Arcane by Eeshan Chandra is a book of poem. The book generally discusses emotional well-being which a common issue among youngsters. A matter which is neglected by people. Every poem is a story and are perfectly composed.

The boy I saw, perspective, fate were interesting read, also friend.

One of the line I preferred the most was

“I thought I’ll be a hero. But I wandered all alone, I did not know what was to come, I was lost and forlorn.”

The composing was basic and rich. Every poem was entrancing. The cover is wonderful.

What are the animals upto

“What are the animals up to? by Adhya Upadhyay is a collection of four different short stories full of other animal characters.

Each story is about one main animal character and other supporting animal friends.

The first story is about the curious camel Blanca which teaches the meaning of friendship and trust.
The second story is about the crab, karnataka, which teaches about being courageous.

Read the book and find out about more two stories.

This book will be handy for growing kids who can learn values through these beautiful stories.

Fiction With A Tinge Of Reality by Shivangi Madhiyan

Fiction With A Tinge Of Reality is an amazing collection of short stories.

As the title suggests this book consists of fictional stories based on reality.

In all the stories the author has portrayed the message that we should do whatever makes us happy rather than thinking about opinions of other people on our decisions.

I liked all the stories from the book but Complementary Hugs, An Uncompromising Journalist, Defective Taboo, Leisurely Misery, Unrealistic Boundaries, Realigning Interiors and intangible Inheritance are my favourite stories from the book.

I liked the way how the author has depicted the message of seeking professional help for mental health of an individual in the story “Defective Taboo”

In the story “Realigning Interiors” the author assures the readers that it’s okay to take your own time to deal with the tough times in life.

Language is lucid.

I recommend this book to young adults

8titude by Ranjan Kamo

The short stories in this book perfectly sums up the quote “Life is 10% what happens and 90% how you react to it”
As the title suggests, “8titude” this book contains 8 short stories which reflects the meaning and importance of attitude flawlessly.
The author has portrayed all the problems which we face at some or other point in our life and be at war either with ourselves or with others. May it be the struggle to follow your passion, being possessive for your loved ones, forgetting your priorities.
Reading this book will definitely help the readers to have optimistic outlook towards their life.
I am glad that I decided to read this book.
I recommend this book to everyone!


The book is a comic read.  The book is filled with comic moments and laughters without any logic.  However,  the comedy doesn’t need any logic.  This book is 3rd in the series but its my first read and being impressed with this read, i am really fascinated towards the other two.

As the title justifies,  the story revolves around the main protagonist Blahman where he along with his sister and Aven are trapped in a cube by Jessica. They are in search of a way to get out.

The paperback version  also includes the colouring part and a cutout bookmark.
The language and narration is subtle and simple with jokes and laughs.
Overall, a pleasurable and funny read.

Bookname: Love Is Forever, If It’s True.

Author: Shahjad Khan.

Short story. (108 pages)

Raghav, a rich casanova, is scarred from his past. But when he falls in love with his college-mate Trisha, daughter of an orthodox middle class family, he decides to mend his ways. But soon he discovers a damning truth about her family which shatters his faith in love once again. Are they destined to be together or their love wasn’t true enough?

On the other hand, Trisha’s best friend Naisha has similar interests as Raghav’s. But when she meets Rohan, a simple boy from her college, she decides to settle down with him. But their love develops a deep crack when their faith in each other starts to dwindle.

This is a short college romance story of two couples and their journey of faith, love & heartbreak. Though the plot was good, I felt it needed editing. The narration was dry and it had a few grammatical and punctuation errors. It has drama but lacks conviction. It could be a warm story about unconditional love if it is spaced out and mildly modified

The Beautiful Sky

The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan is spectacular story.
The story mainly revolved around vian and Amyra.

Vian and Amrya are college buddies. Amrya is a practical girl
Who thinks about her carrier, whereas viyan want to be a writer, who believe in law of attraction .
So as their final year is coming to an end Amyra decide to break up with vian because she know that her parents won’t accept their proposal . No matter what vian things I need to do this . So that was finally done . They couldn’t able to hand the situation.
They were totally depressed.

But Amyra stuck up with bad incident.
Amyra was going to be married with in a week. But a tragedy happened in her life.
She’s gang raped by four men .
Vian didn’t think that he would meet Amyra in this condition.
Now Amyra life has gone everything is shattered , finally marriage was canceled. Amrya lost her hope. But in this condition a true lover came into powerplay .
Vian helped and lot to Amyra he gave as much as power he could, and finally he is back with Amyra again .

The Beautiful sky is filled with all emotions like true love ,true friendship, sad , depression, happiness and everything.
The language is simple and lucid .
Narration was gripping.
The cover is spectacular.
The title is opt for the book .
The author has done a great job.
I would recommend this book to everyone .
The one who selected this book will not regret.

Hello Bastar.The untold story of India’s Maoist movement.

Author: Rahul Pandita.

Genre : Non-fiction.

Ratings : 3.5 

About the book:

Maoism is a form of communism developed by Mao Tse Tung, a Chinese communist revolutionary & the founder of the People’s Republic of China. It acts upon the ideology to capture State power by armed insurgency, mass mobilization and strategic alliances. Such people are called Maoists.

Naxalism is an ideology of the militant political organization with the claimed legacy of Communists Party of India ( Marxist- Lennist) founded in 1967. The name is derived from region called Naxalbari in West Bengal. It was here that the Naxal peasants revolted by siezing and harvesting the land owned by the landlord’s without keeping a single grain behind. These people are Naxalites.

Initially, the movement had its epicentre in West Bengal which then gradually spread to less developed areas of rural southern and eastern India, such as Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

What started as a rebellion against the social evils and unjust government policies against the uneducated, poor Adivasis/tribals turn into the power hungry political war. The initial aim was equal distribution of resources and opportunities, soon turned out to be a vengeful multidirectional attack on the totalitarian, autocratic government policies. Many leaders used Naxal movement as a political ladder to form government promising rights but soon were forgotten and tackled by force which in turn was retaliated with equally. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2006, had referred to the Naxalites as “the single biggest security challenge” for India.

This book gives us a detailed analysis of the movement from its inception to its current state. Though, in some places I found the narrative one sided as if the violence is justified, I did learn a lot about their systems and their issues. The facts are presented with factual references which makes this book credible but very monotonous. Only if you are keen to know about this topic, dig in this book.

500+ Ways To Be An India Positive Citizen

Book – 500 ways to be an Indian postive citizen
Format- kindle
Rating -5/5

One action. Once a Week. Every Week.
The line is very intersting right and the book is really informative .
Every one is facing tough sitaution now. In this pandemic situation hit the country very bad and lot many are suffering still today.
This book explains about how an ordinary human being succeeded in doing good work. Who have never stopped doing good work .
The concept of the book is unique and expresed powerful ideas.

Its a very informative read .
The book is very much useful for everyone .
This book is hightly recommended.
Just go and grab the book

Destined to be yours By Komal Tayade

This is the story of friendship, love and loss.

I loved the way how author has weaved the story and depicted the message of moving on after the occurrence of catastrophe in life through this contemporary romance novel.

This is the love story of Vivaan and Samira.
On the first day of college, the moment Vivaan saw Samira he started liking her. It was love at first sight for him. Soon, Samira begin to like Vivaan. Their love started blooming with each passing day.

Vivaan proposed Samira for marriage. Just when everything was going perfect, a tragedy befalls Vivaan. Samira is depressed due to Vivaan’s death.

What plans does destiny has for Samira?

How will Samira move on?

Overall, it is a heart-warming and inspiring read.

The title and cover is apt for the book.

My favourite quotes from the book are as follows:

Some things will break your heart but fix your vision.

Some journeys take you far from where you come from, but closer to where you belong.

We never know whom we are going to stay with and who is destined to be a part of our life.

I recommend this book to everyone.

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