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Going on a long journey

Going on a long journey to the mountains is still a dream of many, many of wants it to be the destiny. What could be more beautiful if the ending of the stress lies at your destiny. ‘Song of the Phoenix’ by Munazza Arif is a story that is based in the same beautiful concept where Geeta, the lead character of the story is suffering from the same turmoil of stress, hyper tensions recurrent nightmares and exhausting work-life. Her therapist after examining her desires and problems advices her to fulfill her dream and Geeta decides to set off for a tour as a solo traveller. But, the pace begins here. When she is on her trip will she confront to those problems again from which she is running away? How will she sort them out? Will she able to complete her plans? Where does her destiny lies? Is it good or bad that haplend to her at last? Finding answers to all these questions where really really exciting. You get to the flow more smoothly by the poetry style of author. Author pens the experience and thr events mostly in the form of poem.

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