Book Review of Time to Murder

Time to Murder – Madcap
Prakash Goenka
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Really interesting crime thriller, in which a boy named Arnab Mehra was murdered reopening the case of her ex-lover Asmita’s murder. Actually not a lover but the girl whom Arnab had cheated.
In lack of proof police declared Asmita’s murder as suicide. But inspector Kaushik reopened the case and started investing it again after receiving one diary from Asmita’s land lady.
Now that diary started giving answers about her death. Inspector Kaushik got many details from it but then also he was not sure who could be the murderer of Arnab. He was suspecting three person for the same – 1. Asmita’s brother, 2. Asmita’s office friend and 3. Madcap- whose blog Asmita used to read.
And this the investigation progresses, which threw light on many hidden aspects of Asmita’s life.
Really a good murder mystery book which not let you gusse the true murder.
Full of twists and turns so will not make you feel the boredom.

Book Review of Eleven grave – The secret of missing night

Having nice cover page which create interest in reader’s mind this story start with an unsettling chapter.
From the title one can think it of as Mystery book but it’s much more. It’s action packed Sci-fi mystery. Chapter by chapter some secrets unfolds revealing more secrets. Amazingly written – this story revolves around Jay Miller, a young AI expert who seeks avenge of his wife and step – son’s murder. On his journey he discovers a lot in this post apocalyptic world.
A truly imaginative and wonderful book. I really enjoy it.

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Book Review of Chasing The Similar Shadow

Nice and enjoyable fictional read, a little long book. But the story plot worth the length. Characters are depicted in so much detail that will help to visualise them.
It is a cutting edge sci-fi story which can attract teenagers as well as mature audience due to it’s thick plot and suspense. If you read it’s first part and this second one it will look like a good saga. This second part is revealing the whole story but still some questions are unanswered.

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Book Review of Lost love, Late love by Namrata Gupta

Story starts on a lighter note – showing a busy routine of a girl Kashika. This is female led story and we walked with Kashika through her past and present. After being in emotional and physical abusive relationship with Vivaan, Kashika hardly try to cope up with her life when she met Vidit. Vidit and Kashika started liking each other’s company but could not name it love. Vidit was betrothed to Natasha but Kashika tried to confront Vidit regardor their relationship but at the same time Vivaan tried to reconnect her and pleaded her to forgive him.
Will vidit accept it Or kashika will move on with Vivaan?
Really a good love story can’t call it a love triangle but it will give perfect impression of that.

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Book Review Of The girl in the dream

✅”The girl in the dream” novel is going to create impact on readers as it not just a romance book but a mix of romance, ✅mystery, mythology and fantasy.
Story starts with a recurring dream of NASA scientist Vivaan, which soon turns into reality on his engagement day. His dream about a mysterious girl turns into a nightmare.

✅He flies to Madhya Pradesh to find himself at the center of a 500-years-old-enigma.
And then story start turning into thrilling mystery and suspense story.
✅There are many questions like Who loves whom?

✅What is the link of main characters to the distant past of M. P?
✅Answers of questions will be found gradually as the story progresses.
✅The novel is written in a way that it does not let the readers get an entire idea of what comes in the next chapter of the chapter being read.

Really a page turning and spine chilling book….

Book Review of Blossoms and Claret

Book Review
Blossoms and Claret

Pages – 45
A good book that portrait women’s situation in current society.
Two novella’s are there in this book in which story rotates around a heinous crime rape. The two novella shows bad impact of this crime on female victim, how they survived and how their lives turned.
But in both stories our courageous protagonists fight back. Stories are fast-paced, you can’t skip any paragraph.
This 45 pages book is an quick read and it will not bore you. Stories are also not vague but giving important message to society.
I like that author has kept the stories on point and has not stretched it. That’s why we can read this book in one sitting.

Book Review of Petite a Petite

We face many situations in life. Some are happy, some are sad and some are out of our control.
Situations when we don’t have any control may sometimes result in sadness and unfairness to us.
In that situations we want to shout out our feelings very loudly and we want to refuse, we want to run away. But we can’t! But in this book the author nicely crafted those situations and encourage us to raise our voice.
It can be define as raising voice or doing rebel.
Really makes our mind spark. A really good thought provoking poetry book.
The beauty of the words make you read this book twice.

Book Review of Jivan Ke kuch Adbhut pal

Really interesting book.
In this book the author has written 10 incidents of his life and presented them as individual stories.
Each of these stories depict how moral values, salvation to god, positive attitude, self confidence and mindpower can solve all problems of life.
It’s so good that author can remember his each life incident so nicely.
Overall this book will motivate you to stay strong when you stuck in any situation and how we can use our mind power and positive attitude to make every situation Of life favourable to us.
Author has written multiple other books on Mind power and positive affirmations. Also he runs programs like “Enlighten the lamp of your fortune” and “make your dreams come true” that help people to change their life and live their dreams by achieving their desired things.

Book Review of The lady in the mirror

……..Book Review…….
The Lady in the mirror
By Charu Vashishtha
Genre – Anthology of short stories
Pages – 124 pages
So the title itself sounds interesting. From title I thought it as a suspense book or crime book or thriller book.
But I was wrong it’s an anthology book containing 8 Self-introspecting short stories.
☕Each of these stories is written in simple and easily understandable language.
When you see yourself in mirror, it will reflect how you look.
 Similarly here in each story characters are running from theirs True Selves but some events showed them mirror and let them meet their True Selves, that’s the central theme.
Some stories also throw lights on today’s problem.
Pictures are given at the starting of each story which shows the theme of that story.
My most favorite one with apt picture story is The comic’s  tragedy.

Book Review of sci-fi book A tiny reason to live

A tiny reason to live
Shreyan Laha
Genre – Sci-fi
Pages – 238

This is really a nice book for Indian Sci-fi lovers.
Story revolves around a group of 10 peoples who chose to try to be alive when all people felt hopeless and chose to die together on earth.
The story is about their journey and how they will survive. These all characters are giving message to fight against the fate.
I personally believe it is not only sci-fi but also psychological as here people’s act and their thoughts, actions are described very nicely.
Whole earth can survive but because of some mass Manipulating trends and people, people started becoming negative and lost all their hopes.
Being futuristic story some new concepts of technology are being introduced here which I like most.
As imagination can lead to new discovery. The cover image is apt for the story theme and mainly the prologue which kick start the story in beautiful way. Some times in life people forget what is imagination and what is reality – this is explored here very nicely.
Overall a fresh book for this genre.

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