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Lost love late love.

Today we will be talk about a wonderful love story. With different flavours and colour of life. Lost love late love by Namrata Gupta

The story revolves around a young girl who is a corporate worker named Kashika. Unable to proceed onward from her relationship which is emotionally abusive as her Boyfriend losses temper and hits her.

As a fresh breeze Vidit strolled into Kashika’s life. Making her feel more worth leaving as they became more intimate with each other. Will the breeze last longer? As Vidit is about to tie his note with some else.

The book is filled with different emotions. The author penned it beautifully. The book is a short read and it will be a nice pick for every romance reader.



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by Dr Yatindra Pal Singh

The clock tower has always been a fascinating thing for everyone.
They hold the story and have seen City evolve. They have seen City from having one clock to having millions of them. This book is a collection of such clock towers which has many stories to tell.

The detailed description from the history of the city to the history of the clock tower in very simple words that anyone can read very easily. this book becomes a must-have for every individual who is inclined towards history and beautiful monuments such as ghantaghar.


Society sees a diverse aspect of reality, Astrology is one of its manifestation of that reality. I being a believer of astrology was astonished by such a detailed book.
The book is an outcome of many years of personal experience in the field of Matching horoscope. Summary after every chapter makes it easy to understand and get the salient features of each chapter. Its illustration depicted both in North Indian and South Indian style makes it reader-friendly.
With its easy explanation and simple illustration, the book will surely be a guide for matching horoscope and also for analyzing post-marital life.
It’s a must-have on your shelf if you are a subscriber of astrology and its science.

by Shivamaya

Mohabbat Hakikat Zindagi, Bas Yuhi

शायर ने ग़ज़ल की रंगीन चादर तैयार की है; मोहब्बत, हकीक़त और ज़िन्दगी का तानाबाना इन पन्नों पर झलकाने का कयास लगाया है। यह तमाम ग़ज़लें मोहब्बत और ज़िन्दगी को समकक्ष खड़ा करके पूछती हैं कई सवाल और बख़ूबी जवाब भी खुद ही गुन लेती हैं। बहरहाल यह किताब फंतासी (फैंटेसी ) के ज़्यादा करीब दिखती है ; हकीक़त से ज़रा दूर! जहां एक तरफा मोहब्बत करने वाले आशिक इससे खुद को जुड़ा महसूस करेंगे; ग़मगीन हो सकेंगे ; वहीं ये ग़ज़लें एक आस बांध कर भी रखती हैं कि अंजाम मोहब्बत के हक़ में होगा।
यदि आपको ग़ज़ल , शेर , मिसरा , शायरी की अच्छी परख है और साथ ही गहराई की तलाश में रहते हैं ; मुमकिन है कि आप ज़रा खाली हाथ लौटेंगे। क्योंकि इन बातों को उतनी तवज्जो नहीं दी गई है। मगर ऐसा भी नहीं कि आखिर के काफ़िए यों ही ठूंस कर समेटकर मिला दिए गए हों। यह पढ़िए :
“क्यों इतनी खूबसूरत हो तुम कि मशहूर हो गया हूं मैं
मंदिर , मस्जिद , गिरिजाघरों से दूर हो गया हूं मैं!”
यह ग़ज़लें/ कविताएं आम नज़र आ सकती हैं मगर ख़ासीयत यह है कि जबरन के भारी भरकम शब्दों से, अल्फ़ाज़ से बचा गया है; इस बात का खास ध्यान रखा गया है कि पाठक इन्हें स्वयं से जोड़ सके। और इस मापदंड में यह कामयाब नजर आती है।

Vidhika Yadav

Yug – Chintan

By Hari Om Singh.

With fluent flow language, this book originates from the poet’s experience of Love and is touched with Bharatiya essence.
The philosophy of A garden with many flowers is very much reflected in the poems. The fact of life being very precious is one of the prominent themes in the poems.
The poems have an understanding of humanity and I believe the poet knows the power of collaboration, So he is insisting us to come together and solve our problems.
The language is lucid will force everyone to complete it in one sitting. Its a collection of around forty-two poems. You should pick it if you are into Hindi Literature or missing reading Hindi books.

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