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Story :Time to murder
Author : Prakash Goenka

Picture says it all

🍁The story starts with the murder of a guy, who was found to be a business man named Arnab Mehra

🍁The investigation goes on further and the police starts investigating on the death happened at same place few months back.

🍁Asmita Thakur (new girl in Delhi) is a sensible women. She moves from Udaipur and it’s her first journey away from her comfort zone.

🍁She couldn’t differentiate between love and attraction and suffers a lot due to her wrong decision.

🍁Her death was mentioned as suicide but her story reveals after the murder of Arnab.❌

🍁Is it a murder ?? Who is taking revenge of her death ?
Though we could guess the story at some point, I felt it’s more dragging.❓❓❓

🍁The blog which she reads at every stage of her life were good and the writer maintained the curiosity among the readers by not revealing the blogger’s name till end.  🅱️l🅾️g

Overall a good read and nice twist at the end

Mythology book review- Karna’s wife

Story : Karna’s wife
Author: Kavita Kane

Do you ever loved Karna more in Mahabharata..?❣️ This book gives you the vision of Karna. we all knew that Karna being a great warrior was not accepted by anyone except Duryodhana. This book shows us how a warrior gets humiliated because of his caste. ❌

Karna , never wanted to be a king. He just wanted recognition from the society as a great archer.

Uruvi, princess of pukeya, (nearby Kingdom of hastinapur) have been brought up along with kauravas and pandavas. At her swayamvara, she chooses Karna over Arjuna.

Being a witful women, she fought against odds to be with Karna. I felt more love for Karna after reading the magical love between them.

❓❓Few questions asked by Mahabharata lovers have been brought to limelight here❓❓

Love between Draupati and Karna have been always a debate question. The feelings they shared for other was explained perfectly.

The only good thing happened to Duryodhana was Karna. Though he choose Karna as a triumph card against pandavas, his love for his friend rose above all heights in the course of time.

I have always felt hatred towards Kunti. She being selfish determined the life of Draupati ( getting married to 5 people) and Karna ( rejected him by throwing into the river ).I felt the words from URUVI thrashing KUNTI were directly from heart and everyone reading it can get it’s rage.

Genuine feeling of Karna. Simple recognition could have changed his fate.✔️

The worst practice such as niyoga was explained by the people who have undergone them.

This book is for all the mythological lovers. Neat presentation of Mahabharata’s different perspective.

Book review – palace of illusions

The palace of illusions

*A story which made me read again and again and always left me with tears. It’s truly a magical version of Mahabharata.✍️

As a kid, I was grown up hearing intertwined stories of Mahabharata. Yet this draupati’s version opened a different perspective.✔️

* Women can be a worst enemy of other – I felt it when draupati’s fate was decided by kunti.🚺

* I have always found  facination towards Krishna. After reading about how he helped draupati in all her downtime ,it made me to love him more.💚

* Untold love of draupati towards Karna may/ may not be true. But it’s truly magical.✔️

*Author made a great effort in making draupati as a next door girl (especially when she thinks of her wrong decision in marrying pandavas instead of Karna).❤️

* The war sequence were well written with appropriate characters in place ( too many characters would have left us with too many confusions).

* Though Arjun was a true hero ,we may feel more love towards Karna.

* Happy memories of draupati at her last minutes reveals us the fact that she was truly loved by gods themselves. Even Krishna never let her down at any point of her life.

* Atlast, we may find Bheem’s love towards Draupati is highly appealing than any of the pandavas.

✍️ Intro

Hey all.. am Lakshmi.. I love reading books and writing as well. Have written few short stories in my mother tongue Tamil
I love to explore more historical and travel related books. Looking forward to publish my own writing.

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