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The rain and the night song

The rain and night song is an adorable collection of poems.
There are 5 themes involved like love ,life, nature ,inspiration and mindfulness.
There are 230 poems in the book which are really heart touching.
I actually don’t read poems but this book proved me wrong and I have known the worth of the poems .

That old book
Hiding somewhere, in a nook Yellow pages folded now and then Lined lines that moved me
Do not recall when
Flipping through the pages
A book mark fell
It was a picture of us
I could tell
Smiling carefree faces
Captured in time
Living and loving life, in rhyme Now that photo is all
That is left of us
A faded memory

This is the poem I liked very much .
Every poem has a very beautiful meaning.
The language is really awesome, it is simple and easy to understand the themes of the book.
The writing style of the author is so aesthetic and grandiloquent.
The book is recommended to all age groups .
Any body selected this book will not regret
Go and grab your copy
Happy reading

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