Father as a friend

Dad, I never understood you or your up bringing. You and me never got along, I would vibe with my mom but vibing with you was always scary and difficult. It’s righty said “Two kings can’t stay in the same jungle” 😅 – I guess that’s why we never get along. We all have written poems, shayris, songs and what not for our moms, but our dad – he didn’t even receive 1% of the appraisal that he deserves. Dads are the pillars of our future; they set a base and lead by as an example. Agree it or not, our dad is the first superhero of our lives. Idols come by and go, but our Dad will always be our role model. There is a reason why I have chosen this topic today. There’s a serial called “Tera Yaar Hoon Main” which is telecasted on sab tv, on weekdays at 9pm. This serial has made me realised how important a dad is for a child. Moms shape our future while our dads work hard to support us financially and mentally. The serial starts with the father’s attempt to befriend his son. We have a picture of dads being strict and orthodoxical; but nowadays even dads are cool. Dads and sons share a special and brotherly bonds these days. In the serial, the dad tries many things to be close to his son. His only reason for befriending his son is that his son comes up to his father at times of problem. Dads are the best advisors anyone can have, cause they have seen the world before us, and they know what the world expects from us. A dad’s efforts are always misunderstood. His care is misunderstood for his “bossing around”His questions are misunderstood as his “unnecessary interference in our personal space.” We have an issue sharing things with our dad cause we think that “Bhai papa kya sochege!” We have a fear of dads cause we think that his childhood wasn’t as interesting as us; we think he grew up without fun and without the understanding of sarcasm and messing around. Let me quote what Sushant Singh Rajput said:“Maine Bohot kuch meri Maa se sikha hai,Lekin Bohot kuch seekh sakte ho, yeh Maine mere Papa se sikha hai!”❤️

Our dads teach us to be calm, composed, strong and smart. If we ever have any issues, we know that our dad’s advice will be the most useful one. We know that our dads want the best for us, but it’s just that we are so busy portraying a wrong picture about him that we never ever try being a friend to him. Dads also want to be our friends, but he always maintains his distance so that we don’t feel awkward. He gives us his space so that we don’t get irritated by his presence. In the serial too, the son just doesn’t want to befriend his father because he thinks ‘A dad can’t be our friend.”

I choose this topic today because it’s my dad’s birthday and there is no better day to post this! I am just thankful to him for whatever he did for me. I have always felt that what he is doing for me “he is meant to do it!” But I was wrong.

He has done more than I deserve. He has adjusted his dreams so he could fulfil mine. It would be wrong to say that he has not done everything I wished from him cause he gave me all he had! I know we haven’t been the typical best – friends wali Jodi but yes I can always trust you and I know you have my back!

It will always be you who I look up to❤️ You will always be my role model❤️ I really am thankful to have you in my life, and I can’t imagine my life without you.

Love you dad🌍 Happiest birthday!❤️🎂

All I could do is just Hug you for what you have done, and be by your side when you need me!❤️

Lessons from Shakuntala Devi.

Movies always play an integral part of our lives. They never fail at entertaining us, surprising us, leaving us awe-struck and at times even emotional. We all underestimate movies at many occasions but have never realized how much a movie can teach us. Today i will be writing about the things i learnt from  Vidya Balan’s recent film – Shakuntala Devi. Shakuntala Devi – the Human Computer is amongst the very few Indians to have been holding a Guinness World Record. She is an idol for many aspiring youngsters in the world, and an example that “Nothing can overpower Strong Will, HardWork and Perseverence.” 
The movie starts with a scene where Shakuntala Devi charges her elder brother money for solving his complicated math problem. Shakuntala Devi learnt at a very young age that Talent never comes free, and its our responsibility to Prove our Worth!Shakuntala Devi used to live with a family where her Father only cared about the kid who used to earn for the family – Shakuntala in this case. He used to take Shakuntala to different schools to display her unimaginable math skills and earn money in exchange. Shakuntala always hated her father and infact used to burst out at her mom for always being naive and feared. Shakuntala Devi used to earn money by showing her skills at parties, meetings, schools, universities and every other place having public gatherings. She made a great living for herself and shifted to London. She still had the same hate for her parents, especially her mom for not manning-up to her father, and in her rage, Shakuntala Devi made a very rude comment to her mom -“I will be a better mother than you!” 
A few years later, Shakuntala fell in love, had a baby girl – and then the family shifted back to India, Shakuntala left her Math cause now being a mother and spending time with her baby girl was more important than her love for Math. Not only Shakuntala Devi, but so many mothers out there sacrifice their dreams, goals and passions for their kids – but all we do is “Blaming them for the one thing they don’t do for us!”But poor Shakuntala Devi couldn’t resist her love for math so she started taking Anupama (her baby) to every country she visited. Shakuntala Devi always had such high ambitions in her life and travelling the world was one of her great ambitions. 
Shakuntala Devi missed out the fact that Anupama wasn’t as ambitious as her – which she saw as a flaw. She never realized that Anupama was not Shakuntala Devi and she had her own life and her own ambitions. Shakuntala Devi used to take Anupama with her to every country where she performed; and now history was repeating itself. Now Anupama couldn’t live her school days and now she started hating her mom for ruining her childhood. There came a time when Anupama left her mom and said the exact same words which once Shakuntala Devi had told – “I will be a better mother than you!” 
Deja vu – that’s what Shakuntala Devi felt and then she realized her mistake. Indeed a lesson learnt not only by her but also by us Value and Respect people while they are alive, cause they leave us with RegretsThis movie indeed just received a 6.3 on 10 IMBD rating, but the movie is definitely a great biopic. Shakuntala Devi deserves a huge amount of respect and appraisal than she received. Sincere thanks to Anu Menon and Vidya Balan for directing and acting in this film respectively. Ambition is great, but Ambitions at the cost of Personal Sacrifices is not worth it. People may come and go, but all you have will always be your FAMILY.   We will always miss you Shakuntala Devi – in our hearts forever!

Life is just a collection of Missed Opportunities

Opportunities – some make your future while others break it. Opportunities are what give a meaning to our lives. Dreams and opportunities are the reason for waking up and working hard. Dreams are our fantasy world and opportunities are the medium to fulfill the dreams. It’s rightly said – “Life is all about the next step” and as kids we were always told to “choose our steps cautiously.”  Life is not great because of the decisions we choose to make, but because of the decisions we choose not to make.People often argue saying that life is all because of something we choose to do, to which i agree-to-disagree. Only when you let go off one thing, a better thing steps in – that’s Life. Having a negative perspective towards everything happening in our life won’t help. 
Life always blesses us with opportunities, but what really matters is the “Understanding of letting go off something to let the better thing step in.” We often hear people saying “Yaar agar thodi himmat kar leta toh puri zindagi mazedaar hoti!” That’s the perfect example of missed opportunities. We are so used to regretting that we have forgotten the word “repair and re-work.”
Making mistakes is a human tendency and we need not crib about it. Everybody makes mistakes but the most successful ones are those who work on their mistakes and correct it. A Wrong Decision doesn’t Ruin your Future, but, Your Effort on Not Correcting the Decision Destroys your Future. 

LIFE is but a GAMBLE, let FLIPISM guide your RAMBLE

LIFE is but a GAMBLE, let FLIPISM guide your RAMBLE

“Flipism”, sometimes written as “Flippism”, is a pseudo-philosophy under which decisions are made by flipping a coin. A coin has two sides – heads and tail. People often use Flipism to choose between two complicated life changing decisions. Decisions play a very important role in our life. Making the right decision looks easy when you have to choose between a right and a wrong. But what if you have to choose between two rights?Now let me explain the meaning of two rights.Say for e.g. you want to become a businessman and you are pretty sure that you can handle a business smartly. Before starting a business you have two options;

  • Acquire a great theoretical knowledge by getting a degree ranging from 2-4 years  and then start up your own business


  • Use these 2-4 years as a learning period and work under somebody or with a corporation to get all the required practical – market related knowledge 

Now both these decisions are going to help you with your business. A degree will give you a financial stability, and a security if fore-say your business fails.But, a 2-4 years of market study and practical knowledge will strengthen you in those areas which the 4 year of degree won’t help out in. This is a perfect example of two right decisions. Here’s when Flipism comes to use. Now people argue that such decisions turn out to be random and vague; but that’s where they mess up. Yes, Flipism works at a 50% probability but people often tend to ignore the “momentary decision making” ability triggered by flipism.
Lets reconsider our previous example;Heads will be “A degree with theoretical knowledge”Tails will be “Learning period with complete market study”Now if you use the normal methodology, and rely on the side at which the coin falls, then there is no use of the “momentary decision making” capability. When you toss the coin, there is that faint moment when your brain gives and answer! Even when we toss the coin while playing cricket, we already have made up our mind as to whether we will bowl first or field first, The coin toss is a mere fate deciding factor. That’s what flipism is all about – Inclining our brain towards one path and wishing for the coin to fall at that individual side. 
That’s why Flipism is so important for our life – it gives us the exact purpose of our life. The most suitable, apt and correct decisions are usually taken by Flipism because you already know your path before the coin falls. 
So next time, “When your LIFE is a GAMBLE, let FLIPISM guide your RAMBLE”

Your Conscience – Right vs Wrong

We all need someone to look forward to when we need support, advice or a shoulder to lean on. They usually are our friends, family or at times counselors too. But do you think they are the only ones who we should rely upon. We usually call up our friends to share some good news or ask for help when in a dilemma. We live in a very modernized, free-minded and socially active world. Hanging out with friends, chilling over beer parties, gossiping about the new guy/girl in college is very normal for everyone. Out of all the advisers, our favorite and preferred advisers are our Best-Friends! We often tag our Best-Friends as our favorites or saviors; but what if these saviors or favorites aren’t available for you?

People have been so dependent on others for solution that they have forgotten the best advisers they have! Its your Conscience. Our conscience is that moral ground which tells us whether we are doing the right or the wrong thing. Our brain is our strongest tool, which we don’t even use to half its capability. Our brain is our true best-friend whom we should look forward to during times of dilemma. Your friends may leave you, parents may disagree to you, but your brain is gonna be with you till eternity. You all may have observed that at many incidents your intuition steps in. Intuition is nothing but the instinctive decision taken without conscious reasoning. People say “believe your gut” cause it tells you what’s right and wrong.
I would never say to let go of your best-friends, but I would always advice to listen to your conscience – cause believe it or not; 

People may lie to please your emotions, but your Conscience is the most blunt sense of your life; It Wont Lie!

author – soham parekh

Soham Parekh – an undergraduate student, pretty good dancer, blogger and motivator. He knows how to portray words so as to touch every reader’s heart. His most preferred writing style is “Mirroring Reality” and “Motivation.” He will post the obvious reality in a unique way. He believes in the concept of “Write to Realize” wherein his content will hold your attention till the last word. He has been successful in motivating many people to take the correct decisions with his unique Flippism technique. Stay tuned for some real motivation. Keep supporting.

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