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The Breakthrough by Megha Bajaj is a collection of stories of 11 trailblazers who’ve defined their success with the breakthroughs.
Everyone has breakthrough moments in their life.
So we need to consider those moments seriously and try to learn something new from that.
So this book explains about stories of eleven people faced problems and took it as initiative and made their life better .
Actually their life style is very ordinary . And then they can’t even imagine about their life , it became extradinary.
Their stories constitute their dark days, silent struggles, sad moments, and a sweet success that comes after sheer hard work.
This book inspired me a lot .
This is the best self help book. We can figure our mistakes , our faults and we need to rectify them .
Honestly speaking after receiving the book I thought of reading it afterwards because the pages are so many . But I wanna give a try .
And I just started reading book sitting beside a window . I just went on reading and completed 100 pages . Woah I was really shocked . And I loved the book very much .
The author has done great job I really appreciate the author.
It’s really an incredible work of author. The book only explains about the success of eleven people it also makes people learn something new. The book doesn’t leave you motivated. I can definitely say that , who ever reads this book all will inspire and get motivated . It is the best self help book
And author has explained live examples which are really helpful for the readers.

Coming to the cover of the book it’s awesome. And those colored pages are really attractive. I just liked the appearance of the book. Title is catchy . Title is opt for the book. Cover is mesmerizing.
I would definitely suggest this book to everyone .
Highly recommended
Happy reading

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The Dharavi model

The title of this book would rather had been, ‘Dharavi Model, A success Project’. This book will clearly tell you how despite being poor, weak, helpless and powerless Dharavi fought and succeeded in winning the battle against the dangerous coronavirus pandemic. Screening, containment, and mitigation strategies were effectively considered in Dharavi and thereby Dharavi achieved a massive success in crushing the virus spread. Enforcing a strict lockdown and blocking the movement of residents except for essential services, have helped greatly in controlling the virus spread. MCGM ensured proper sanitation of the streets of Dharavi frequently. The launch of intense screening and sanitation drive had a great impact in flattening the curves. The Maharashtra government took special care on Dharavi’s heel from the virus because there was a great chance of quick spread in that area. All the detailed part I don’t think anything had been exaggerated but in some parts like the death parts of the heroes who I believe were no less than war heroes could have been more highlighted. Its an absolute 4.5 out 5 for reading as per me.

Tapestry of emotions

Life a tapestry of emotion.

What are verses for you guys? Is it important to have much knowledge to pen down your feelings on paper.

Life a tapestry of emotions by k. R. Shyam sundar is the best collection of verses which I read this month. It’s a short read book, I completed it in 1sitting.

There are 130 pages in this book. I visualized and felt each and every word. Sometimes it allures my heart and sometimes it makes me so emotional.

The best thing which I liked in this book is that before the verses there are the meanings of some words like:- perumal for Lord Vishnu, moksham- liberation and so on. The author mentions some web links too. It will help the readers in understanding and accumulating the verses more easily.

Here the author mentions some long and short (4liner) verses which enhance the charm of this book.

Here I would like to share some verses which I liked the most while reading.

In short verses I like:-
A cold day.
Chilly wind blew,
Water, cold and blue.
Skin shrunk and trembling,
swim did I.
Suddenly the water was warm.
She was swimming too!

And in long
Love tangle,
Slim she was,
fair and hairy her hands were.
Walking gently and elegantly,
small and coned her face was…..

To be continue to read the whole poem grab your copies of Life a tapestry of emotion through Amazon or from any other online portals.

And at last,
Hats off to the author for this great work. Awaiting more books like this one from the author.

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