Leon dekar and the sky garden

Book review

Leon Dakar and the sky garden, is the book where our protagonist leon who lost his brother and he was dreaming about him. He thought whether that dreams are trying to tell him something important. So, he wants to know whether that dreams are true or not and then forms a small group with his friends and starts his adventurous journey to find the truth.
I can say that this book will bring interest when you are reading especially for the children and for those who loves imaginary world of adventures.
The characters and their dialogues are relatable and are in flow, and coming to narration, it is very well built with great words.

Secrets to mismarriages by Rusha Joshi

Not only job, background, money, family is important for a marriage a person’s sexuality is also important.

“He just married my utreus”(Quoted from the text).This line startled me for a second during my read. Secrets to mismarriages by Rucha Joshi shows you a different dimension of marital life from a normal well being. I would say this book is a reflection of hidden reality which exists in our common day life.

The first story of Riya is just an example of every victims story who is betrayed, cheated, went to a great trauma without doing any mistake rather than loving their partner without knowing their sexuality. People hide their sexuality and marry due to social and family presure but in the end of the day the girl who believes that drama becomes the prey. Some rebuild their life, some goes into depression, some women take years to come out of it and some stay the same. This is what the secrets of mismarriages is all about. Physical and mental trauma a spouse undergoes when they marry a opposite gender. This book mainly focuses on woman who are deceived by men who marry clueless straight girls to cover up their actual identity.

The book is full of knowledge regarding relationship and what are the mistakes in marriage that is a “Mis-marriages”. Preface was really exciting for the further read for me. The definition of love which author gave was really factual and the four pillars concept in relationship was helpful for anyone who needs a clarity regarding how a person should keep the spark alive in a relationship. Simple language and perfect way of narration is the positive side of the book. In my case I felt little slow and lag inbetween. On the whole the book is a knowledgeable guide for all the women to be mentally stable who enter into a marital life or for some women to over come it. Interesting title and you can read it in one sitting.

Linger : When You’re Gone

This book is an amazing mind blowing psychological thrilling read. The best thing if any thriller is narration,  storyline, pace maintenance amd suspense throughout the book. I must say this book had all four.

The characters were vivid and described nicely. The story was well plotted and it was made sure that the story did no go monotonous at all. The story switched between past and present which could be a tad bit confusing for novice readers of this genre. The story was intriguing till the end. Especially Miris with her hyperosmia, her experience was well penned.

Overall, it was great read. The coverread this book cover to cover and in the introduction it is mentioned how good this book actually is and I totally agree with that. I have no complaints from this book.

Chronicles of Hooghly.

Chronicler of the Hooghly by Shakti Ghosal is work of fiction composed astonishingly. The book comprise of four short stories which made me travel places I have never been. The book caused me to feel jubilant and helped me to remember a spot a long way from home. The plots are based at Kolkata and stories weaved on the occasions occurring throughout the decade.

The writer has worked really hard in writing down the tales with his realities and history and fiction assembling them all to make a lovely story. I would say the narratives aren’t all cheerful yet isn’t life the same.

To me the book was extraordinary. The cover not really. I figure the author should utilize less intricate words in light of the fact that occasionally or for me I attempted to comprehend the words just by perusing the line it was very hard. The writing is complex and new to me. Well the cover ought to have been something more.

Do check the Book.

Available online at Amazon

Test automation using java selenium

The book is divided into 24 chapters.
Every chapter has its own explanation .
Author has explained very clearly form basic to advance.
As I am java student, I really felt happy after reading this book.
Author explained overview for data types, string handling, exception handling, automation ,collections in java and many more.

This book is highly recommended for those who are studying computer science and engineering.
This book clears all the doubts what we have

Must read

The basic of supply chain management

This book originates from the in-hand experience of the authors in the subject matter. The book starts with very basic making easy it for people like me who are very new in the field of supply chain and material management.
The book is divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter is very detailed and is written in a very simple pointwise manner making it a beginner-friendly. It is a must-have for everyone interested in the supply chain and stuff.

Love that made me.

Collections of personal emotions of the author.
In life, we all travel very different ups and downs and experience vivid emotions. The book is a collection of those vivid emotions.

The book has the colours of life from Desperation, love, loneliness and travelling and many more.
The writing style is not that mature but I liked the poems that sparkle in every chapter. Although many of the poems were unrelatable I do like this the most.
Life is a dream,
Once you’re born,
Your time starts to die,
You take it for granted,
You don’t feel the vibe

Book Review of Eleven grave – The secret of missing night

Having nice cover page which create interest in reader’s mind this story start with an unsettling chapter.
From the title one can think it of as Mystery book but it’s much more. It’s action packed Sci-fi mystery. Chapter by chapter some secrets unfolds revealing more secrets. Amazingly written – this story revolves around Jay Miller, a young AI expert who seeks avenge of his wife and step – son’s murder. On his journey he discovers a lot in this post apocalyptic world.
A truly imaginative and wonderful book. I really enjoy it.

Book available on – https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0851ZYJVZ

Book Review of Chasing The Similar Shadow

Nice and enjoyable fictional read, a little long book. But the story plot worth the length. Characters are depicted in so much detail that will help to visualise them.
It is a cutting edge sci-fi story which can attract teenagers as well as mature audience due to it’s thick plot and suspense. If you read it’s first part and this second one it will look like a good saga. This second part is revealing the whole story but still some questions are unanswered.

Book available on – https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08C5292GS

I can’t bear to stay away from you. (POEM)

The way you love and the way you care,
Now a days such type of person is very rare.
So whenever I glare at you unknowingly,
I always have a fear of losing you,
Because, I can’t bear to stay away from you.

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