My Verdict on 6 Day Content Writing Workshop

Mrs. Uma Madhavi organized a 6-day long workshop on Content Writing. It started on 15th March 2021 and ended on 20th March 2021. The main purpose of this Content Writing workshop was to help the new and not- so-new writers to understand What is Content Writing? How to write a blog? How to get a job in this field? How to identify your Niche? and many more.

Content writing is the process of planning, writing, and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. It can include writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific platforms, such as Twitter, or Reddit, or Instagram.

My Experience

Day 1: Introduction

Day 1 started with Uma Madhavi’s introduction in which tells us about her journey as a content writer. In the remaining class, we got to learn the basics of content writing like its meaning, different types of writing, The Qualities of a good content writer, how to write an attention-grabbing headline, and introduction. The class was great. I liked the way Uma Mam teaches. The class was about 2 hours long including breaks and query time.

Day 2: Material

In class 2 we learn about How to write a presentable, and engaging Body, How to conclude the write-up, and Writing strategies that sell the content. The second class was engaging, we learned a lot.

Day 3: Copywriting

Day 3 was all about Copywriting and Storytelling. What is Copywriting, how to write it, common mistakes to avoid, Proofreading, and many more. This class was very interactive. Students had a lot of queries and the way Mam explained each point was impressive.

Day 4: Off

Our Day 4 was off as we got a lot of assignments from mam to do.

Day 5: Niche

On Day 5 we learned about Blogs and Niche. What is Niche, How to select it, How to start a blog, How to choose topics of the blog. In this class not only we learned about all this, but we also get to know and understand what niche is best for us individually and in which niche we can thrive as a writer.

Day 6: Market

On our last day, we learned about the Market. How to find clients, Why social media is necessary for this Field, and different ways to earn money through writing. This last class was very much productive and knowledgeable.


The classes were very Interesting, Knowledgeable, Productive, and we learned a lot.

She provided Study Material after the end of each class. and we also get Assignments at the end of class every day and she reviews them too. And not only that, She even gives time in between topics so that if we have any query, we can ask her. She even gave as a contact medium for a lifetime through WhatsApp and email.

Not only that we also receive a Certificate of Completion after Mam reviews our Assignment.

Overall a great experience.

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