Fiction With A Tinge Of Reality by Shivangi Madhiyan

Fiction With A Tinge Of Reality is an amazing collection of short stories.

As the title suggests this book consists of fictional stories based on reality.

In all the stories the author has portrayed the message that we should do whatever makes us happy rather than thinking about opinions of other people on our decisions.

I liked all the stories from the book but Complementary Hugs, An Uncompromising Journalist, Defective Taboo, Leisurely Misery, Unrealistic Boundaries, Realigning Interiors and intangible Inheritance are my favourite stories from the book.

I liked the way how the author has depicted the message of seeking professional help for mental health of an individual in the story “Defective Taboo”

In the story “Realigning Interiors” the author assures the readers that it’s okay to take your own time to deal with the tough times in life.

Language is lucid.

I recommend this book to young adults

8titude by Ranjan Kamo

The short stories in this book perfectly sums up the quote “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it”
As the title suggests, “8titude” this book contains 8 short stories which reflects the meaning and importance of attitude flawlessly.
The author has portrayed all the problems which we face at some or other point in our life and be at war either with ourselves or with others. May it be the struggle to follow your passion, being possessive for your loved ones, forgetting your priorities.
Reading this book will definitely help the readers to have optimistic outlook towards their life.
I am glad that I decided to read this book.
I recommend this book to everyone!

Destined to be yours By Komal Tayade

This is the story of friendship, love and loss.

I loved the way how author has weaved the story and depicted the message of moving on after the occurrence of catastrophe in life through this contemporary romance novel.

This is the love story of Vivaan and Samira.
On the first day of college, the moment Vivaan saw Samira he started liking her. It was love at first sight for him. Soon, Samira begin to like Vivaan. Their love started blooming with each passing day.

Vivaan proposed Samira for marriage. Just when everything was going perfect, a tragedy befalls Vivaan. Samira is depressed due to Vivaan’s death.

What plans does destiny has for Samira?

How will Samira move on?

Overall, it is a heart-warming and inspiring read.

The title and cover is apt for the book.

My favourite quotes from the book are as follows:

Some things will break your heart but fix your vision.

Some journeys take you far from where you come from, but closer to where you belong.

We never know whom we are going to stay with and who is destined to be a part of our life.

I recommend this book to everyone.

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Article about my book “The Epistle Of Love”

About the book
“The Epistle of Love” is a book compiled with ten inspirational letters written by the author from her personal experiences which will surely inspire each and every reader to be enthusiastic even at the tough times in their life.
To be a source of inspiration for someone during their tough times through your inspirational words which are depicted in a book is best way to heal the pain of readers.
The letters written in the book will surely inspire each and every reader even at the tough times in their life. May it be a teenager,students, parents, teachers and many others.

In Author’s opinion a good writer is a one who writes about their personal experiences so that readers can be inspired through writings.
Author loves to pen down her experiences in the form of simple letters. This is what led to the book “The Epistle of Love” Many a times at some or the other point of life we may feel halfhearted or like giving up.
Sometimes Author of the book has also felt the same but, the kind and inspirational words of her loved ones is what helped her to be enthusiastic even at the tough times in her life.
The letters written in the book will surely inspire each and every reader even at the tough times in their life. May it be a teenager,students, parents, teachers and many others.


This book is available in ebook and paperback format

Grab your copy from the link given below:

Happy Reading!



You can either be a decorator or be a spoiler of your dreams.
By doing hardwork you can turn your dreams into reality.
By being lazy you can never turn uour dreams into reality.
Be a decorator or be a spoiler.
The choice is yours.

Love Guru Connection By Samar Deep Singh

This book is a collection of inspiring love stories but as the sub title says ‘it is not just a love story’ it also includes advices given by Kabir aka Love Guru through his show will definitely useful for lovers.

Kiara is a software professional an innocent girl from Ajmer who migrated to Mumbai – The City Of Dreams to fulfill her dreams but she lost her job so decided to go back to her home town, Ajmer amid of the chaos going on in her life she begins to listen to the show of RJ Kabir aka Love Guru.

Listening to his show helps Kiara to heal and she started having feelings for him. At this point she got to know about the inspiring love stories and that is of Aunt Rosie & Ranjeet, Love Guru aka Kabir & Kriti and Kiara’s parents. These love stories have a huge impact on Kiara’s personality.

The radio and guitar which was gifted by Kiara’s father played a major role in her life.

How will the show piece kept in Kiara’s room change her life?

Kiara has never experienced the feeling of being in love.

Will Kiara ever be able to experience the feeling of being in love?

Will Kiara be able to express her feelings to Love Guru?

How will the inspiring love stories of Kiara’s of her near and dear ones affect her personality?

Read this inspiring book to know more!!

There are many lines in the book which inspired me but few are as follows:

some gifts are meant to change destiny otherwise we become the showpiece

Sometimes things don’t work our way….try another way out.

Heart-break tends to make you a philosopher or a thinker! They make you a real sensitive human-being…quite close to perfection.

Only you could control your mind that in turn controls your heart. It’s the only cure until you find someone special close to your heart.

With empty pockets, you tend to listen more to your mind than to heart!

A person without dreams or aspirations can be assumed as dead!

Title and cover is apt for the book.
Language is lucid.
This book has many inspirational  lessons to offer so I recommend this inspirational book to everyone.


Life is like a spring

Life is like a spring no matter how much we try to pull it back or stretch it forward but it will be pulled back or stretched forward according to what is written in our destiny.

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