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Book Review

The Ballet Tale by Khushi Gupta

The Ballet Tale by Khusi Gupta is a motivating book with real life lessons.
It is well written ,mixed with stories that explore the beauty of ballet.
Each chapter has stories which you can certainly relate and has teachings like you should be determined towards your goal,should balance each activity in life and being graceful is not about outer appearance but it is all about “expression of confidence in your ability and contentment within yourself. Some movies are also mentioned in the book that will really teach you valuable lessons.This book teaches us how hardwork can lead to beautiful and better journey .
I truly like the quotation that is mentioned in the Chapter:Flexibility
“Its hard to physically push yourself when you dont believe you can do it mentally.

I think this book is a mixture of inspiration, teaching,emotions and the most important one “grace”.
This book stands different beacuse of its quotes in start of each chapter ,the short stories taken from movies and book and yes the sketches too.
The writing is lucid, which make this book an engaging read.
So grab your copy and dive into the journey of ballet.

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Leon Dekar and the sky garden

I felt it as a best book which is apt for children literature but the story fits all the age groups . Leonardo Adriel has always been a fan of deep fantasy and this book is never less. The story begins with a family set up and friends of our protagonist Leon. Leon get scary dreams due to loss of hid brother and those dreams means something everytime. So he starts his journey with his group. In this entire first book Leon goes in search of meaning for his dreams. The book has an interesting title and an attractive cover page. While reading I was completely in Leonardo’s world of fantasy and very much escape of reality.

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