SHUTTER’S FLICK.Making Every Match Count.

Autobiography of Pullela Gopichand.

Author: Priya kumar

Shuttler’s Flick is an autobiography of Pullela Gopichand (also referred to as Gopi/ Gopi sir) a former badminton player who was not only the second Indian to win the All England Championship in 2001 after 21 yrs, but is also honoured with Arjuna Award, Dronacharya Award, Padma Shree, Padma Bhushan for his outstanding achievement in sports and games. He has represented India in Asian Championships and Commonwealth Games where he won innumerable medals.

This book is about his journey from an interschool champion to one of the most respected Badminton coaches our country has ever had. It tells us about his struggles, his parents sacrifices, his thorough dedication and discipline that he has still maintained to be at the top of his game. Gopi had a serious ankle injury during a crucial match which could have ended his career. But his relentless attitude, immense support by his peers and belief in his talent helped him in his comeback which he still talks about with gratitude.

He also talks about his failures and the lessons he learnt and how he used these to strategize to up his game. After his tremendous career in the game he started a Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy and is also a National Coach for the Indian Badminton Team.

Read this book if you are a sports enthusiast. The author has taken the readers through his intimate life and expressed his innermost fears and extreme hardwork that built the champion that stood on the pedestal.

Autobiography of Pullela Gopichand.


Book 1: The King is dead.

Author: Manoj Shital Bhavnani

Genre: Fiction

After years of war and bloodbath, the Peninsula Continent of Saravat is finally tranquil. The five ancient counties of Saravat have signed a peace treaty and a promise to unite against the foreign invader. But what would they do if one of them turns hostile and shakes the quiet yet vigil calmness of the continent for their own ambitions? An ambition to become “The Emperor of Saravat.”

Vijendra, the king of Vajrapur, brutally kills King Giridhar of Simhasthala, their neighbouring kingdom while the crown prince Vikrant watches from afar in the battlefield. Vijendra puts forth terms in front of the now King Vikrant which puts him in a spot. Either ways he cannot escape the brunt of the decision.

Vikrant is considered a weakling for the choices he has made since childhood, an impression he carries even now. Unfazed, he takes a decision which makes his own people doubtful of his character. But is he really ‘a rabbit’ that they call him, or are they underestimating the Simhasthali King? Only time will tell!

The first book ‘The King is Dead’ of the series started with a bang, piqued my senses leaving me hungry for more. I devoured this book. Start to finish an intriguing tempo is maintained, with few interesting twists in the plot. 

A lot of thought is put into the structure of the series which will be unfolded in the coming books. Though all the characters show varied shades of grey, they are dynamic, relentless and passionate. The female characters play a very important role in this patriarchal drama and have not been shrugged of as a mere vessel. This is the story of power, strategies, lust, betrayal, revenge and redemption.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and am waiting for the next book in anticipation. Hoping to find the characters bloom to widen the plot and make it even more interesting.

“The battle is never over until the king is dead.
Though he hates to admit it, Vijendra’s words ring true.. the price must be paid. In blood.
Only one question remains.
Is he willing to pay it?”

The next book coming in 2023.

Book 1: The King is dead.

Check in check out

The story is mainly divided into two parts. The title itself explains what’s the theme of the story is, the first part of the story is filled with horror. The second part contains the reasons for those hauntings.

This book consists of 9 short horror stories. These involve supernatural aspects too.
While I was reading I just imagined myself in that place, I just shivered.
Narration is gripping. The title is intriguing.
The most stunning story was the doll following the girls.
I love to watch horror movies at night, so I read this book at night time, It was a nice experience and mind-blowing. I just loved reading this book.
One main thing which I liked was there was no lagging in the story and the writing style is amazing. There is a pinpoint explanation.

The auspicious thing was the people who were visiting the hotel villagio were experiencing some abnormal situations, paranormal activities.

What might be the reasons?
Why people are facing difficulties?

To know more about it just go and grab the book, guys. It’s amazing. Language is simple and easy to understand. If we read at night time, it will be enthralling and thrilling. I have a great experience with this book.

Happy reading

Highly recommended

Blood and brown sugar

The protogonist of the book is Alex.
He is a young man who is leading a peaceful life, and there’s come the twist.
Unfortunately a bad thing happens.
He injures a member of Montreal’s most nefarious motorcycle club.
His life turns over .
So he is forced to travel India and escort the club’s latest drug shipment home.
He do not have any idea regarding it .

I do loved the book very much, it is an end to end turner . There is a lot of suspense till the end .

Language is simple and easy to understand. Narration is gripping. Story is intriguing. Cover page is spectacular.
Characters are well developed.
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.
Happy reading

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