Book name: The Last War.
A Mythological science fiction and other stories.
Author: Sambit Daspatnaik.

The Last War by Sambit Daspatnaik is the collection of five short stories with both mythology and science-fiction.

.The Last war is about the war between Pauravas and Gandharvas. The story consist of Mayavis, will Pauravas learn magic to fight the mayavis?
.Genesis is based on science fiction totally different from the last
war which will make you curious about the sphere.
.The Holy Temple of Eula is the most fascinating one. I enjoyed the part of the Memory Bank where all memory are reserved since childhood.
.Blink is the most important which talks about that everything happens for a reason and accepting things how thet are is what we must do.
.Resurrection is the unique one where author talks about the extinction of the sun. Can you imagine your life without sun? It also deals with extraterrestrial real object.

The story by the author is enchanting and the blend of mythology with science fiction is totally different, unique and beautiful. The writing style is lucid and easy to understand. The most important is the way of presentation of the story by the author, the story is simple, short which makes it an engaging read.He has described every event with lot of interest.

My experience with this book was incredible and the writing made me imagine each events.

I would recommend this book to the readers who love reading mythology and science-fiction.

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