Uniquely & Precisely written with images, illustrations, morals for a child to purchase it at one sight seeing the coloured vision inside & outside look of the book.
Seems strange to see the valuable morals & stories written by a kid. Where we elders are supposed to make a story & tell, young chap has made our job easier by publishing it.
Young author can be an ideal for other kids as an inspiration to his age group which can help them divert their attention from computers, online time-pass stuffs to doing something creatively.
Look forward to more of such books before the author grows in-time & his vision & imagination changes from child to an adult.



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Book review

“Another master piece from Kochery C Shibu, the best-selling
and Award-winning author of the critically acclaimed literary
fiction, Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar.

Faith and the Beloved is a crime mystery thriller and A riveting
saga of love, lust, betrayal, intrigue and revenge. With this the
Bangalore based author Kochery C Shibu, has truly set
international standards to crime thrillers in Indian English


The crime thriller mystery novel is for mature adult readers. It
contains graphic descriptions which may not suit all. Reader
discretion is advised.

The Dharavi model

The title of this book would rather had been, ‘Dharavi Model, A success Project’. This book will clearly tell you how despite being poor, weak, helpless and powerless Dharavi fought and succeeded in winning the battle against the dangerous coronavirus pandemic. Screening, containment, and mitigation strategies were effectively considered in Dharavi and thereby Dharavi achieved a massive success in crushing the virus spread. Enforcing a strict lockdown and blocking the movement of residents except for essential services, have helped greatly in controlling the virus spread. MCGM ensured proper sanitation of the streets of Dharavi frequently. The launch of intense screening and sanitation drive had a great impact in flattening the curves. The Maharashtra government took special care on Dharavi’s heel from the virus because there was a great chance of quick spread in that area. All the detailed part I don’t think anything had been exaggerated but in some parts like the death parts of the heroes who I believe were no less than war heroes could have been more highlighted. Its an absolute 4.5 out 5 for reading as per me.

The killing of Aarushi and the murder of justice


This book entirely depicts the different versions of the case of Aarushi. The author gives his opinion and different aspects of how the murder is done.
The book is divided into four parts :
1. Dr. Rajesh Talwar and DR. Nupur Talwar murdered Aarushi and Hemraj
2. The servant’s associates committed the two murders
3. Someone else killed Aarushi and Hemaraj
4. The murder of justice
The author clearly explained all the possible ways of how the case is investigated and also showed the different aspects in each and every assumption of case.
We may get many queries of particular situations in the case and all those answered here.

Leon dekar and the sky garden

Book review

Leon Dakar and the sky garden, is the book where our protagonist leon who lost his brother and he was dreaming about him. He thought whether that dreams are trying to tell him something important. So, he wants to know whether that dreams are true or not and then forms a small group with his friends and starts his adventurous journey to find the truth.
I can say that this book will bring interest when you are reading especially for the children and for those who loves imaginary world of adventures.
The characters and their dialogues are relatable and are in flow, and coming to narration, it is very well built with great words.

C/C++ interview questions

Book review

This book will be very helpful for interviews. Questions are divided according to the topics, and on each topic we can see in how many ways a question can be asked and there are almost 300+ questions available in this book. And with the knowledge of these questions we can calculate how questions can be asked ?
And they have also provided some HR questions which will be helpful for us.

And finally I would like to say if you are preparing for an interview and if you have any doubts regarding the way how the questions will be asked you can go through this book and this will be very helpful for proper planning of preparing.

You can buy this book here –


Chasing A Familiar Shadow by Aman Gupta was a very good and interesting read. It’s a long book, so even though I read quickly, it took me at least two days to finish it. The book includes hundreds of clues, and the plot is now beginning to unfold. One piece of advice for anyone reading this: read the first book first, as it will help you understand the chronology. Emma is my favourite character, and she never ceases to amaze me.

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Book review

Sometimes, someone can love you passionately with their feelings and still be unable to love you the right way with their actions. Though we think that we find a person who is right sometimes it may not.
The story revolves around kashika, vidit and vivan. Kashika who can’t tolerate the behavior of vivan, broke up with him and started moving on with the help of vidit who is her colleague and also engaged , slowly they fall in love but there is a big twist in their life.
I suggest to read this book to know that big twist, and coming to narration it is simple and easy to understand.
Author explained every part of the story very clearly and there are some poems by kashika which I loved so much.
I recommend this book to everyone, this is such a beautiful story.

Book link is here —

Emo zeal – saga of emotional lockdown

Book review

Human is a social animal, which is evolutionarily developed to live in open in freedom and collaboration of the surrounding were imposed by a drastic lockdown due to a novel coronavirus, which brought not only physical demobilisation but also a mental one.

This book comes with 11 short stories taking you deep into the psyche of general people around and explains it with a deep sense of wisdom both spiritual and phycological and medical.
The book is written in very lucid language, the cover of the book resonates with the whole theme of the book.


A book of well depicted real life situations

(Book review)

Me too , this book highlights the real life issues faced by the people in the society.  Here the author described many stories how women infact not only women starting from small child how girls are harrassed and abused sexually.
It is not that easy to share that pain, these are the real life situations of girls and how they are facing these issues and while complaining about them the questions asked by the people are really not tolerable.
While reading you all will definitely will feel how tough it will be to face those situation.
This book also shows the problems with our systems not only in case of justice but also in education system,thinking way of society…

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