What are you reading recently?
Whose biographies inspires you the most?

Book name: Chandraprabha The Iron Lady of Assam”
Author: Hiranya Borah.

” Chandraprabha ” born and bought up in a small village Doisingri of Kamrup District of Assam was an extraordinary human being.

  • At an early age of 12-13 she established a primary school for girls at Akaya which was 2 miles away from her native village.
  • At the age of 15 ,she raised voice against the discriminatory treatment against the Hindu girls in the Mission School.
    -At the age of 19 she established the Tezpur Mahila Samiti.
    -At her early 20’s, she became a proud single mother outside formal wedlock which was unimaginable in the early 1920’s. She was bold enough to provide good education to her son.
    -She was a writer,she published her first novel in 1937.
    Her achievements are never ending .To know more you will have to read the book atleast once.

I also agree with the author thoughts about Late Mr D. Kalita and i too believe that he never loved Chandraprabha truly because if it was true from his side, not any social norms would have stopped her from making her his true wife.

Author has done his best work in this book .He has written wach chapter clearly and every details about the source ,the magazine’s, books and articles from where the imformation are gathered are mentioned .

I really am inspired by Chandraprabha’s stories and learned that no pain and difficulties will put you down when you have the willpower and dedication to shine .

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