To you, with lobe by Shravya Bhinder

Childhood love are innocent, aren’t it? The sweetest dreams of childhood attraction, I never heard of such love getting fulfilled. What about you?

💫 Today I am talking about my last second read, “to you, with love” by one of my favourite author Shravya Bhinder. Before moving forward, I would like to say something about cover. This is so damn beautiful and mesmerizing. You can see sunflowers on cover right? So the main female character, ayra loves sunflowers, not rose. Well, she was different from other girls.

Moving forward, the plot is so beautiful and the ending of the story made me teary. Ayra and Sahil were classmates, seatmates and best friends. But due to some reason or other, they were separated during school time. But destiny, you know. Destiny let them meet again. Sahil was in love with her. He started meeting her frequently and they both married after some time. Let’s see what happen to their married life? What made the ending emotional? Is it someone’s death or divorce?

Like other books of Shravya, this has also been my favourite. As usual, language is simple and story catches eyes of author and intrigue them till the end.

I will just say, read this book. I am sure, you’re going to love it.

Happy reading

Half and a love syory by Vishal Anand

🌻 Love stories are amazing, aren’t it? Have you ever fall in love? Have you confessed your one sided love ever? How it feels, when you think to be in a relationship with your crush? Do reply to me in comment section.

🌻Book name: One & a half love story
🌻Author name: Vishal Anand
🌻Format: Paperback
🌻Rating: 4.5/4

🌻 Let’s talk about the plot of the book, with which I am here today. A kind, polite and gentle boy named Viraj. He had a crush named Namisha from college days. But due to some reasons, they weren’t in a relationship. After some days, they planned to be together and give their bond a name of relationship. Once, they both were talking on call. And a girl named Shriya was continuously calling Viraj. She loves him. She rejected the call many a time. But once mistakenly he made the call conference and the girl Shriya confessed her feeling infront of Viraj and Namisha. This put some misunderstanding in the mind of Namisha. To know what happen next, you have to read the book. What happen to the relationship of Namisha and Viraj? Will Shriya’s one sided love will ever succeed?

🌻 Author did a great job in this book. The characters are well explained. Plot is simple and interesting. Language is simple and understandable. Cover is sweet with those sunflowers. Overall a good read for me. Let me know, what do you think about this book.

Happy reading!

Techno threats

Social media have been an important part of our life, isn’t it? Even after a tiring day, we wish to visit our social profiles for just ten minutes before sleeping. It’s been a daily routine to us. It seems as a peaceful place to many of us.

But sometimes, when we check the option named “Message request”, what we find there is some pictures from strangers. These pictures are not just good morning or night or any sweet quote picture. They sends their naked pictures to unknown and feels like this particular human will accept my request and compliment me. Or else they’ll accept my offer and will be mine. Respected brother, she checked her message request as she was waiting for your picture na?

Bro!! Sending your naked pic to unknown is not cool at all. This is just a shameful act you’re committing. Whatever imagine your sister getting such pictures or video in her DM, what would be your reaction? Will you praise that guy? Nahi na? Then why are you doing such act with sister of someone else.

Well, sometime girls put a complain against them, and what their reply is “i sent it by mistake, or else someone hacked my account and sent it to her. It was not my fault.” Wow! Amazing. Claps for this man! This is such a cheap and low standard act you did! You will never understand what a girl feels after watching such pictures. But what you can do is making them guilty for recieving such pictures.

Respected stranger, don’t try to ruin the environment of social media so that people will be scared to check their profile even. Try to learn, how to respect someone’s privacy. Try to respect a human. I know, you lost humanity and self respect but still just imagine once, what if she is your sister!

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