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Sometimes, someone can love you passionately with their feelings and still be unable to love you the right way with their actions. Though we think that we find a person who is right sometimes it may not.
The story revolves around kashika, vidit and vivan. Kashika who can’t tolerate the behavior of vivan, broke up with him and started moving on with the help of vidit who is her colleague and also engaged , slowly they fall in love but there is a big twist in their life.
I suggest to read this book to know that big twist, and coming to narration it is simple and easy to understand.
Author explained every part of the story very clearly and there are some poems by kashika which I loved so much.
I recommend this book to everyone, this is such a beautiful story.

Book link is here — https://www.amazon.in/Lost-Love-Late-Namrata-Gupta/dp/8194845297/

Nice collection of poems

Poems are always refreshing our mind and thoughts.
There are around 83 poems with each having unique illustrations,
each one has a wonderful message to give.
Once I got into the flow, I realized that some of the stories were similar to my experiences and will remain with me for a long time to come.
I am sure after reading all this you would like to have a feel of this and will surely agree to what I have written.
The language used by the author is simple and crisp. It’s a short read, a reader can easily connect with.
The cover is perfect .
Language is lucid.
A well recommend book .

Lost love late love.

Today we will be talk about a wonderful love story. With different flavours and colour of life. Lost love late love by Namrata Gupta

The story revolves around a young girl who is a corporate worker named Kashika. Unable to proceed onward from her relationship which is emotionally abusive as her Boyfriend losses temper and hits her.

As a fresh breeze Vidit strolled into Kashika’s life. Making her feel more worth leaving as they became more intimate with each other. Will the breeze last longer? As Vidit is about to tie his note with some else.

The book is filled with different emotions. The author penned it beautifully. The book is a short read and it will be a nice pick for every romance reader.



Do check the book in Amazon

Bank Privatization- A Peril

In ordinary sense bank privatization means that the ownership of the banks will no more come under the government. Government will be holding only 50% of the stakes of the bank.

The idea of bank privatization is expedited by Indian Government at the centre and the reason for accelerating bank privatization is that the government banks are facing financial crisis due to tax collection. The government wants only 4 to 5 banks in the country. The Government has decided to privatize 4 banks in the country. No official information has been given yet but the sources say that the work of privatization bank has already commenced.

The privatization of banks will focus on maximizing the profits and it will have adverse effects on middle class people and another disadvantage is that it will affect the bank employees as there will be no job security for them. This might affect banking services too.

We can protest the bank privatization by keeping in mind the laws of constitution. Rallies and strikes can be the better ways to protest bank privatization. The bank employees had already done a strike to protest privatization of banks. We as active and responsible citizens of our country can also protest bank privatization through social media platforms. Hashtags such as #bankbachao_deshbachao are trending on various social media platforms.

The banks that are going to be privatized are as follows:

  1. Central Bank of India
  2. Indian Overseas Bank
  3. Bank Of Maharashtra
  4. Bank of India

Beauty of nature

Lost in dawn’s delight and wondering about how beautiful the nature is !
The beauty of nature attracts us towards positivity and a rising sun inspires us to work within the deadline to fulfill our dreams and try to reach at the peak of satisfaction.

Good read

With love from Israel is written by Col Kd Segan. The writer had incredibly put together the whole story. The story start in the desert of Rajasthan where a desert festival was to be held, there with childrens to get trained on how to tame a camel or horse from Gopi master who himself is a trainer of camel and horses. As the title says with love from Israel, September had special importance for Israel and India. Both the countries celebrated Haifa Day and every year Israel invites Indian athletes to participate in ‘olyimpics of Israel”. I liked the writing style a lot but the way the foreign words were being explained in brackets I didn’t like it. The writing was fluid. And the title did justice to the book. I got to learn a lot of things from the book and the language was beautiful.

Book review- It ends with a dream

Book review

Book – It ends with a dream

Author – Medha Nagur

Genre – Romance

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I wonder how this four letter word LOVE makes a lot of complicated emotions. Small but mighty.

This book is about two sweethearts Yadnya and Yashika. Yadnya had a tough time growing, even though he had parents from media field. Yashika was his secret love. He had feelings for her since childhood. Yashika lives a simple life. She is a doctor by profession. They come into the circle of love when they meet eachother again. But was everything good ?. Absolutely not, they have a lot of twist n turns in life. Life and love took them to a breathtaking journey.

It was completely an emotional, heart touching ride. I loved the plot. It was deep and purely love. It ends with a dream was truly mindblowing.

The cover is so pretty, and the tittle is wonderful. They brought a keen interest. I loved it. Grab the book to enjoy reading.

Emo zeal – saga of emotional lockdown

Book review

Human is a social animal, which is evolutionarily developed to live in open in freedom and collaboration of the surrounding were imposed by a drastic lockdown due to a novel coronavirus, which brought not only physical demobilisation but also a mental one.

This book comes with 11 short stories taking you deep into the psyche of general people around and explains it with a deep sense of wisdom both spiritual and phycological and medical.
The book is written in very lucid language, the cover of the book resonates with the whole theme of the book.

Interesting read

Your love makes me complete is the story of Sugandha and Christopher .
I am not a fan of love stories, as some are really cheesy. But, thankfully this one was not! 
Sugandha and Christopher work in the same bank.

They start noticing each other. It is not the love at first sight but they start developing feelings for each other.

The love between Sugandha and Christopher is not love at first sight. It is a love that fills the needs of each other’s minds.
Sugandha moves to Goa to relieve the bad memories of the past.
Goa is his new workplace. 
One of the major things that makes this book so amazing is how character centered the entire book is. 

Overall it was a sweet read. The language is simple with descriptive narration.

The story is very smoothly and the language is eloquent.

Book Review of Lost love, Late love by Namrata Gupta

Story starts on a lighter note – showing a busy routine of a girl Kashika. This is female led story and we walked with Kashika through her past and present. After being in emotional and physical abusive relationship with Vivaan, Kashika hardly try to cope up with her life when she met Vidit. Vidit and Kashika started liking each other’s company but could not name it love. Vidit was betrothed to Natasha but Kashika tried to confront Vidit regardor their relationship but at the same time Vivaan tried to reconnect her and pleaded her to forgive him.
Will vidit accept it Or kashika will move on with Vivaan?
Really a good love story can’t call it a love triangle but it will give perfect impression of that.

Available at – https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08XZRH76S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_D8BZBX71BRR2CX2NP0BC

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