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book is a great book filled with lots of inspiration and motivation.

It includes 111 motivational quotes that not only inspires us but also emphasizes  faith and hope in oneself.

The author has done incredible job and this book is totally worth picking.

I learned so many new things which can be foremost used in numerous situations of life.

This book is filled with philosophy of soul and materialism.

I must say that the book is just fabulous and must read. The cover and title is also great and fascinating.

🥳About the Festival

1. It is a celebration of literature and books in the world of the Metaverse.
To encourage children to read, we have launched a special campaign: exchanging old books for new ones. Let your kids bring their old books and get them exchanged.
We believe that creativity is something everyone has inside. It’s a spark that lights up when you’re around like-minded creative people.

2. It hopes to reimagine the Literature. As a place where the great problems of the day are pondered forgotten and cleared up – and literary festivals – as the forum for functional and engaged stage in the 21st century – in one swoop as the first literary festival in the world conceived and hosted by a Raindrops.
We are bringing your favourite authors under one roof for two days! How amazing is that!? Bookworms and the ‘next-gen bookstagrammers’ are invited to visit us at the event and meet writers from everywhere as this festival celebrates the creative spirit within each one of us. We believe in improving the status quo by collaborating and growing with our creative folks.
● 2k+ Participants
● 100+ Speakers
● 5+ AR/VR Experience Zone
● 15+ Workshops
● 30+ Artists
● 2 Days

🥳What You’ll Find
● Panel discussions
● Book launches
● Author interactions
● Bookstore
● Storytelling
● Book signing
● Book exchange
● Masterclass
● Blockchain
● Crypto
● AR/VR Experience Zone

🥳Contact Details

Phone: 8951807456

🥳Our social media handles
Insta profile for tags – raindropsfest.nft – raindropspublishers

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There is no doubt that this book isn’t based on love, and moreover i do not like the cliché romance at all. But honestly this book is so unique in its own.
The lyrical narration and the character development was so good and made it worthy read. The emotions were so nicely penned and portrayed that not even a single time i felt that i should not read any further.
The storyline revolves around two college going students and their feelings that develops for each other. The story follows their actions, their feelings, and their point of view for the relationship.
Illustrations present at every page somehow modifies the reading experience of the readers.
The easy language and excellent narrative just adds to the beauty of this book. Along with great title, the cover has also been great and lovely.
A definite recommendation to every romance lover.


Unusual poetry

I love this book. It is not easy to write poems dedicated to particular emotions in a single collection, much less forty of them, but Sonal Maharana has done a tremendous job with it. My personal favourite is the poem on laziness (also titled Laziness, as all the poems are titled after a certain emotion) and I think it’s wonderfully written because of the word play and how well the poem flows. I also love the poems titled Fear and Curiosity, but once again, Laziness is my absolute favourite.

Klexos, this was honestly my favourite poem in this anthological collection by Sonal Maharana. Yes, there are many poems in the book and yes there are many more rare emotions brought anew through these poems. But why I love this particular one is because I had to look it up and when I did, the meaning just made me fall in love with it more. Klexos, the art of an undying past. Simply brilliant.



There’s no dull moment in this action thriller novel where every character has a story arc that leaves you gasping! All of them are so well described, it feels like you know them personally and this is even more surprising when you realise that these diverse characters, cutting across professions, locations and gender are actually penned by a single person. The voices and traits are so different which makes this even more surprising and the layered narrative leaves you pondering.

Naithy Cherozil is a rich and successful business woman from Mumbai who marries the young and handsome model Tony Dâ??Souza after the death of her spouse. Little does she know that the ideal sex slave of her husband is the sleeper cell of a terror outfit. Events in her life take unforeseen turns as the male Mata Hari is activated. Prem Rollands is a â??Kalariâ?? exponent and a brilliant student whose world revolves around his brother Arun. Things go awry when the police kill Arun under mysterious circumstances. Prem kills the inspector in retribution and is on the run. He is on the lookout to find the dark secrets leading to Arunâ??s death. Prem must avenge those who have plotted to kill his brother. Eighteen year old Alice Cherozil knows more about computers and mystery games than a girl of her age. Her life falls apart when her mother is hospitalised and in a coma. She is playing the ultimate mystery game of her life as the web of secrets surrounding two precious diamonds and her stepfather threaten to destroy her family. She overcomes the moral dilemma to kill her stepfather. Alice must outwit the underworld and stay ahead of all to save her motherâ??s life or the guilt of her failure will haunt her forever. As the lives of Naithy, Prem and Alice cross each other they must retain their faith and protect their beloved ones, even at the cost of their own lives. Another masterpiece from, the bestselling and Award – winning author of Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar. A riveting saga of love, lust, betrayal, intrigue and revenge.

#thecreativecircleofficial #tccauthors #tccbookcampaign

Thank you @thecreativecircleofficial  for this book. ❤

The Sage


Sage is a really powerful and sacred herb used for spiritual cleansing and positivity. By the title itself we can conclude that the book must be either philosophical or spiritual.  It turns out to be a great book to put hands on.

It also encourages the idea of self love which is the key to everything.  If one is seeking love from other, then one must learn to love oneself and then only one can achieve love from others.

The storyline is promising and revolves around Nikhil. He is looking for the answer to all the questions that he has from the life.

Nikhil is traveling back to India and while traveling he thinks about his childhood,  his friend,  krishna, and his good days.  Just like every other person, he too has problems in his life and even though trying hard, he just could not end up in positivity. He ends up pointing out every theory he learnt as a child.

Revolving around these issues, slowly he realizes his worth and awakens spiritually.

It was a relatable read as we all face these proin our life but how we deal with them is the thing that matters the most.

We can either deal with them positively and sort the things or deal with them with more stress and negativity and end up making the scenario more miserable.
Overall i loved this book and everyone should read this book definitely.

Wild Pet

The books with kings and queens, fantasy and extraordinary elements always excite me and this book as well is one such book. I was really intrigued with this book.
“Wild Pet”  is loaded with adventures and romance which will keep you hooked till the ending.
The title and book cover is brilliantly designed and captivating.
It was so good to see a naive girl grow into a warrior. Everything about this book was so exquisite. The language and narration is also very precise and beautiful.
Loved the book and definitely recommended to everyone.

Definitely 4 🌟


The book is a comic read.  The book is filled with comic moments and laughters without any logic.  However,  the comedy doesn’t need any logic.  This book is 3rd in the series but its my first read and being impressed with this read, i am really fascinated towards the other two.

As the title justifies,  the story revolves around the main protagonist Blahman where he along with his sister and Aven are trapped in a cube by Jessica. They are in search of a way to get out.

The paperback version  also includes the colouring part and a cutout bookmark.
The language and narration is subtle and simple with jokes and laughs.
Overall, a pleasurable and funny read.

Warming bloom

The book is a collection of 50 poems where
Ten topics have been merged into five poems each.

The book discusses about several environmental issues that we are facing in current era like global warming, disasters, etc.
This book is relatable and connecting as we all are facing such issues.

It is indeed need of the hour.   It will at least make the readers aware about the concerns. 
This book deserves reading and in my opinion everyone should read this.

The language is simple  and comprehensive with excellent  vocabulary.  The cover and title is very beautiful.  Highly recommended.

Is Divine Energy: The Secret Of The Limitless Immanent Valur by Vipin Gupta

Is Divine Energy: The Secret Of The Limitless Immanent Valur by Vipin Gupta is a peaceful and divine self help book. As the name claims, the book is absolutely insightful and impacting.
The title of the book is so beautiful and  energetic. 
The book has six chapters in total and further, we would find subtitles in those chapters.
Divine mindset isn’t something that is meant only for monks and saints  but it is an energy that makes us productive, positive and confident  to achieve success. 
Author has not only wrote the content according to spirituality and spiritualism but has also explained vividly by the help of science.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it inspired me a lot too.
I must appreciate the efforts of the author in so much of research work while writing this book.
I will definitely implement the good things discussed in the book into my life.  
The language is beautiful and flowing. 
This book is a sure recommendable read but the high level of mature content, it is not suitable fir teenagers or beginners. Overall a deep and thoughtful read.

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