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WE ARE DONE- Chapter 1

“We are over”, said Arman.

Divya could not believe what she heard. She was really happy that after such long break she was going to meet her love!

Tears welled up in her eyes and with the same overwhelmed voice she asked, “But why?” Arman being subtle in his voice said, “Because, my family is searching a rishta for me and I cannot do all this being with you.”

They both knew it from the start that they will have to part their ways. Divya, being a hindu knew from the very beginning that Arman who come from a strong Muslim family would never ever marry her and they both were happy with this life.

But as it is said that, “We can never be enough ready for the future crisis”, this came to Divya as a massive shock.

 She ran all the moments they spend together in the past 18 months. It was like the world ended for her on that day.

Finally she grabbed all her strength and said, “OK.”

Arman understood her state of mind and also decided to say quite for a while to allow Divya to soak in all the information. 20 minutes passed by, Divya did not utter a word.

Finally to somewhat sooth Divya, Arman said, “We will still be friends.”

Divya was ready for this take. She just smiled at him and got up to leave.

There, at BPT garden, they both said their last “GOOD-BYE” to each other. On the way home, Divya was completely devastated. She cried all her heart out as she knew that her father will be home and he will be worried to see Divya low.

Coming home she immediately fetched her best friend to tell her what happened. “Radha, it’s over!” she said and hugged her to cry.

 But not even a single drop of tear came. That was time Divya understood that what she was feeling wasn’t love.


Days passed and Divya was finally getting over her breakup. She was enjoying her family time with her parents, aunt and cousins. She used to talk to Arman once in a while, but she never texted him first. Arman used to complaint about this too, which made Divya feel a bit guilty. She was so confused with this new emotion she was feeling.

Later, as the time passed by, she discovered that she was happy. Yes, Divya was happy! She was now free to do what all she wants. She could now wear any clothes, no scarfs, no restrictions to spend time with her loved ones, no one to stop from eating all her favorite chaats, starting from Paani Puri to all the way to Pizza.

Slowly, Divya understood that, SHE WAS NOT IN LOVE WITH ARMAN, ever! This silly realization shook her at first and then she boosted herself up saying that anyways Arman is going to marry another girl. Gradually, Divya’s life was back on track. She was having the time of her life, she was again active on all her social media handles, she was happily interacting and meeting with many new people and most importantly, she was loving herself more the each passing day.

Find out what happens next in the story.. Second chapter coming soon.

Till then follow me on instagram on @curly_hir_reader

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