What exactly is nirvana?

Nirvana is a place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven. In Hinduism and Buddhism, nirvana is the highest state that someone can attain, a state of enlightenment, meaning a person’s individual desires and suffering go away.

So coming to nirvana in terms of a booknerd😌 surrounded by books and getting lost in the trance of reading in just a different world. Here comes by book recommendation for you guys called CHASING NIRVANA BY RAFAA DALVI.

“Daddy, have you seen God?”

“No, Shabana. I haven’t seen God. But he is always guiding us. He is always watching over us.” “Daddy, why does God always watch over us?”

“God watches over all of us because he loves us and wants us to be good human beings.”

“Daddy, what happens if we’re not good?”

“God forgives you and gives you another chance.”

Flash fiction!!

Omg! I didn’t knew these flash fictions can be made Interesting too. There are collection of almost 50 stories in this book and I loved each and every story. GOD GUIDES was cute🥺❤️ (the excerpt) I enjoyed reading reunion also. Oh! There are so many man! The writing style is simple and engaging enough to keep you hooked. Some stories are cliffhanger, some will leave you thinking and let you discover your own endings. Give it a read once, I mean the title itself is catchy enough isn’t it!? Like literally chasing nirvana means chasing happiness, that feeling so title was damn 5/5.

I loved this book totally. Did I enjoyed reading this? Immensely. Is this book great for people in a slump? Indeed a perfect read.

Grab a copy and dive into chasing nirvana. Hope you find it.💕

Story of unbelievable miracles of life by Dinesh Sahay

Memoirs are the backstairs to history!


Now I personally love to read memoirs. Why? There are so many reasons, you love a person’s experience, you know how he survived this hella cruel world, and you Definitely learn a lot. Don’t you!?


Well, this book isn’t just a memoir it’s basically magic happening or according to the title miracles happening in the author’s life. Interesting isn’t it?

“If you visualize what you want in life, then getting and achieving targets will be easier for you, and can get what you want in life.”


Now, you maybe a not believing in miracles just like me, but then I entered this book without expectations not knowing that when I will come out of the book I’ll actually be believing in miracles and having a hope that miracles can happen.

This book quotes many miraculous incidents happening with the author starting from his childhood, marriage days and some life changing death escaping miracles. All the chapters in the book have something waiting for you to know it learn it gain it implement it. Now you may have read many non fiction books and out of personal experience many NF books lack reference making it hard to assimilate the facts written. Unlike all those, this one had perfect examples proving it’s point, and that’s what make this book even more valuable and to the point. I personally loved the chapter “Make your dreams while following the laws of nature” because it’s so informative and there lot to grasp and implement in that.

So, I really don’t want to start quoting every chapter and lines from the book as it will be a spoiler. This book is a short and quick read but my advice would be to take it slow, read it wisely and process your thoughts accordingly.Definitely not a gem to be missed.



WELL WELL!! It’s weird to write about oneself,write about myself. Isn’t it? okay so since i’m here,a lil intro wont hurt.

Hey there guys, so let me introduce myself myself in a dramatic way. LOL. I’m SONALI. Ya thats it,dont ask first name last name. my name is sonali. period. okay! i’m a girl who is busy finding her own way and dwelling in books. Okay,i’m here to express my views and write my heart out on what i feel on BOOKS.

my all time favourite books are:-

  1. The seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor jenkins reid
  2. Aristotle and dante discover the secrets of universe by benjamin alire saenz
  3. The fault in our stars by john green

All in all, i’m not a writer by profession but i’m good at spilling my thoughts out in composed way. So, see ya all with good recs,book recs, movie recs, maybe..something else too. ALSO, you guys are all welcome to check out my booktube channel:) link attached on my about me!!

See ya all! keep reading and exploring peeps!! Toast to a great journey ahead.



“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.”

– Glenn Close

Well, then why do people fail to understand this?

That’s what we need to get Somewhere in our heads and understand it’s nothing to shame!! Nothing to hide.. nothing to not talk about!! Still still today, people fail to express. 
Disease in our country is associated to physical health but what people fail to understand is that without being psychologically, spiritually, physically and MENTALLY HEALTHY no one is ever fit! And that’s nothing to be shameful about! 

See!!!! And that’s why that’s why awareness is needed no for the people suffering from mental illness but for the people who fail to accept mental illness as just an illness but treat the people as mental or abnormal! 
And what’s a better way than intertwining this issue with a beautiful fictional story! 

This story as the title itself is so Intriguing that one cannot figure out what will be this about! This story is all about a boy called Onir, who lost her girlfriend palchinn in a car accident in the few pages of the story!! Then he suffers with depression and stays aloof by separating and breaking ties from all the outside world! And confining himself to his dairies and his only friend lavin. But then one fine day, stars start to shine bright again when he found a girl who was as broken as he was, ziya!

He started to feel and connect to ziya and finally happy days are back until the day when lavin made him realize there is no ziya! 

“Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it isn’t so.”

– Lemony Snicket

This story deals with depression, personality disorder and depression! When Onir was not able to find anyone fitting to his category he created his own friend in his mind same as palachin and found solace in her! But all of it was illusion!

illusion is reality and reality is illusion! – Albert Einstein

I was not able to decipher this at the starting but it made perfect sense when the story started coming to climax and then the ultimate plot twist made it all clear. Well,what lacked was I wanted to see Onir healthy and happy at the end,which didn’t happen! Maybe it’s just my stupid mind wanting an happy ending which is again never a reality!! 
People need to understand mental illness! Self care and love is the way out! ️


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