“From Mess to Mesmerized” by Natasha Advani

From Mess to Mesmerised is collection of some life stories of some individual who at some point have lost the energy of life due to some reasons but they again got back to there track. In this book, you will get a lot of motivation to improve your lifestyle.

Everyone has some difficulties in there life. We all need to learn from these mistakes and move on. Natasha is a life coach who helps other individuals in trouble to grow in there life. She herself has learned a lot during this phase of life.

By reading this book you will come to know how some simple things can lead to a big change in your life. There is always some hope to grow. While reading this book I founded a few spelling mistakes but they are negligible.

The book is written in a very simple language and the messages in every chapter are straight forward. According to me the only aim of this book is to help you understand that at any point in time you can change your life and become successful.

This book is a simple and short read. It will take you around 2 hours to complete this book. I would rate this book a 4 star read. It is a nice read. If you feel like drained out of positive energy or you think that there is no meaning to your life then this book is a must-read for you.

Turn your pessimistic mind set to a optimistic mind set. It’s time learn from others mistakes. Life is much more than what you think. Just go for your dreams.

Self-Knowledge: Key for a Better future.

We all know that there are a lot of issues in our current education system. These issues will take a lot of time to resolve. There is a lot of rigidity in our education system due to which we are not able to reach the prime level of knowledge. The current mentality is mostly focused on getting more degree’s and certificates rather then focusing upon more of knowledge.

Me and one of my friend were discussing about this issue since a long time and few days ago we came to a solution that can really change our future. The solution is very simple we need to focus more upon Self knowledge . We need to try to learn more before trying to focus on earning. The students these days mostly focus upon learning the concepts that will help them earn more money which is not wrong but it totally destroys the real meaning of education.

Before running after money we should learn to gain more knowledge. We will have to be more dependent on our own self to learn new things. Today most of us think that what our college and school teaches us is enough we don’t need to do some extra work. But, in reality we need to give some time every day to learn something new which will help us achieve the success and money that we crave for.

It is very simple to learn something new, we just need to change our mentality. It is time for us to come together and change the society. The more we will focus upon learning new concepts by sparing some extra time from our daily life we will end up changing our future.

Self- Learning is the key to our better future. The way most of us see the education system has to be changed. We should not be so much dependent on our school and universityies to teach us everything. IT is time for us to self dependent. IT is time for us to take our faith in our own hand. IT will take hard work but for a better future WE are ready to change. WE are ready to take a step. WE are ready to enjoy less and learn more.

IF you want to know what steps we need to take then keep following. In my next article I will be helping you out by telling you the ways to learn new things.

Be a Problem-solver, not a trouble box.

Problem-solving is one of the most important things in today’s world. If you want to be the owner of a successful business then you should be capable enough to solve every problem you face. Name it any field everywhere there is a problem and when there is a problem then there is always a solution.

The biggest mistake that I have observed is that we tend to shout about a problem more than thinking about a solution to resolve the problem. Discussing a problem will not make a big difference but discussing the way to solve the problem can make wonders.

I have been reading a book since yesterday named as “Accidently educated” by R.V. Dadhe which is a story about 3 friends who go to a foreign university through an exchange program. While reading this book I came to know that there are a lot of problems that we have in our education system. But, we will have to somehow stop thinking and start doing something about it.

There was a bill passed by our government this year which has made a small difference in our current education system. We need to learn a lot and have to improve a lot. We have taken a small step but it is not enough. I personally feel that our education system is too rigid. Due to this, we tend to be more trained to work like a machine and we are never thought to be a problem solver.

We can not take our current education system upside down but we can definitely make some small changes that can be integrated together and after a decade it will end up as a big change.


IMAGE CREADIT @authoranujtiwari
PUBLISHERRupa Publications India (5 July 2020)


ASHRAF KARAYATH was born in Nadapuram, a village in Kerala, India. After finishing his MA in English Literature, he migrated to Dubai in 1991. He has twenty-five years of business experience coupled with a background in management philosophy. Despite his professional preoccupations, he continues in his quest to unravel the timeless knowledge of ancient Indian culture.


When comes to fiction, Mythology is my priority. I have been reading mythological books for a long time. Most of the reads were related to the tale of Ramayana. These books use to focus on the untold part of the Ramayana. Today, I am going to share with you a similar book that will cover one of the most beautiful parts of Ramayana. This story belongs to The King of Mithila Janak and a young sage Ashtavakra.
Ramayan is one of the most beautiful stories and when you will read this story you will fall in love with it. The narration is very attracting and motivating. The language is simple along with a breathtaking ending. The story will give you goosebumps at times and it will also make you think why such kind of turns have taken place. At times you will feel that it is like a mystery book.
The best part that I liked about this book is the ending. The ending was not what I guessed it was just perfect. You will love this tale. It is just one of the perfect mythological books. The thing that I didn’t like about this book is that it was really short. The author may have made it into a series, which would have made it an awesome read. Yet, it is good as it is.
The best apart of such books is that they keep you hooked till the end. You always crave to know what’s next. The length of this book was around 200 pages so I was able to complete it in day 1(I am fast in reading mythology.). I would rate this book 4 stars. It is a good read for all and a must-read for mythology lovers.

#qotd – Do you love mythological books?

From the Publisher

Myths, Legends & Sagas

In conversation with the author

What is the central message of the book?

This is a story from the Ramayan of King Janaka, the father of Sita. My story depicts a man who maintains equanimity during every crises and dives deep within himselfin order to find the solutions to his problems. .

How do you place the book in the context of the Corona pandemic?

When the whole world is gripped by fear and uncertainty, people tend to lose their self-belief as well as faith, and that leads to anxiety and stress. These negative emotions impact our mental health very badly, which, in turn, will affect our immune system. It is important that we should be happy, maintain equanimity, and calibrate ourselves to the strength of our inner self, which is inherent but often lies dormant within us. The people who will emerge stronger from the current turbulence in our lives will be those who remain calm and thoughtful.

Myths, Legends & Sagas

How is it different from regular mythological fiction?

At first glance, it may seem like a mythological story, but it’s a story about the search for knowledge, liberation, enlightenment, consciousness and more. Janaka understood the follies and meaninglessness of the luxuries which surrounded him, and was also a saint who always sought the right path in order to be liberated, to be enlightened.

What is Ashtavakra’s philosophy?

Ashtavakra Gita is a unique discourse on the philosophy of non-dualism, consciousness, liberation and the absolute realities of life. The wisdom from Ashtavakra Gita would help one to elevate himself from the relative to the absolute, giving a seeker the path to liberation. It teaches how a person can effortlessly jump to timelessness and eternal bliss, and help him have control on his consciousness in a matter of seconds or a flash.

Myths, Legends & Sagas

What made you write this book?

It was about 17 years ago, I had a chance to attend Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Ashtavakra video lessons, which was organized by the Art of Living Group in Dubai. I found roots of many philosophies I have studied, such as: new age science, self-help studies, theory of law of attraction, existentialism and theory of quantum physics in it. When I found the profound message of Ashtavakra Gita, an idea was born in my mind to write about it. It was then that the seed was planted in my mind.

What are the challenges you faced to write this book?

I had only a dream, an idea. But I nurtured that idea and started developing it. Janaka’s story was fragmented in various scriptures and puranas, and Ashtavakra Gita was not easily comprehensible. To bring the messages of Ashtavakra within the context of a story, make it dramatic and engaging to the reader without deviating from the main story was not easy.

मै तेरा इंतज़ार कर रहा हु

तेरी आँखों की छाया मे सोने का इंतज़ार कर रहा ह
मै तेरा इंतज़ार कर रहा हु

भरी बारिश मैं तुझे खेलता देखता हु
  मै तेरा इंतज़ार कर रहा हु

हर रोज सूरज को ढलता देखता रहता हु
मै तेरा इंतज़ार करता रहता हु

समुन्दर के किनारे तेरे साथ चलना चाहता हु.
मै तेरा इंतज़ार करना चाहता हु.

तेरे बगल मे बैठने का एहसास करता हु
  मै तेरा इंतज़ार करता रहता हु.

खोया नहीं है मैंने तुझे आजतक
फिर भी तेरे आने का इंतज़ार करता हूँ

खोया रहता हु तेरे खयालों मे
बस तेरे आने का इंतज़ार करता हूँ.

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“Bambai main Ka ba” Song Analysis.

I am sure that every one of you has heard this song. But, it is possible that you were not able to get it. We all know that it is related to the pandemic situation. The song has really touched many hearts of the northeast by showing the emotions through his lyrics.

Since the day it is launched I have been listening to it day and night. It is my most played songs till now and it tells a lot about the related that is going on right now. Due to lack of employment Many northeast villagers use to go to big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi etc. To earn some money.

Due to these situations, city life gets a lot crowded and the wages also gets a little declined. The Youth are in majority when talking about the migration from the Northeast villages to the city. By this song Manoj Bajpayee and Dr Sagar have tried to show some of the important points that our social media and news channels have miserably failed to show on their platforms.

This song is filled with emotions and contains a number of facts. It speaks the reality of the downcast to shift to cities for jobs and end-up working day and night for the wages that are not even close to providing a proper home to their loved ones.

There are a lot of problems that the government have to look at. It has been a long time since politicians are trying to throw away these important points.

The lockdown had really affected a lot of individuals and the majority of them were the lower income families. Many have taken the roadways to reach their villages and many lost their living while halfway through their home.

We can’t change what has taken place but we can definitely make sure that the future which is going to come front is good for each and every individuals. I know that the steps taken by the government were important for the safety of our own individuals but next time we shall improve a lot and make sure that no one gets affected by sudden locdown.

I hope that such kind of pandemic should never take place again but guys due to global warming and increasing pollution day by day WHO have stated that we may face such problems in future as well. We definitely need to hope for the best but simultaneously we will have to prepare for the worst as well.

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Stay Alone

” Be alone, that is the secret of invention; Be alone, that is when ideas are born”.

Nikola tesla

“Learn to stay alone. It is not necessary that the person standing next to you will there for your whole life.”


We all listen to it a lot of times that we should learn to stay alone. Many great personalities have repeated this statement in different ways. If you will look at the quotes mentioned above then you will come to know that these two personalities have really changed the world.

Staying alone never means that we should no socialize and not even means that we should go to a jungle a do meditation. It simply means we should work on our “ME TIME”. Managing your ME time is a very simple task. You can learn this skill in a few second.

Now let us know how can we start our me-time. It is a very simple take if you start following the steps as mentioned below.

Step 1. Try to find out time for 1 hour in your day when you have the least disturbance at your home or workplace.

Step 2. Note that time and make sure you spend those time every day with your me-time only. Making it a habit is very important. It will enable you to be more productive.

Step 3. Now it is time to arrange your me-time or schedule it. I would suggest to divide it in a time interval of 15 minutes. In this time you will have to assign a task for every 15 minutes. And then take a break if around 2-3 minutes.

For example

My me time is divided into 6 parts 15 minutes each. First two 15 minutes are used to going for a long walk alone. Next two 15 minutes are used for reading books. And the last two 15 minutes are used for writing or working on my articles or other stuff.

Now let us discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages.


• After spending an hour a day for Me time slowly and steadily your mind will start filling with creative ideas.

• You will feel a craving for me time once you get addicted to it. Which will really help you out to be more creative.

• You will become more relaxed and stress-free once you start spending Me time every day.

• This time will really help you out to focus on important things like your health, your attitude, your future goals and other stuff.


• You may lose some of your friends because you are not spending so much time with them as you were spending before.

• It may happen that you spend most of your Me time thinking useless stuff. (This is not a problem actually we need to understand that these creative ideas just come when you were somewhere else.

• You may fall in depression or in a bad habit of overthinking which will lead to frustration. (This will happen only when you actually do not do any work in your me-time).

NOTE:- Me time is not for thinking useless stuff. It is for doing creative things or simply reading books or going through your day to day routine and finding out new ways to improve. it.

Guys! Consistency is the key. It is very very important for you guys to know that the more time you spend in it the more you will be successful in life. It is important to maintain a balance in your life.

The examples I have used above are some that I use to follow in my starting period. I have changed, it a lot according to my requirements.

There are a number of books that will help you understand what is the importance of me-time. Some are as follow

• Steal like an artist by Austin kelon

• Deep work.

• 4 hours work week.

There are many more books and article out there. You can find many if your search on google to get more insight into this case.

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The reality of “DRUGS”

I am not an expert in this field neither I have read a lot about this. But, Today it is very important to talk about this topic. As we can see in the news that our Narcotics department is doing a great job out there finding out all the people involved in drug stuff.

Drugs are one of the biggest problems in this world. A lot of youth today are fallen in the trap. The problem is so big that we can’t even imagine. Many youths today lose their life as well as their courier due to this drug addiction.

If you are following the news these days then you may also come to know that many Bollywood stars are also involved in this but I am not going to talk about them. My main focus is on the youth who are not stars but they are capable of becoming a star one day.

In India, there is a majority of youth. This means that we are very strong if we talk about hand and mind power which gives us an advantage as compared to other nations. If this drug addiction goes on for a long time then we will lose our advantage. And guys it’s very very important to stay away from drugs. We have a very great life out there. Theirs no reason in wasting our life for addiction.
We may think that drugs are always negative. But, the story is not like that. Drugs are very essential in day to day life. In today’s world drugs comes at our rescue for curing many dangerous diseases. Drugs play a great role in the medical industry. And if you learn about it then you will be amazed at times, because if we properly use drugs then they can help us in a lot of ways.

The negative point here is that many of us overconsume it in the name of joy or happiness or for looking cool to our so-called bad friend circle. A friend circle plays a very important role. You guys should be sure when selecting your friends. If you have a nice friend with you then you will get impacted and grow in life. But, either way, is also true a bad friend circle can lead to a disaster as well.

If you want to look cool guys then there are many ways. You can look cool by becoming an IAS officer. You can look cool by starting your startup which can become a multi-million company after a decade. You can look cool by learning new skills. You can look cool by inspiring others. There is always an option dude!!. You just need to look at it. Drugs, alcohol, or any kind of addiction is just a trap. These traps are only made to destroy you. Please, guys!! Understand.


Never to lose hope. There is always an option to come out and quite these addictions. It will take time guys. It will take hard work it will take patience. But, when you will be out of it you will see the real world, the world with beautiful flowers the world with love, the world with “REAL LIFE”.

If you agree with what I have written till now then please share it as much as possible. It is our responsibility for our nation to take our youth out of this Drug trap.

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Self Introduction

I am Anuj Tiwari. I am in my 20s. I am a reading nerd as well as an engineer student. I have been writing blog since a year. I am also a book blogger on Instagram which is actually known as Bookstagram. My booksta profile name is Bookswithanuj where I share amazing content related to books.(Insta link)

I also love to write poems and short stories. You will find some of my short stories here on this site very soon. I am also a Motivational speaker. I love to motivate others whenever possible.

I am born and brought up in Mumbai and my home town is near Varanasi in Up. Talking about my family I have my parents along with my older brother.

I love to share motivational content. Soon I will be sharing with you some amazing articles related to motivate, self help etc.

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