The Beautiful Sky

The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan is spectacular story.
The story mainly revolved around vian and Amyra.

Vian and Amrya are college buddies. Amrya is a practical girl
Who thinks about her carrier, whereas viyan want to be a writer, who believe in law of attraction .
So as their final year is coming to an end Amyra decide to break up with vian because she know that her parents won’t accept their proposal . No matter what vian things I need to do this . So that was finally done . They couldn’t able to hand the situation.
They were totally depressed.

But Amyra stuck up with bad incident.
Amyra was going to be married with in a week. But a tragedy happened in her life.
She’s gang raped by four men .
Vian didn’t think that he would meet Amyra in this condition.
Now Amyra life has gone everything is shattered , finally marriage was canceled. Amrya lost her hope. But in this condition a true lover came into powerplay .
Vian helped and lot to Amyra he gave as much as power he could, and finally he is back with Amyra again .

The Beautiful sky is filled with all emotions like true love ,true friendship, sad , depression, happiness and everything.
The language is simple and lucid .
Narration was gripping.
The cover is spectacular.
The title is opt for the book .
The author has done a great job.
I would recommend this book to everyone .
The one who selected this book will not regret.

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