Unusual poetry

I love this book. It is not easy to write poems dedicated to particular emotions in a single collection, much less forty of them, but Sonal Maharana has done a tremendous job with it. My personal favourite is the poem on laziness (also titled Laziness, as all the poems are titled after a certain emotion) and I think it’s wonderfully written because of the word play and how well the poem flows. I also love the poems titled Fear and Curiosity, but once again, Laziness is my absolute favourite.

Klexos, this was honestly my favourite poem in this anthological collection by Sonal Maharana. Yes, there are many poems in the book and yes there are many more rare emotions brought anew through these poems. But why I love this particular one is because I had to look it up and when I did, the meaning just made me fall in love with it more. Klexos, the art of an undying past. Simply brilliant.

Author: shrutimishra1512

Currently a B.com student, but all time bibliophile

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