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The book is continuation of the first book. So in this book sindbad is going on another adventure .
The story starts with sindabad who is in jail , but he and his crew went to save the world.
Sindbad was looking for the tomb of Alexander with his crew.
Will the sindabad save the world ?
What happens next ?
To know more about it just go and grab the book guys . It’s really great.
The book is of full of suspense .
Really it’s an amazing thriller.
Every page is really intriguing
The book is page turner.
Language is simple and easy to understand. Cover page is intriguing . Title is opt for the book.
Narration is gripping.
I would definitely recommend this book to everyone.
Happy reading


Uniquely & Precisely written with images, illustrations, morals for a child to purchase it at one sight seeing the coloured vision inside & outside look of the book.
Seems strange to see the valuable morals & stories written by a kid. Where we elders are supposed to make a story & tell, young chap has made our job easier by publishing it.
Young author can be an ideal for other kids as an inspiration to his age group which can help them divert their attention from computers, online time-pass stuffs to doing something creatively.
Look forward to more of such books before the author grows in-time & his vision & imagination changes from child to an adult.



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The book is an eye opener for all couples. We have been moving away from the traditional wisdom embedded in our rich Indian legacy and often expecting mothers face much confusion and health issues because of lack of knowledge. The tips in this book would definitely help make the journey of pregnancy beautiful and comfortable. I liked the illustrations in soothing colours and the simple language of the book. It’s evident that proper research has been carried out to curate the best of the resources and charts in this concise guide and I would recommend this to anyone on the precipice of the wonderful journey of motherhood

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