Book : signpost

There are 100 quotes in this book which are mindblowing.
The first page it self starts with
“You cannot create a quote. You have to live through a situation to pour your experience  into one “

I just loved this statement.
We just can’t create quotes which are really impactful .
And this book contain many quotes which are very awesome .
Main themes of the quotes are very nice like dealing with life, love .
There are also some emotional quotes .
These quotes boost up if we feel low and feel emotional some way .
All the quotes are relatable . I got inspired by some quotes.
Really need to appreciate author for this great work.
All the quotes are understand and we can understand it upto depth.

Best book for quotes

The cover is really astonishing .
And design of the cover is superb cool. Quotes are easily understandable .
I would like to recommend this book to everyone .
Highly recommended, happy reading

Book name Anthology of Significant Events in Indian Art & Socio-Cultural HistoryBook name Anthology of Significant Events in Indian Art & Socio-Cultural History

As the name suggests, the book is a collection of Significant events in modern Indian art & soci0culture history from 1850-2015.

Since this book is designed as a career-oriented educational book, it provides a comprehensive understanding of events from the colonial era. The general topics covered are art, painting, music, poetry, dance, sculpture, theater, architecture, photography, film, and literature.

The content is kept in very brief, making it a storehouse of value and simple to pursue.

This book is definitely a must-have for students of art and literature.

Filthy Feelings of Emptiness

Labeling itself in a self-help corner of the store with not that bright and attractive cover, Filthy feeling of emptiness is a psychological book written by counseling Psychologist Kashish Pandey.

The book unfolds man’s emotional play and continues discovering other aspects of life in its 12 different chapters; issues like insecurities, emptiness in the life of men and women are talked about in a funny and very casual way.

Coming to the writing style, I wouldn’t say I liked the way the book was presented. It deals with some critical issues, but the writing is rather childish. I found the word ‘Fuck’ is overly used.

The book might have been more engaging. Considering its content, I will recommend this book to young people.

Do check out the book!

Bonds of freedom

By Shalini Keswani

Review !

We all have some kind of dreams which we want to achieve.
Sometimes our goals look huge, and people around us become distrustful of them, making us sad.

This book “Bonds of freedom” is wonderfully plotted with strong character formation resonating ambition and positivity.
Author Shalini has excellently written this enriching story of building a dream.

A story that is successfully penned down taking us to Angela’s and Shekharan’s journey of building educational venture, teaching teamwork and core fundamentals of entrepreneurship in an encaptivating and engaging manner.
Both the character portrays bravery and determination as a high value in one’s life.
Moreover the story also offers behavioral changes due to greed of money & Power and how the education has become a business nowadays.
The Author aims at spreading a noble message and a beautiful bond between Teachers and Students.

You will love the writing style; the author has used beautiful lines with a bit of poetic fragrance, making them more persuadable and exciting.
Here is one of my favorite quote from the book ;

“We all change it’s true, but change we must for the better or fortune’s reversed!”

I absolutely recommend this book to every individual wanting to experience an extraordinary journey filled with different elements of motivation, vision, and passion.
The book has concentrated on each & every element present in an educational institution which makes the plot very realistic.
Do give this book a try & you won’t regret reading it and surely your perception towards education & teachers will see a change positively.

Your legally A collection of short stories

Book name: Yours Legally
Author: Sonia Sahijwani.

Yours legally by Sonia Sahijwani is a collection of 6 short stories having one common protagonist Sia and one common thread which binds all the stories.

The story is about the protagonist ” Sia” who finished her graduation against her parents wishes. She grab an opportunity to work with a Senior Advocate Mr.Kabir Mehta who was specializing in property Law matters.

The whole story revolve around ” the Case ,the Court , the Counsel, the Complainant , the Confinement and the Criminal.

Each chapter is about incident and events in Sia’s law journey .The real scenario of the court is shown in the book and the description of the jail was really outstanding.

The cover of the book is simple yet attractive with the lawyer’s neck band.
The narration by the authot is enchanting and clear which will make reader enjoy the book.

I would recommend this book to the law students and those readers who are curious to know about the actual scene of court and jail.


Book name: Of the Heart and Soul
– A Melliflous Whisper

Author: Piyali Mitra.

The cover of the book is attractive and peaceful with bright flowers and butterfly which will refresh your mind body and soul.

“OF THE HEART AND SOUL” by Piyali Mitra is a gardland of verses on love.
Love which gave the poet and writers the idea of presenting their thought, love which give happiness to people, love which can be source of inspiration to some while abjection for others and some of the poems are about the first love of every child “Mother”.

The poet melodiously and beautifully conveys her emotions with the essence of natural touch through her poems. The poems are heart touching, captivating and alluring. The most pure thing about the book is the way the poet presented the relationship between mother and a child which is so precious and lovely.

Some of the other poems which touched my heart are:

.To a loving heart.
.Welcome october.
.A call to her soul
.Mother- my life.

The writing style of the poet is engaging and very easy to to understand which will leave a warm feeling in the heart .

Grab your copy and find out your favourite poems and enjoy the enchanting work by the poet.
The readers who love reading poems must read this book atleast once.

Do check out the book here.

Authors Social Media handle.



Book name: The Last War.
A Mythological science fiction and other stories.
Author: Sambit Daspatnaik.

The Last War by Sambit Daspatnaik is the collection of five short stories with both mythology and science-fiction.

.The Last war is about the war between Pauravas and Gandharvas. The story consist of Mayavis, will Pauravas learn magic to fight the mayavis?
.Genesis is based on science fiction totally different from the last
war which will make you curious about the sphere.
.The Holy Temple of Eula is the most fascinating one. I enjoyed the part of the Memory Bank where all memory are reserved since childhood.
.Blink is the most important which talks about that everything happens for a reason and accepting things how thet are is what we must do.
.Resurrection is the unique one where author talks about the extinction of the sun. Can you imagine your life without sun? It also deals with extraterrestrial real object.

The story by the author is enchanting and the blend of mythology with science fiction is totally different, unique and beautiful. The writing style is lucid and easy to understand. The most important is the way of presentation of the story by the author, the story is simple, short which makes it an engaging read.He has described every event with lot of interest.

My experience with this book was incredible and the writing made me imagine each events.

I would recommend this book to the readers who love reading mythology and science-fiction.

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