AUTHOR:-Prakash Goenka
PAGES: 189
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“Love accompanies pain and sorrow,
o But being in love is the greatest of all emotions.
o Love … This word brings a sweet smile to one’s face and the heart starts beating fast. The eyes get a special glow and the whole world looks pleasant and extra good. Love blinds us from everything and we get so lost in our world that we fail to see anything else.
o The story depicts love
o In an instant there was pure, delightful, and Sufiana, and yet so raw and genuine at each other, that you felt like you were a ride through a whole gamut of emotions that aroused love.
o He ended the story saying “These were plants that could not bloom again, these lovers asked a question to crores of lovers and I have the same question.
o Is it possible to fall in love after a breakup? “
o Love after breakup … is it possible?
o Read this book to know more about it .
o 😊. The title of the book is appropriate and relates to the story as a whole. The plot is unique and captivating. The author has done a great job in describing and developing all the characters and situations that one can easily imagine. The language used by the author is simple and easy to understand.


When love blooms, then even the breaths become fragrant. Love, be it in films or real life, one who gets it is very fortunate otherwise the pain of breakup is borne by many.
We look at every person’s “present” but do not try to look in his past; this story is about those three people who gave new dimensions to love, who didn’t give just one but many such definitions which can show the right path to the confused and misguided generation of today.
Pranav from Rajasthan, Danish from Gujarat and Ayesha from Punjab… what secrets lay buried in their past that 3 people from 3 different states came and met in a fourth state Maharashtra? What brought about such a coincidence? It’s normal to break up after love but to fall in love after break up… why a question like this? What connection did these 3 people have with this question or is it that this question concerns all of us too, directly or indirectly?
What had occurred in the past which was dominating the present and had totally changed the future?
Born in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, Prakash Goenka (2 nd September 1991) has an ardent interest in poetry since childhood. In the pursuit of his interest, he left his studies of Chartered Accountancy midway and took off for Mumbai in September 2016 so that he could convert his passion into a career. Along with writing of web series, short films, lyrics and poems he has also produced a Marathi film. Normally there is no limit to a writer’s imagination, however he is very fond of writing romantic and thriller stories and is trying to reach the people through his novels. His first novel in this series “ My Heart Say” (Hindi) has been published in December 2016.

पहली नजर

हम तुम्हारी महफ़िल से
उठकर गए चुपचाप।
तुम्हारा पीछे मुड मुड कर देखना,
हमें बदनाम कर गया।।

वैसे तो कोई रिश्ता ना था हमारा,
जब से तुम्हें देखा बाते की और समझा,
तब से तुम अपने लगने लगे।।


घर हूं फिर भी दरबदर हूं होश में हूं फिर भी खुद से बेखबर हूं सब साथ है फिर भी अकेला हूं क्योंकि अभी में जिन्दगी के सफर पे हूं !

यार मेरा जन्नत

तुझे पाऊ वो मन्नत से कम नहीं तुझे सांसो में महसूस करू वो जन्नत से कम नहीं

Self introduction

Dr. Nirmal Kumar a 20 year old boy from City N. Gaj Jasrana Firozabad who is very talented and unique he is currently a bachelor of Pharmacy Final Year student who  love to do writing, drawing, traveling and creative person as well he is a good listener, innovater  a best adviser a fun loving person and bond with anyone easily and he is also passionate for this work if something he want  to  do then he do it in every situation no matter how difficult it is he is very hard working person he observe thing very well then he write what they feel this poetry is like a “ old Hindi romantic movie me Naya tadka” and this is highlight point in his poetry which make them unique and attractive he love to write so whatever he feel or experienced in life he expressed in words very kindly his writing skill is truly amazing as he put the heartwarming lines in it whoever read it is easily get relates  to it and feel love in  every lines.

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