An unread message….

A raining day in a march is unusual and Aarna was losing her patience with every raindrop. After all it was the day she has waited for long time and the rain, which is otherwise a romantic element, was blowing away her hope’s. It’s every girl’s dream to get the man of her dreams and Aarna was confident that the feelings were mutual. There was no way dhruv would remain silent today. They will part ways and wouldn’t meet ever if dhruv didn’t confess his love. Aarna dressed in an orange salwar kameez, the one she got stitched from her tailor in hometown. she had given a karena Kapoor poster to him and warned him of the consequences if she locked anything less than kareena Kapoor on her farewell…
It was first day of the college and Aarna was already late. The only seat vacant was beside dhruv in the front row, after that day Aarna made sure that she reach the college late every day, to find a seat beside dhruv …. 3 yrs passed like a morning breeze. The thought of never seeing dhruv again was killing and Aarna hoped he would let his feelings out. He would bend on his knees and ask her to be his forever.
Aarna reached the party venue by 8pm. she could see dhruv dressed in a blue shirt and cream pant with a brown waist coat. She greeted everyone including dhruv who had already started staring at her …. There was something different about today. but there was nothing more than stares that was waiting for Aarna that evening. She woke up next day with red eyes and a wet pillow, exams were round the corner and she can’t disappoint her parents for a guy who may didn’t even think about her Aarna’s hardwork got her place in top5 university students with dhruv heading the list. She thought of calling him to congratulate but thinking that her call would be nothing more than talking for him…
After 7 great yrs with her first company, Aarna moved to delhi with a new project. She was attended a meeting one afternoon, when her mom called to say that this is the10th guy she is setting a meet with and Aarna better be easy going.. every marriage call from her mom took years back to the time when all she wanted to do was marry dhruv and live happily ever after but things have changed today all she wishes to do now is she engrossed in work so that her parents don’t get an opportunity to strike the marriage talks again.
‘’’’Do you ever check your email???””
Someone broke her chain of thoughts . Aarna turned around and it was her friend vrinda .
“ oh my god , vrinda . I didn’t recognize you .. wow you have become ore beautiful. Is this your kid ?”
(They both were talking). Vrinda was Aarna’s college mate and a good friend . vrinda said she sent Aarna an email 3 days back to inform her she was coming.. Aarna has long back stopped checking that email account .. after vrinda left, Aarna logged in and saw vrinda’s email in between the spams , as she was clearing her in box something caught her eyes …
dhruv*** oh god how did she miss this? It was an email dated 24/03/2012 from the person who has been apart of her since college, and the email is…
“ Dear Aarna, I know you must be surprised to see my email, as we will ne meeting in few hours for our farewell. But I had to let some words, feelings out, before I face you. I LOVE YOU. Infact I felt for you but considering the shy soul confessing my love was toughest exam for me. So , today I want to give my lifeto you , so that you can take care of it and we can together cherish it with the right bling of your life .
But I am not sure if you feel the Aarnae way. Hence, I am writing this to you, if you love me too, just let me know by saying yes. I would be in party always around looking at you and you can just say yes. If you don’t feel anything more than a friendly liking, just let things be. My word would be upside down in eithercase. Waiting for you.
To shy to write my name..”
“ oh my god ! what did I do ? let me reply now . but this email is 10 years old, doesn’t matter “ ( with a pounding heart and crying eye, Aarna replied ..)
“ Dear dhruv , I am not even sure if you are reading this but look at what has destiny brought me to . I
waited fro you all these years and your “yes” was lying unread in the stupid inbox of my email address.Please revert if you are around somewhere , equally waiting in love. Forever yours Aarna.”
Months passes by and all Aarna did was refereshing her inbox. nothing even rhyming to Aarna dropped in. there was everything from beauty creams claiming to make her 10 years younger to lotteries claimingto make her 10 times ricer. But nothing even hinting to bring her love of 10 years back.
This was the 11th time Aarna’s mom called with a match. “Aarna just come over and if you don’t like theguy, you can mess it up as every time.
Aarna was too heartbroken and a guilt of making parents suffer took away her remaining sanity. Shebooked herself on the next flight available and reached patna the same evening. Something not evenher parents expected. She said that she is ready to marry any guy they choose for her. the day ofmeeting arrived and Aarna was dressed in a salwar kameez which had no claims of making her look likekareena. The boy sat looking towards the swimming pool of the hotel, Aarna greeted him coldly andAarna started telling that she loved someone and wanted to marry him but god had different plans forher. So, here I am meeting you. If you think you can marry someone with a rubbed out heart you can letmy parents know. bye!
“ Don’t you want to know the state of my heart” Aarna froze and the man moved towards her only toturn her around. It was dhruv, her email was read and also autosign. So, finding her home address waseasier than physics and numericals. They held each other and amidst all the tears was atory that had justbegun to linger around forever..

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