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Bed time

Bed time stories is a collection of 21 stories and 3 ballads/ poems. Each story ends with a moral and brings out the realistic, moral and creative aspect into every story.

The stories are very simple but captured by attention. I liked one magic pencil story. It reminded me of a children’s serial I used to watch on television as a kid. The magic pencil could do anything and everything. Whereas, in this story, there is a moral. The young kid was hardworking and diligent. But when he gets a magic pencil, he lets it takes control and becomes lethargic.

One small mistake or thought from the boy messes his exams in a bad way. The moral of the story says that one should always work hard and there is no short cut to hardwork. A creative way to answer to the dreams of every kid to skip homework or exams.

A good reminder. 😊 These are the kind of books which resonate with the current generation and imbibes moral behavior in them. Need more of such books.

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