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BOOK REVIEW-The girl in the black-framed spectacles

Author name-Nitesh Sinha
pages- 164
book name -The girl in the black-framed
o The title of the book is appropriate and relates to the story as a whole. The plot is unique and captivating. The author has done a great job in describing and developing all the characters and situations that one can easily imagine. The language used by the author is simple and easy to understand.

• ● Firstly I WOULD LOVE TO recommended this book for everyone.
• * There was a wonderful experience to read this amazing book.

The girl in the black-framed
Nitesh Sinha

• The story begins with 3 friends Karan, Mohit, Kavya who spent their lives without any stress on their terms, just enjoying their life every moment.
• In one instance on the train, Karan meets Amaya with a girl in dark glasses and falls in love with her. After a long ifs n buts he is finally able to express his feelings and the love bud blossoms between them.
• .
• But something happens to them after which she leaves him alone forever.
• .
• What makes them different?
Read this book to know more .
The metro is the lifeline of travellers in India. Like these three were also going to college in the train and they always did mischief in the train for fun.
But Pranks are not always for fun, we never know that what we have done for fun can change someone’s life completely.
• Cover The cover of the book is a simple depiction of a boy and girl which gives a idea of story . The boy is trying to explain that which gives an overall idea of what the book is.
• The book is based on the contemporary plot of the book. This is just another love story where love is betrayal friendship which expresses sorrow over all this.

• In fact I appreciate the author’s writing style as this is his first book which we can expect is an ideal but the author’s effort is clearly visible.

• The male statement is well with the book.
• You will have great experience in reading this book.
• Thank you


A small mistake can create big havoc

“Why did you do this, Amaya? Why me?”
With this thought on his mind, Karan and his friends search everywhere for Amaya – Karan’s girlfriend.
Amaya just disappeared on her birthday. Karan goes to the hospital where he had visited Amaya’s mother, but there is no one there. The receptionist tells him that the room has been empty for a week, but Karan knows that he saw her the day before yesterday! He asks for the doctor who was dealing with her case, but is told that there is no doctor with that name.
Where has everyone gone? What is Amaya’s secret? No one has a clue.
As the mystery deepens, this book tells how a small mistake can create big havoc.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.


    There was a solemn silence in the car; I could hear the breathing of the other three cramped in the back seat. Sitting in the passenger seat, with my head resting on the headrest, I stared out of the window, watching the buildings flash past me. While the memories of her started to blow like a whirlwind in my mind, my eyes caught sight of a milestone that read – Nerul 1km.
    As we pulled closer, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest as if it wanted to burst out of my body. The mere thought that I was getting closer to her gave me goosebumps all over my body. I couldn’t imagine what I’d do when she was right in front of me. I closed my eyes, allowing all the misery to engulf me.
    “450 rupees … sir,” the driver said, breaking into my string of thoughts. I opened my eyes to see the driver flashing his phone at me, with the amount blazing on it. I sighed. Fishing out my wallet from my back pocket, I handed him the exact amount.
    “Thank you,” he said.
    “Let’s go.” I turned to face the other three in the back seat. We got out of the car and stood on the road for a few moments. The car sped away, leaving behind a haze of smoke as if the driver had thought of himself as an F1 racer.
    “That one …” Sahil pointed his finger to an apartment building.
    “Sure?” I looked at him. He nodded.
    We sauntered towards the building. My heart was racing faster and faster as we entered the gate and walked down the corridor towards the lift. The door opened, and we got inside.
    “Which floor?” I asked Sahil.
    I pressed the number ten button, which turned red, and the lift started moving up as soon as the door closed. I was terribly anxious about what was going to happen next, as the lift opened on the tenth floor.
    We walked till we arrived in front of a door. I took a glance at the wooden signboard on the door, which had ’10-D’ inscribed on it in golden letters. I shifted my gaze to Sahil for affirmation. He nodded, as if clearing my doubts.
    I sighed and placed my index finger on the bell. My finger trembled a bit while pressing but I was relieved to hear the bell ringing somewhere inside.
    The ambience made my heart pound even more. I wasn’t prepared for how I would react or what I would say to her. I was just yearning to see her, touch her, hug her and feel her again, but most importantly to ask her … Why?
    The thumping of someone’s footsteps pulled me out of my brooding. I didn’t know what to do. My heart started pounding like never before. I wanted to sprint away from there, but I couldn’t, at least not without getting an answer to my question.
    As the sound raised a notch higher, I felt myself going blank.
    The doorknob turned, and the door creaked …

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