Novel inspired by true life experience by Brianne Davis. Hollywood actor, director, producer, writer.

Initially I mistook this book to be a tangy Hollywood gossip novel. But I was pleasantly surprised the moment I started reading. It has nothing to do with any celebrity gossip or scandals but is an intimate novel based on the real life incidents of the author (all names changed for anonymity).

The author, a Hollywood actress, producer, director, writer has taken us along her journey of recovery from Sex and Love addiction. She has shared her most embarrassing scandalous past in all honesty that it is truly courageous. She hasn’t shied away from telling us the blunders she committed, relations she ruined because of her addiction. The realisation of the damage she caused during her recovery journey was humbling and showed her a path of self worth. She acknowledged her disease and sought help which is a huge first step in any recovery process.

This is the first memoir I have read that tells us the side of a person who wronged others rather than the opposite. It takes guts to show your naked and raw side to the world. In this social media age where we hesitate to post even a selfie without filter edits, this book is absolutely unfiltered and open. It is hilarious, shocking, painful and a heartwarming novel.

I do not follow Hollywood much, otherwise guessing the characters in the novel would have been fun. But jokes apart, this novel tells us that, all that glitters is hardly ever gold. Her brutal honesty is the beauty of this book. It isn’t easy for anyone to accept their flaws, let alone someone who is fighting to overcome their deep instilled addiction. Life is difficult for them at every step and I respect them deeply for their immense courage which even ‘normal’ people lack.

This book has something for everyone. Addict or not it must be read and recommended.

Begin your life which you wants to dream

About this book :-

The author has written this book aiming to help the youth to begin his life which he wants to dream . People have several options when they start their life when they are youth . The author has used the power of Q’ to elaborate how any young person can play in life even before his life begins to take shape . the author has evolved some parameters for youth to judge and act for the forthcoming life that can produce the best result in the life cycle at different intervals of age .


By Shreyan Laha

Manisha wakes up in an isolated bus stand with her memory totally wiped out. She finds the city strange as she tries to manoeuvre her way out of there and return home. But with no memory of her hometown she decided to give that queer place a chance.

Eventually she realises that the city is governed like social media where every person is a profile and the government is monitoring every move, even tracking their thoughts. With no privacy whatsoever , she decides to elope. But when it is next to impossible to even have suicidal thought, how is she going to plan an escape!

This story is a speculative dystopian science fiction which shows boons and banes of the social media influence on our lives. The pace of the story in the beginning was slow but after the second half it picked up pace. It also has some psychological and philosophical elements that explain the atmosphere of the technologically dependant society. While you are attracted to the glamour and the extravaganza, it actually is a golden cage.

If you like Sci-fi novels, you will definitely enjoy this book. The social media world created is fascinating but scary.


By Reijul Sachdev

Two boys find their friend dead in an empty classroom after school with his journal lying around which they quietly flick from the crime scene. The two rival teenagers decide to team up to find the reason behind their friends death. Will they be able to find any clue or will their immaturity cost them dearly?

This is a coming of age murder mystery with a tinge of humour. The bond between the boys from being the nemesis to the accomplice is smooth and endearing. I liked the quirky narration which does not have a single dull moment. The unexpected twists in this on-the-edge mystery makes this book a page turner. The recklessness of the teenagers around the dangers made me gasp in certain moments.

This quick, fun book is perfect for teenage readers.



Tabula Rasa in Latin means ‘clean/blank slate’. It is a theory that proposes that a person is born with no mental content and the experiences of life makes them wise.

This book is a historical fiction with multiple events in the timeline not sequenced in an order. It starts from 1200s to the present with different characters from varied cultures that participated significantly in building Singapore. The life of an economically backward, illegal immigrants, labour class, dockyard workers, night soil collectors etc. who all contributed in the nation building have been narrated in stories which later are linked to complete the puzzle. The legendary stories of the founding father of Singapura, the tyranny of the Japanese, followed by the inception of Singapore in British colony play a significant part in the chronology.

▪️My opinion: 🇸🇬

Honestly, I found this book quite difficult to engross into the story. The narration was quite offbeat as per my liking. The transition of the various timelines weren’t smooth and frequent as well, which led to baffling and understanding the relevance as well. The learning was quite good in many sections but could have been more interesting as well.

I did learn a lot about Singapore’s history from this book. We know Singapore as ‘Asia’s Economic Tiger’ and a thriving global financial hub, went under a series of economic, pandemic and cultural altercation and has a captivating legendary past.

All in all it was interesting to read about Singapore and it’s contribution in the world but I was disappointed with the dry narration.

Nectar of All World Religions.

Nectar of All World Religions is a consolidation of 11 major religions practiced around the world, the precise meanings of their teachings and its symbols. There are some fascinating facts of each religion which makes the book thoroughly interesting.

The research is done after reading multiple religious books, multiple times over a long period of time. Author’s theological curiosity made him read the various Holy texts, analyse it’s meanings and interpret them for better understanding. Not only the Holy scriptures are simplified but also systematically made available for information.

Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Bahai, Confucianism, Sikhism, Taoism, Buddhism are studied and explained in a colloquial language. I was greatful for the information that I received through this book because no way I could have ever read about them myself respectively.

This book is meant to be read slowly as the key takeaway points or ‘selections’ from each religious texts may be  overwhelming for the readers.

Take up this book if you like theology. It is a short book. The hardwork and dedication behind the incredible research is evident and worth appreciating.

Highly recommended.

Book review

“Another master piece from Kochery C Shibu, the best-selling
and Award-winning author of the critically acclaimed literary
fiction, Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar.

Faith and the Beloved is a crime mystery thriller and A riveting
saga of love, lust, betrayal, intrigue and revenge. With this the
Bangalore based author Kochery C Shibu, has truly set
international standards to crime thrillers in Indian English


The crime thriller mystery novel is for mature adult readers. It
contains graphic descriptions which may not suit all. Reader
discretion is advised.



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