during Valentine’s week in Bangalore. Meanwhile, Viraj met Shriya and gradually Shriya started having feelings for Viraj. One day Viraj was on phone with Nimisha but a beep of waiting call was irritating him but he chose to ignore the call and continue the conversation with Nimisha. Despite of Viraj ignoring Shriya she was calling him continuously and with no option left, Viraj answered Shriya’s call and he accidently put the call on conference.

On the same call Shriya said to Viraj, We had a great time together. I want to spend all my life in your arms.  Who is Shriya? After hearing this, Will Nimisha forgive Viraj? Will Shriya continue to interfere between Viraj & Nimisha? How will Viraj convince Nimisha? How will this One & a Half Story end?

The title is very unique and apt for the book.

The plot is very engaging.

I recommend this book to everyone who likes to read books of fiction genre.

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