Feelings and emotions are the part of life and I think each one of us suffer from pain and loss at a certain period.

Heartstrings by a 17 year old author Punniyaa is a book written with the understanding of Love,Loss,Pain, and many more.

The author beautifully describes that not everyone who comes to our life are permanent, some teach us lesson and leave while some give us happy memories and disappear, one should learn to let go of people. The feeling of loss is painful but one should swallow the pain ,get up ,work even harder and move on.Life doesnot wait so one must enjoy the every phase of life. One must always remember sorrow and happiness both won’t last longer.

The poems and sketches makes the book more attractive and I really loved each poems and sketches itself narrate the story.

The way of writing is easy .I would recommend the teenagers to read the book “Heartstrings ” as they would easily relate.
The title is really the best one for the book.

Traumatic Zombies

When I knew I was nothing , but living dead.
Nothing but a zombie.

Traumatic Zombies by Mahoor Zahid is a book which is unique and totally different. Here the characters donot have any name ,yet you can understand the story clearly and the messages those characters wants to convey.

The author writes that , we all are traumatised by pain one way or another. After all ,we all are one way or other the traumatic zombies.
I think above statement is all true . What are your thoughts?

The book starts with a child getting bullied and the other one going to help end up losing his mental peace and getting traumatised. After nine years the love made him survive and heal but the story doesnot ends here ,the same happens with her daughter who was bullied,traumatised since her childhood and it took 17 years to learn the meaning of self love.
Read the book to find out their stories.

The author tells us that we all have different pain and none of the pain can be compared to others ,we are becoming zombies beacuse of the social norms,tags and their behaviour. The author conveys the messgae that Love is important but it can only make us survive ,it is us who can save ourself because self love is the only medicine to heal ourselves.

I also loved the concept how “moon” is described in thr book. Moon is shown as the healer for us ,mook takes away our pain ,protect us and guide us.

The book is enchanting, i liked every page of this book and enjoyed reading it.

I would recommend “Traumatic Zombies” to those readers who like to look at the mirror, but end of criticising themselves for their look,height,color and many other things and also who are not willing to love themself.
Reading this book will help you know the importance of self love and how you can save yourself.


Hello everyone, I hope you people are doing good and keeping safe.

In today’s bolg I will be sharing with you guys my experience of when I tried a subliminal to loose weight!!!

Experience; Before doing this subliminal challenge myself I watched several vedios of people who had done this challenge before and most of them got negative thoughts and vibes, a headache or a stomach ache after listening to it.

But for me the experience was quite different. As soon as I listened to it I got a boost of positivity in me, my mind felt quite relaxed, there were no negative thoughts as such. It turned out to be like a meditation for me.

Results; Before starting this challenge my weight was 61.5 and after 7 days ie. on completion of the challenge I was 60kg. I lost 1.5 kgs😲. This was really Epic and insane.

I suggest you all should also try this challenge out. I have linked the subliminal which I heard below👇https://youtu.be/BBOA3AuE7Y0

My health is in my hands

   Everyone in this world are running, hardworking and giving in consistent efforts to have a better life. But what are we going to do with all luxuries with an ill health. It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver, said Mahatma Gandhi. But the truth is health is not valued till sickness comes.


     Everyone wants to be fit until they get fat. So only fat person needs fitness?

Absolutely no. Fitness is necessary for every human, regardless to their physical tendency, fitness is a consistent effort to give in, in order to maintain a good health. So that’s why we say stay fit, stay healthy. So what can be done? If you’re a person who gets health conscious once in a blue moon then it might really concern you. But do not get tensed or be anxious that makes it even more worse.  Actually you must be happy. Catch up that concern, believe me that is your first step. Being health conscious is the first thing you need to do to get into the adventure. So no more negative vibes it is time to change the playlist and get yourself some heavy dose of motivation. It’s time for some transformation.

         Every journey needs a perfect plan and preparation. Preparing yourself is the first thing you need to do. I highly suggest you to gather all your strength and empower yourself. Prepare yourself both mentally and physically.  Set goals, everyday target is the best boost to bring in the consistent effort. Start smoothly. Do happily. The main part of Fitness can be two, one is healthy eating and regular workout. They are the main characters, who play a major role. Healthy eating is definitely easy only when you have health conscious. Food is important, but you must eat to live not live to eat. Fatty foods must not be totally avoided, having control over them is smartness. If you’re going to be controlled and be health conscious then you will ease this. You can do it.   Having good eating routine will never contribute well to your fitness if you do not exercise. Regular body workout is an absolute necessity. No workout no fitness is the apt phrase. You may not do all weight lighting, pay thousands to gym. Workout can be done at home too. Doing cardio and yoga is the best way to kick start. Have a consistency, slow and steady wins the race. Have a friend to accompany you in this journey. The friend is water. Take 2-3 litres of water a day. It gives you the complete support.

 Your success starts with self – discipline. Take that deeper, being true to yourself is the most important mantra. Do the work, trust your body.





Nostalgia Amit sharma

Nostalgia by Amit Sharma is a book full of pictures which are black and white and when you look deeper into the picture it feels so relaxing and it seems the picture will start talking to you.

The book follows the famous Japanese wisdom for a perfectly imperfect life which is Wabi Sabi.

The pictures are of different times ,culture ,tradition,concept, weather, faces and manymore.

This was my first experience with the picture book with no words and i really had good time looking through the pictures and every thing is no natural,raw and incomplete yet so perfect.

The rain and the night song

The rain and night song is an adorable collection of poems.
There are 5 themes involved like love ,life, nature ,inspiration and mindfulness.
There are 230 poems in the book which are really heart touching.
I actually don’t read poems but this book proved me wrong and I have known the worth of the poems .

That old book
Hiding somewhere, in a nook Yellow pages folded now and then Lined lines that moved me
Do not recall when
Flipping through the pages
A book mark fell
It was a picture of us
I could tell
Smiling carefree faces
Captured in time
Living and loving life, in rhyme Now that photo is all
That is left of us
A faded memory

This is the poem I liked very much .
Every poem has a very beautiful meaning.
The language is really awesome, it is simple and easy to understand the themes of the book.
The writing style of the author is so aesthetic and grandiloquent.
The book is recommended to all age groups .
Any body selected this book will not regret
Go and grab your copy
Happy reading


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