Arcane by Eeshan Chandra is a book of poem. The book generally discusses emotional well-being which a common issue among youngsters. A matter which is neglected by people. Every poem is a story and are perfectly composed.

The boy I saw, perspective, fate were interesting read, also friend.

One of the line I preferred the most was

“I thought I’ll be a hero. But I wandered all alone, I did not know what was to come, I was lost and forlorn.”

The composing was basic and rich. Every poem was entrancing. The cover is wonderful.

What are the animals upto

“What are the animals up to? by Adhya Upadhyay is a collection of four different short stories full of other animal characters.

Each story is about one main animal character and other supporting animal friends.

The first story is about the curious camel Blanca which teaches the meaning of friendship and trust.
The second story is about the crab, karnataka, which teaches about being courageous.

Read the book and find out about more two stories.

This book will be handy for growing kids who can learn values through these beautiful stories.

Fiction With A Tinge Of Reality by Shivangi Madhiyan

Fiction With A Tinge Of Reality is an amazing collection of short stories.

As the title suggests this book consists of fictional stories based on reality.

In all the stories the author has portrayed the message that we should do whatever makes us happy rather than thinking about opinions of other people on our decisions.

I liked all the stories from the book but Complementary Hugs, An Uncompromising Journalist, Defective Taboo, Leisurely Misery, Unrealistic Boundaries, Realigning Interiors and intangible Inheritance are my favourite stories from the book.

I liked the way how the author has depicted the message of seeking professional help for mental health of an individual in the story “Defective Taboo”

In the story “Realigning Interiors” the author assures the readers that it’s okay to take your own time to deal with the tough times in life.

Language is lucid.

I recommend this book to young adults

8titude by Ranjan Kamo

The short stories in this book perfectly sums up the quote “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it”
As the title suggests, “8titude” this book contains 8 short stories which reflects the meaning and importance of attitude flawlessly.
The author has portrayed all the problems which we face at some or other point in our life and be at war either with ourselves or with others. May it be the struggle to follow your passion, being possessive for your loved ones, forgetting your priorities.
Reading this book will definitely help the readers to have optimistic outlook towards their life.
I am glad that I decided to read this book.
I recommend this book to everyone!

Without hesitation

Discover the truth and face the reality of our country India in Without Hesitation by SK Sharma.

SK Sharma wrote the book in a quite remarkable style which allow the readers to uncover the truth about the conditions and the game played by the people around us .
It not only highlights the reality without hesitation but provide us with solutions.

Read the book and find out what actually is happening in our country which is never presented by the media and discover the truth.


The book is a comic read.  The book is filled with comic moments and laughters without any logic.  However,  the comedy doesn’t need any logic.  This book is 3rd in the series but its my first read and being impressed with this read, i am really fascinated towards the other two.

As the title justifies,  the story revolves around the main protagonist Blahman where he along with his sister and Aven are trapped in a cube by Jessica. They are in search of a way to get out.

The paperback version  also includes the colouring part and a cutout bookmark.
The language and narration is subtle and simple with jokes and laughs.
Overall, a pleasurable and funny read.

Book review

Which type of book you like?
Do you believe in magics ?
The book “The Almighty Eye” by Robin K Varghese is a book full of mystery adventures and magic.

The story is about the beautiful town Osiana which once was the good place to live.Osiana was famous for ita carnival and the sacred wheel called the “The Eye”.
The Eye which Om was curious about and he grew older finding about The Eye.

It has been 19 years since “The Eye” stopped rotating and the town Osiana was now almost a barren place.Om was now in his old age and Atlee was one of the boy in the town who had enough knowledge about Osiana and The Eye because he has read the journals of Om and listen stories from him.

Everything changed when a stranger called Kalki agreed to repair the Eye but in return he wanted the carnival ground to be named after him.

The book is a lot interesting and seriously each and every page is full of mystery and adventure.

Grab your copy and dive into the mystery of Osiana.

Book review

Book Name- Sahela Re

Author name- Milind Karve @karve.milind

Ratings- 4.45/5

Genre- Spirituality
Description- A book connoting a holistic delineation of spirituality in a mythical form
Book Plot-
“Do not rely on the outer world as your measuring stick for your own spiritual growth. Rely on your response to the outer world to determine how much you have grown”. The line as stated above bears quite a great amount of relevance with the overall context of the book at hand
Delving further, spirituality is a term that connotes various meanings and interpretations in the prevailing paradigm vary, but one thing remains constant throughout is the ultimate transcendence from everything meaning thereby not departing from the mortal side but reaching to a state of higher self. The same remains to be the major theme of the book at hand and the author has used a mystical angle here when it comes to portraying the story and also has used his professional credential of psychologist to an insightful use here. The book has an overall length of 260 pages and has been divided into 4 chapters each of which pertain to the birth of the character who happens to be a disciple and recounts his spellbinding journey which the intro line which goes as:- Lets Sing Sahela Re and Let us never separate connoting a sense of unification
It must be noted that the language as used here remains to be Marathi throughout and to a great extent it suits the context of the book and the flow of the chapters have been maintained throughout with all the events being well synchronized and presented thereby making a thought invoking and an introspective spiritual literary work

Likeable Aspect- A thought invoking read of 260 pages

Recommendations:- This book is a must for anyone willing to take a taste of books pertaining to the genre pertaining to Spirituality
Get your book now
Thank You Milind Karve for giving me the wonderful book of yours. You wrote it very well. Looking forward to read more from you

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Going on a long journey

Going on a long journey to the mountains is still a dream of many, many of wants it to be the destiny. What could be more beautiful if the ending of the stress lies at your destiny. ‘Song of the Phoenix’ by Munazza Arif is a story that is based in the same beautiful concept where Geeta, the lead character of the story is suffering from the same turmoil of stress, hyper tensions recurrent nightmares and exhausting work-life. Her therapist after examining her desires and problems advices her to fulfill her dream and Geeta decides to set off for a tour as a solo traveller. But, the pace begins here. When she is on her trip will she confront to those problems again from which she is running away? How will she sort them out? Will she able to complete her plans? Where does her destiny lies? Is it good or bad that haplend to her at last? Finding answers to all these questions where really really exciting. You get to the flow more smoothly by the poetry style of author. Author pens the experience and thr events mostly in the form of poem.

Bookname: Love Is Forever, If It’s True.

Author: Shahjad Khan.

Short story. (108 pages)

Raghav, a rich casanova, is scarred from his past. But when he falls in love with his college-mate Trisha, daughter of an orthodox middle class family, he decides to mend his ways. But soon he discovers a damning truth about her family which shatters his faith in love once again. Are they destined to be together or their love wasn’t true enough?

On the other hand, Trisha’s best friend Naisha has similar interests as Raghav’s. But when she meets Rohan, a simple boy from her college, she decides to settle down with him. But their love develops a deep crack when their faith in each other starts to dwindle.

This is a short college romance story of two couples and their journey of faith, love & heartbreak. Though the plot was good, I felt it needed editing. The narration was dry and it had a few grammatical and punctuation errors. It has drama but lacks conviction. It could be a warm story about unconditional love if it is spaced out and mildly modified

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