Life camera action

It is a non fiction , I usually don’t read non fiction books . But this book is recommended to everyone.
Each and every chapter is explained beautifully .
Author has talked about life issues and providing solutions for it .
One of the famous line by her is We are our own director in this life.
Yeah this is absolutely true, we the one should design our life .
We need to depend on our own thoughts , efforts, and decisions.
Finally we need to be individual us but not depend on others.
Author has discussed case studies and lot more content .
I made a right choice by taking this book.
If we follow this one we will definitely see a change in us.
Many valuable lessons are taught that need to be inculcated in our life . And author needs to appreciated for this great work.
And this is a unique concept
One of the most favorite part in the book is writing letter to myself.
It’s a practice guide for the people
On personal growth and also for making better choices in their life

I personally suggest this book to everyone. Cover is spectacular and title is opt and title is intriguing.

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