Wild Pet

The books with kings and queens, fantasy and extraordinary elements always excite me and this book as well is one such book. I was really intrigued with this book.
“Wild Pet”  is loaded with adventures and romance which will keep you hooked till the ending.
The title and book cover is brilliantly designed and captivating.
It was so good to see a naive girl grow into a warrior. Everything about this book was so exquisite. The language and narration is also very precise and beautiful.
Loved the book and definitely recommended to everyone.

Definitely 4 🌟

Nail biting

The story begins with an air of suspense and remains intriguing throughout.
It was spine chilling to know what happened next.

What are the hidden clues ?
Will the police be able to solve the case ?

Every single proof or some clue is very crucial here.

As this has become a mysterious case there needs to be a pin pointed investigation.

Right from the beginning it became an exhilarating read for me.
The officers are shown as strong and intelligent characters.
This book is going to be tied up in your thoughts.
I wasn’t even able to know what happens next.
The story plot line is intriguing.
The one who selects this book will never regret reading it.
Cover is mesmerizing. Title is awesome.
It has an unpredictable end .
No one will know what happens till the end. I just got connected with the story. Characters are well portrayed.
This book is worth your time and the story is really gripping.
The Author has narrated Scenes in a well planned manner. This would become a block buster hit if it is taken by a director and screenplayed as a movie.

This has become one of my favourite reads . I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.
Just go and grab the book guys.
Really a fantastic read
Happy reading


Author: Anmol Malik.

Genre: Fiction, Rom-com.

Tara and Dev are coincidentally on the same plane to Paris to crash their respective ex’s wedding to each other. But their already flawed impulsive plan goes up the smoke when the plane does an emergency landing at the Heathrow Airport. They try to survive the mayhem together reluctantly at first, until they realise, they make a great team.

Gorgeous cover, hilarious conversations, innumerable clumsy, foot-in-the-mouth situations make this book a complete package. The story cracked me up so hard so many times that it made me look stupid amongst the serious individuals in the room staring at me. Both the characters are amazing in their own right. But I loved Dev more. Passionate, reckless, caring, funny and chivalrous Dev.

The plot may seem like a contemporary love story but it has more to it than just a rom-com. The narration and attention to detail takes away the prize.

Get this one. You will definitely enjoy it.


By Fredrik Backman.

Genre: Hockey literature, contemporary fiction.

(TW: Rape, rape trauma, bullying, physical assualt)

Hockey in Beartown is not just a game. It is their religion. The very pulse of their existence. The soul of their survival. But when the captain of the hockey team, their ace player is accused of raping the 15 yr old daughter of the General Manager of the Beartown Hockey Club, it causes tremors in the otherwise quiet town. Sides are taken. Some ignore. Some act. Coz that’s an easy way out, for both. Hockey is bigger than the Club. The Club is bigger than the player. But is it? And at what cost? And who is to pay? This book plays on its subjectivity.

At the onset, one may find it has a very common theme. A girl assualted, powerful guy might get away, humiliation, theories, character assassinations, blah blah blah. But the presentation, the narration, the point of views, the reactions of the people involved, directly and indirectly is soul stirring. The trauma of both the families, fighting for their child, is faultless to the the extent that you feel a pinch for them.

Fredrik Backman is a master in human emotions. Common social evils ( there are more than one here) are moulded to make a gorgeous story. His expressions are astonishing. Every page has something profound and deep that you have to read it again to re-experience the feelings.

This is a Swedish book translated in English. It is the first book in the Beartown series, followed by Us against You. Slow paced but piercing. Read this if you haven’t already.


Author: Devashish Sardana

Genre: Psychological thriller

Triggerwarning: Child murder, transphobia, queerphobia.

“There is a method to the madness.
A reason behind this rashness.
That’s what makes a psychotic serial killer more dangerous than a random one-off murderer.”

When a new serial killer, “The Doll Maker”, makes the headlines, the other fame hungry psychopath , “The Clipper” feels threatened and decides to hunt the one who has stolen his thunder and regain his limelight.

Two fiesty cops are put on the case of The Doll Maker. Little do they know that their competitor is the Clipper. He is smarter, nastier and will stop at nothing to get back the first spot. While the police are investigating, the meticulously planned and executed murders make these lunatics hard to nab.

This book is start to finish a page turner. The engrossing plot with not one but two psychopaths doesn’t feel overdone in anyway. The psychology of a lunatic, their thought process in which they justify their systematic yet maniacal actions is laid out very well. Though I am bothered by a few triggers myself, it neither made me cringe nor shut away the book at any point of time. The murders are spine -chilling but not gory. The mystery kept me guessing till the end. The climax is mind-blowing and unexpected. It is a well executed complex psycho – thriller with twists in every chapter. Highly recommended. Unputdownable.


By Cho Nam-Joo.

The book is about Kim Jiyoung, is a middle child with an elder sister and a younger brother. Her life is described in three stages: childhood, adulthood and marriage. During each stage of her life she faces blatant gender discrimination and partiality. She even faces and witnesses sexual harrasment in school that shakes her confidence. After marriage when the couple is pressurised to have a child, she feels overwhelmed by the expectations, followed by the post-partum depression. Slowly, her mental health starts to noticeably deteriorate.

I took up this book after reading the blurb and some positive reviews but I could not connect to it. The main theme of this book is the gender inequality, female infanticide, patriarchy, etc. I did not find anything new in this story. The presentation was dull and dry for me.

Having said that, I am not in anyway trying to downplay the struggles and the sacrifices of the women in the story. It is based on true events and researched facts with appropriate references. May be the depth of the story is lost in translation.

Mine is an unpopular opinion, so do check the blurb yourself and decide. A lot of people have liked the book which now has been adapted to a movie.


By Elif Shafak

Genre: Contemporary, historical fiction.

TW: Whorephobia, homophobia, murder, sexual assault, transphobia.

Tequila Leila, a prostitute finds herself murdered in a dumpster one evening. After her heart stops beating, she starts to revisit her lives nondescript moments through her senses. Every minute takes her back to the time that defined her path and to the moments where she met her friends, who do everything in their power to claim her body.

This book is based on the theory which believes that after a body loses life, for 10 minutes and 38 seconds the  brain is awake and we revisit some of our moments.

Elif Shafak has always been an advocate of women equality and has been on the tip of controversy for the raw, bold, unabashed portrayal of their blatant discrimination, sexual exploitation. Her books are mostly women orientated which cover the tabooed, contentious subjects about women and LGBT community. This book, particularly talks about the sexual exploitation of the sex workers, flesh trade, unjust laws and fanatic physical assualts, justice for which is mostly inconclusive. She has designed this fictional story through various non- fictional systems and establishments.

I am a huge fan of her books and love her metaphorical, idiomatic expressive writing. Her words are deep and hit hard. This is the forth book by the author that I have read and loved. There are hints of Armenian genocide during WW1 (only one million were accounted), My Lai Massacre in Vietnam in 1968 ( bloodcurdling inhuman killing of unarmed civilians comprising of children, women and old men), shootout at the International Workers’ Day, Istanbul in 1977. Such important historical events always play an important part in her stories.

Compassionate, honest, brave, sensual, this book teaches us the power of friendship and love.


By: Dr. Manjiri Prabhu.

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them. It is believed that a human doesn’t choose a dog, but a dog chooses it’s human. Dogs have always had a sacred place in Indian mythology where a lot of deities have dogs as their companions. There is also a brief but remarkable mention of Shvan ie Dog (in Sankrit) in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself. A dog will teach you unconditional love and compassion. They have the ability to sense emotional turmoil, danger, pain of their human and likewise they adapt.

This book gives you a simple way to attain peace through dogs. It may seem frivolous but is very effective and a life changing experience.

The moral of the book is to spread love, peace, harmony, co-existence and compassion with the help of the man’s bestfriend, Dogs. The author tells us bluntly that you are either an animal lover or a non animal lover, both having a few distinct degrees with minor but significant differences which defines your personality. She proves this theory with a few examples, which if given a thought, seem true.

There are some anecdotes, real life spiritual experiences, autobiographies, interviews in which they have shared their paranormal experiences which are hair-raising and heartwarming. These canine companions not only helped them emotionally but also taught them love, mental peace and balance.

I love dogs, though I do not have one ( but hopefully someday if i am blessed), but those who have these fur buddies will definitely vouch for it. I loved reading about their bond with these special family members and their intimate experiences. I highly recommend this beautiful book.

“The difference between a Human and a Dog is that Dog cannot fake love.”

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